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Course Tech 2013, Joey Bryant, Managing Online Projects


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Education is embracing the mobile student and needs to move toward enhanced online classes. At the same time,
we are in a global world and students must be able to work in collaborative project groups.Collaboration and group
meetings are a challenge to manage in an online environment where students may be great distances apart. What
methods can be incorporated by the instructor and what tools are available to manage these online collaborative
projects? How are we to build that community feelingwithin these online project classes? How are we to overcome
these challenges and effectively teach these project classes? How do online collaboration tools, such as Adobe
Connect Pro, help us reach that ultimate goal?

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Course Tech 2013, Joey Bryant, Managing Online Projects

  1. 1. Managing Online Projects Joey BryantForsyth Technical Community College
  2. 2. Agenda• Distance Learning/Online Statistics• Collaboration – Benefits – What’s the Buzz?• Challenges• Issues• Solutions – In Class – Technology• Questions/Comments/Discussion
  3. 3. Statistics • Survey by ITC • At least 70% of coursework is completed online • 78% offer at least one full online degree program Instructional Technology Council
  4. 4. Collaboration - Benefits• Faculty Focus Special Report – Job Skills – Teamwork – Negotiating – Feedback – Communication – Project Management – Interpersonal/Social – Critical Thinking – Decision making
  5. 5. Collaboration – What’s the Buzz?• Student Survey Responses – Builds bonds for other people in the same program – Students learn to collaborate in a virtual environment which is where education and corporate America is heading – Every job requires email and web based project correspondence – Teaches students how to work in these environments that are utilized in industry
  6. 6. Challenges
  7. 7. Student Issues• Student Surveys – Getting students to collaborate outside the classroom – Severe time constraints – Students may not have access to resources/tools – Different schedules – lack of face-to-face interaction – Lack of participation by group members – Communication
  8. 8. Instructor Issues – Have you heard?• I didn’t know this was a project class• In a real world, projects aren’t distributed this way• I have a crazy schedule and not a lot of free time• I don’t know how to start the project• Online class is taken so you don’t have to stick to a schedule• Students take online courses to meet THEIR needs and not their peers needs or instructors
  9. 9. Solutions• Introductions – Use LMS to facilitate student introductions• Timelines – Have guidelines for project deliverables – Have groups provide time sheets• Meetings – Schedule meetings with each group – Online tools will be discussed
  10. 10. Solutions• Group contract – Elements to include – Identify group members – State purpose of group – Ground rules (professionalism, schedules) – Communication – Participation – Personal Accountability – Consequences
  11. 11. Solutions - Technology• Adobe Connect Pro – Record sessions – Share screens – Video/Audio – Breakouts – File Sharing – Whiteboards
  12. 12. Solutions - Technology• Other Free Tools – Skype – Google Docs – Windows Live/SkyDrive• VYEW• Edmodo• Bubble.US• Collaborize Classroom
  13. 13. CommentsSuggestions Questions