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Web 2.0 Tools For Project Management


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A short list of web 2.0 tools to increase Project Manager's productivity.

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Web 2.0 Tools For Project Management

  1. Free Web 2.0 Tools to Help Project Managers Douglas Tokuno, PMP®
  2. Project Managers, in addition to their soft skills and hard skills need good support tools to their daily work
  3. But I’m not talking about this kind of project management tools
  4. Even though you already have a PM suite, one of the most difficult challenges is choosing which support tools are the best for getting all the job done Here are some of the many online services you can use to improve your business operations and team productivity.
  5. Blogs To improve communication, Project Managers can create a blog for each project or even a general blog for PMO.  WordPress –  Blogger –
  6. Messaging Messaging tools are another way to make an efficient communication with clients, suppliers or partners. It becomes critical when you work with virtual teams.  Google Talk –  Windows Messenger –  Skype –  Twitter –
  7. Wiki is very useful to product and project documentation. The great benefit is the possibility of collaboration between team members. Some solutions have many options of features and security.  Pbwiki –  Wikispaces –  Wikidot –  Wetpaint – Wiki
  8. Social Network Social networks are becoming more than a simple tool for making friends. PM can create a network for projects and involve all the stakeholders.  Ning –  Wackall –
  9. Mind Maps Mind maps have been used by many PM to brainstorming, collaborative planning and even documentation.  Mindmeister –  Mindomo –  Mind42 –
  10. Personal Organization To organize your daily tasks, one good tip is applying the practices of GTD (wikipedia:Getting Things Done). There are many tools to help PM prioritize, control and manage the execution of his tasks or project’s tasks.  Todoist –  Remember the Milk –  Ta-da Lists –
  11. Google Apps Google provides many applications in a collaborative way to improve your productivity. I also recommend take a look at its Labs.  Google Docs –  Google Calendar –  Google Groups –  Google Labs –
  12. I don’t represent, sale or have any kind of commercial interest in presenting these tools In most cases they are totally free or free with limitations It’s just few options that you can use to improve your productivity
  13. Some issues to consider #1 – Don’t forget about security and confidentiality of your projects when using any web based tool #2 – Research and make a trial before applying to your projects. Start with a small project #3 – Read and evaluate the terms and conditions before adopt any solution
  14. Conclusions  This list is very short and limited. There are many other options and categories.  Even though some services are paid, you can have a good TCO. Evaluate according to your projects.  Almost every day, a new web 2.0 service is created. Research and find the best tool that fits to your need.
  15. ® Douglas Tokuno, PMP : Linkedin: Slideshare: Twitter: