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#YVRSocial: Whitecaps FC Video Strategy


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Adam Rootman, Head of Digital at Whitecaps FC, walks us through Whitecaps FC's video strategy with case studies and results

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#YVRSocial: Whitecaps FC Video Strategy

  1. 1. Whitecaps FC Video Strategy
  2. 2. Video Strategy Goal • Video first: 600+ video per year (long, short, animated, videos for broadcast, videos for social, scrums, editorial…) • Goal: Brand awareness & ticket sales • Measurement: Engagement | views & Conversions
  3. 3. • 350,000+ Views • 15,000+ Engagements • Winner of 2017 Major League’s Soccer: Digital Activation of the Year • Picked up by several media outlets including VICE Sports, TSN and The Huffington Post Becoming Canadian: The Alphonso Davies Story
  4. 4. • 750,000+ Views • 81,171+ Engagements • 25 unique countries • 72 unique publications – including MSN UK, Bleacher Report, London Evening Standard,, Fox Sports, Fox News, Yahoo Sports • Runner up for 2016 Major League Soccer: Social Media Activation of the Year PokemonGo player signings
  5. 5. Video Strategy Pillars • Target market: Sports Fans. • The meat: High quality + Platform appropriate + Brand relevant • Special sauce: Emotive, Access, Humour & Topical.
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