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Project Management Tools in the Digital Age


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Presentation given at the Mid-America Project Management Institute Professional Development Days 9.21-9.22 2009

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Project Management Tools in the Digital Age

  1. 1. Project Management Tools in the Digital Age Lisa Qualls, Chief Development Officer, LightThread ©LightThread, LLC
  2. 2. Let’s begin with a raise of hands… Which of the following scenarios have you experienced recently?
  3. 3. This one?
  4. 4. Or….. maybe….. this one?
  5. 5. You are not alone
  6. 6. Does it seem like your organization plays paper, rock, scissors when selecting tools?
  7. 7. There is help There are GOOD tools That are available TODAY Project Management Team Management Personal Management
  8. 8. Good tools help you…. CREATE. BUILD. DEVELOP.
  9. 9. Good tools help you…. LEAD. DIRECT. ADVISE.
  10. 10. Good tools are…. SIMPLE. TO. USE.
  11. 11. Good tools help you…. ANALYZE. MEASURE. ASSESS.
  12. 12. HEIGHTS. NEW. REACH. Good tools help you….
  13. 13. Is there a tool that can do all of these things?….
  14. 14. YES.
  15. 15. Project Management Tools
  16. 16. Access from anywhere… Online Any browser - no install Mobile BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android Embedded Place your sheets into any site or web app
  17. 17. manage manage integrate collaborate
  18. 18. Team Management Tools
  19. 19. Notification Access from when files are any computer uploaded Synch files Online backup Access from your No more inbox mobile phone crashing
  20. 20. Personal Management Tools
  21. 21. FREE PHONE SYSTEM! Free video calls Free conference calls Free file share, chat, & address book integration
  22. 22. Google has everything including the kitchen sink
  23. 23. So, STOP this
  24. 24. And, START this
  25. 25. ©LightThread, LLC So you can ENJOY this! Thank You! Email: Web: Phone: 816.298.9913