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The Data Behind Audit Analytics


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See how auditors are using data analytics technology to help complete their audit objectives

Published in: Data & Analytics
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The Data Behind Audit Analytics

  1. 1. ? THE DATA BEHIND AUDIT ANALYTICS We surveyed 1,100 auditors to find out how they are using data analytics technology. Here is what they said: w w w . c a s e w a r e a n a l y t i c s . c o m AUDIT TOOL USAGE Approximately 50% of auditors are using a real data analytics tool. DATA ANALYTICS CHAMPIONS This is the percent of teams that have a data analytics champion. DATA ANALYTICS & FRAUD Does your team run a dedicated set of analytics to detect fraud? DATA ANALYTICS USE Here are the top areas in which data analytics are being used. AUDIT TEAMS & DATA ANALYTICS Percentage of people within an audit department focused on data analytics DATA SOURCES These are the most popular sources for gathering data to audit. PROFICIENCY WITH DATA ANALYTICS Percentage of auditors who have knowledge of data analytics within an audit team. 59% 16%13% 54% 46% 89% 11% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% Audited Entity Third Parties Self Service Access Standard Reports 13% 18% 17% 14% 33% P-card & Travel Costs Accounts Payable Revenue General Ledger Other NO Most staff are proficient Some staff are fairly knowledgeable We have an expert 69% <20% 8% 51%-75% 7% >75% 16% 21%-50% NO YES YES *Results based on the response of 955 peopleData sources %usingsource 10%