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IDEA 10.3 Launch Webinar


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The newest release of IDEA is here! Join us on Wednesday, January 24th to see IDEA 10.3 in action and learn how it will help you save time, gain deeper insights and make your audits more efficient than ever.


Published in: Data & Analytics
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IDEA 10.3 Launch Webinar

  1. 1. CaseWare IDEA 10.3 Release Webinar
  2. 2. Presenters Rohit Kundu, CIDA Enterprise Account Executive Jeffery Sorensen, CIA, CIDA, CISA Industry Strategist
  3. 3. • Introduction • About CaseWare • Working with IDEA • Introducing IDEA 10.3 Agenda
  4. 4. About CaseWare 27Years Experience 400,000+ Users 130 Countries 16 Languages
  5. 5. What’s New in IDEA 10.3 • Character Field Stats • Duplicate Key Detection in Visualization • Stratified Random Sampling • Python Integration • IDEAScript Commands and @Functions • Other Enhancements
  6. 6. What’s New in IDEA 10.3 • IDEA 10.3 Benefits: • One-Click Insights • Faster Results • Deeper Analysis • Built for practitioners • Raises the bar for audit analytics
  7. 7. IDEA 10 Release Evolution IDEA 10 New Look and Feel / Discover and Visualize ● Pie, Bar, Tree map charts ● Dashboards Other ● Fuzzy duplicate detection ● Passport IDEA 10.1 Discover and Visualize ● Scatter, Line charts ● Drill-down ● Create IDEAScript from dashboards Other ● Windows 10 compatibility IDEA 10.2 Discover and Visualize ● Multi-series charts ● Dashboard reuse SmartAnalyzer ● Merge & share apps ● Pivot tables ● Batch run of audit tests ● Dialogue to prepare VAT data IDEA 10.3 Discover and Visualize ● Duplicate key detection ● Chart zooming ● SmartAnalyzer tests can now include Visualizations Other ● Character field stats ● Python integration ● Performance improvements ● Windows Server 2016 compatibility ● SmartAnalyzer enhancements
  8. 8. Field stats is used to get statistics on Numeric, Time and Date fields in database For example, find... 1. Earliest and latest date in a Date field 2. Average of a Numeric field 3. Transactions on days when business is closed Field Stats (Prior to IDEA 10.3)
  9. 9. IDEA 10.3 added the ability to generate field stats on Character fields: • Number of Blanks (NumBlanks) • Number of Categories (NumCategories) Character Field Stats allows users to find potentially: • Incomplete records • Anomalies • Deficiencies (e.g., transactions where there is no authorizer) Character Field Stats
  10. 10. Character Field Stats • Click on the COUNT, and drill-down into the data • Results can be saved as their own databases and used as audit findings
  11. 11. Discover tool in Visualization shows the first field it detects with duplicate items as part of the dashboard it builds for you Duplicate Key Detection in Visualization
  12. 12. From the Field Statistics panel, drill-down to view the specific records Duplicate Key Detection on Dashboards
  13. 13. More Duplicate Key Detection Further customize the dashboard to show information about other fields with duplicate keys or other relevant field statistic
  14. 14. IDEA Tech Tip Not all duplicates are audit issues To find the potential issues, IDEA’s Discover uses its audit intelligence to evaluate your data and look for duplicates that are exceptions rather than the rule.
  15. 15. • Stratified Random Sampling is unique to IDEA • Users can take a more informed audit sample • Saves time during the sampling process • Break transactions down into strata before selecting the sample • Ensuring the sample is truly representative of the entire population Stratified Random Sampling
  16. 16. Stratified Random Sampling by % Auditors can specify the percentage of records within each stratum, making the process more effective when populations and file sizes vary greatly The actual percentage in the strata may change as IDEA snaps to the closest whole number of records for the sample size
  17. 17. • IDEA 10.3 (Desktop only) includes a Python Interpreter and key packages to let you leverage the power of this tool • Extend the functionality of IDEA by building your own advanced analytics or use existing Python scripts Python Integration
  18. 18. Python Integration Augment your analysis by calling Python using @Python* *A working Python script with this name must exist in the Custom Functions Library group
  19. 19. IDEAScript Commands and @Functions RunPython Belonging to the Client object, this command lets IDEAScript call the Python script of your choice, after which it resumes processing in IDEAScript. RunPythonEx Similar to RunPython, this command lets IDEAScript call the Python script of your choice with multiple parameters. It then resumes processing in IDEAScript. StratifyOnBandWithPercent Similar to StratifyOnBand, this command lets IDEAScript specify the percentage of records to extract for each stratum. NumCategories This is a new way for the FieldStats object to report the number of unique categories for a given Character field. NumCategoriesOutputDB This command acts as a new way for the Database object to create an instant summarization database from the Character Field Stats of a database with field statistics. NumBlanks This new command lets the FieldStats object report the number of cells with blanks for a given Character field. @Python A new @Function, @Python lets auditors extend IDEA’s existing library of @Functions with their own creations written in Python. It is ideal for Virtual fields. @FieldStatistics New FieldStatistics indices have been created: “110” for # of Blanks, “111” for # of Categories.
  20. 20. Chart Zooming Zoom in directly from the axis scroll bar or by using your pointer to select an area within the chart
  21. 21. • Windows Server 2016: IDEA and IDEA Server are compatible • Microsoft SQL Server 2016: IDEA Server is compatible • Citrix XenApp: 7.6 and 7.12 supported for IDEA and IDEA Server • UTF-8: IDEA 10.3 automatically detects files with international characters encoded in UTF-8 format and imports data without the need to change the encoding of the source files • Fuzzy Duplicate: Supported on IDEA Server • Report Reader: Support imports of PDF formats listed as PDF/A (objects within PDF). Users now have the option to preserve as a text file to save time in subsequent imports Additional Features
  22. 22. • Improved Performance: IDEA’s processing engine is upgraded, reducing processing time, depending on file size, data structure, the nature of data and hardware used • CaseWare Working Papers: IDEA can send Results output to CaseWare Working Papers 2017 • Send to Excel: Save Results outputs to the Results Library group. Supports locally installed spreadsheet software associated with the .XLS extension, not just Microsoft Office • SmartAnalyzer Enhancements: Many enhancements included in IDEA 10.3. IDEA 10.3 and SmartAnalyzer App SDK 3.2, can generate apps that are FIPS compliant Additional Features
  23. 23. • Not a customer? Interested in a Demo? • • 1-800-265-4332 Ext:2800 Coming Soon: • CaseWare Cloud Analytics • Data Analytics & Fraud Apps • Much more - Stay tuned for 2018 release IDEA 10.3 Additional Information
  24. 24. 1-800-265-4332 ext. 2800