Online CAT and project management tools for translators


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Online CAT and project management tools for translators

  1. 1. Remy Blättler (Supertext AG)CAT IN THE CLOUD
  2. 2. About me Remy Blaettler Spent the last 8 years in the US Now back with my own company copywriting and translation agency Supertext Chief of the System
  3. 3. Trados.... Not universally loved Not everybody got it Expensive Overhead for small projects Lots of room for handling errors Unreliable Powerful Standard
  4. 4. Why? No installation No maintenance Translator does not need to buy software Assuming the LSP offers the tool Often built in project management and workflow (even parallel) No filehandling Built in TM and Terminology (always up-to- date)
  5. 5. Why not? Yet another tool to learn Slow No offline work But need to do research online anyway? Limited in functionality compare to Trados
  6. 6. Missing from them all Online ordering system Billing Performance metrics (Revenue, etc) Real CRM
  7. 7. XTM Approx. CHF 60.- per user/month But pricing is based on usage 18 person team in England / Eastern Europe SAS and self-hosted All open standards
  8. 8. XTMPlus Minus Freelancer, Customer and  No IE9 or Chrome Admin Portal TM and Terminology  Slow? Parallel Workflow API
  9. 9. Wordbee CHF 30.- per user/month Luxembourg Company Fairly new and unknow
  10. 10. WordbeePlus Minus Freelancer, Customer and  ? Admin Portal TM and Terminology Parallel Workflow API
  11. 11. Crowdin $59 per user/month Only for application strings (.Net, iPhone, etc) Crowdsourcing focus Beta?
  12. 12. GlobalSight Open Source and free $ 2000 per month as SAS (20 users) Very powerful, tons of features
  13. 13. GlobalSightPlus Minus Freelancer and Admin  No customer portal Portal  Old technology TM and Terminology  Antiquated look and feel Offline with Trados Functionality Source Code API
  14. 14. Wordfast anywhere For individual translators
  15. 15. Wordfast anywherePlus Minus Simple (kinda)  No admin or customer TM and Terminology portal Free (kinda)  No workflow  No API
  16. 16. Boltran Open Source Free, but couldn’t find the source code Based on OmegaT Still in beta Not really useful for bigger projects yet For individual translator
  17. 17. Lingotek SAS or self-hosted TM, Terminology
  18. 18. crossweb Not much information available But looks like a normal browser based online CAT tool
  19. 19. Cloud connectedDon’t run in the browser, but connected to aserver Trados Server Across Server Lionbridge Translation Workspace memoQ server
  20. 20. Supertext System Priceless Custom built over the last 5 years
  21. 21. Supertext SystemPlus Minus Admin, Freelancer and  No TM or Terminology Customer Portal  No online CAT tool Online ordering  Disconnect between Automated billing for Project Management Tool freelancer and customer and Trados CRM Performance Metrics
  22. 22. DISRUPTERS
  23. 23. Cloudwords Multivendor bidding marketplace With Translation Memory integrated (just upload / download) Payment goes via Cloudwords
  24. 24. MyGengo Crowdsourced Translation Lots of money API Integrations with CMS and Blogs Low price Quality? Support?
  25. 25. tolingo Aggressive on the market Cheap and fast Apperently good quality Internal simple CAT tool? Translation memory integrated
  26. 26. You can download thispresentation
  27. 27. The end.THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
  29. 29. OTM 49 per user/month
  30. 30. XTRF