Adv 420 final project by Kelsey Fox


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  • Hi adv 420, my name is Kelsey Fox and my brand is The Denver Broncos!
  • To reach our main goals, we want to reach football fans, ticket holders, Denver Broncos fans, NFL fans, people living in Colorado and the media. Football fans, NFL fans, and the media know that our organization is prestigious and has had great success with football over the years. The other target is a bit more narrow (Denver Broncos fans, ticket holders, people living in CO) and mainly pertains to the state of Colorado. These people are our most valued audience because they bring in the revenue and are excited about the Broncos.-- Much of the target audience are using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and have smart phone devices. With the launch of our social media campaign, we hope to see this audience grow.
  • We want to give the audience something to talk about. When our campaign launches, we want to focus on fan engagement to let the world know we are reachable, here to help, available, and excited about our brand. We will do this with a quick response system via social media, giveaways/contests, and events. We want to provide entertainment and have fun, while maintaining a personable relationships with all of our audience.  
  • Increase season and individual ticket sales (in other words, drive profits up).. Increase fan engagement with players/head honchos via events advertised via social media on Facebook and Twitter. Increase fan engagement by keeping them up with the latest news on players, games, team practices, facilities etc. We want the number of followers on Twitter to increase, number of YouTube views to increase, and Facebook likes on articles about the Broncos to increase. Increase website traffic by using SEO by using keywords such as: Denver Broncos, NFL, Peyton Manning, ticket and schedule
  • Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, YouTube, and a mobile phone app. We realize that the majority of our target audience is on Facebook and Twitter. With our new strategy, we will plan to use Foursquare, YouTube and our Denver mobile phone app as an expansion.
  • There is a budget of $1,000,000 estimated for our 12-month plan. The Denver Broncos will be hiring a Marketing team consisting of: Social Media Manager, a social media team (graphic design, social media sites, SEO, digital ads online, Facebook ads, video production, mobile app developer), un-paid interns, and a customer service department. These people will implement our main goals and work with other teams (event staff, media) to help put our goals into action.
  • Act fast with a positive comment and help out the customer in any way we can. We will always admit our mistakes, and do whatever we can to solve the issue.
  • Our tone is enthusiastic, positive, responsive, family-friendly, Bronco-spirited and helpful. We do not want to feel like the audience is talking to robots. We want to always be available and help out in any way we can! Communication is key!
  • Social media: Instead of being automatic and robot-like, we want to personalize tweets, respond to comments/questions ASAP, and engage the audience instead of let our content just sit there. We want our fans to be excited and feel dedicated to our team.Sponsorships: The Broncos are currently sponsored by Sports Authority (We want to be very loyal to them). We also would like to acquire more sponsorships and build our credibly to our target market. With synergy, we will offer cross-branded coupons. For example, if a shopper at goes into Sports Authority and shows their dated Bronco ticket via mobile Bronco app. , they will receive 20% off their purchase. By showing that we can drive traffic to our current sponsor, we will be able to obtain more sponsors. 
  • Adv 420 final project by Kelsey Fox

    1. 1. Make Way for The Denver Broncos!Social Media Strategy By Kelsey Fox
    2. 2. Audience• Football fans• Ticket holders• Denver Broncos fans• NFL fans• Media• Residents of Colorado
    3. 3. Big Ideas•Give the audiencesomething to talkabout!•Fan engagement•Quick social mediaresponse system•Giveaways/contests•Events•Building personalrelationships
    4. 4. Objectives•Increase ticket sales•Increase fan engagement•Increase merchandise sales•Increase website traffic by usingkeywords: Denver Broncos, NFL,Peyton Manning, ticket andschedule•Social Media follower engagementgrowth
    5. 5. Social Media Tools •Twitter •Facebook •YouTube •Foursquare •Mobile app.
    6. 6. • News: Updates on players, team, score, schedule, ticket Content s, stats, events, injuries, discounts, c ontests/giveaways, roster•Photos: Top players, Denver changes, sponsors, top fansBroncologo, cheerleaders, coaches, m • Videos: Footballascot, fans, events, in-action plays, highlights, events, 360 view ofplays, players during off- the facility (Mile Highseason Stadium), player bios, top fans, history, tips about football, live-•Links:All social media streamsites, mainwebsite, sponsors, contests/giv • Other content: Questions, count-eaways down clock, answering questions and responding to comments/concerns
    7. 7. Frequency•Twitter: 5 tweets/day • no scheduled tweets, only live•Facebook: 1 mainupdate/day. •If audience member comments,“Likes” our page or has a question, we will respond immediately and personably•YouTube: 1
    8. 8. Budget•$1,000,000 for 12months•Will cover objectives andstaff salaries•Marketing Team: SocialMedia Manager, a socialmedia team (graphicdesign, social media sites,SEO, digital ads online,Facebook ads, videoproduction, mobile appdeveloper), un-paidinterns, and a customerservice department.
    9. 9. Response Plan•Act fast with apositive comment andhelp out the customerin any way we can•We’ll always admitour mistakes, and dowhatever we can tosolve the issues
    10. 10. Tone•Enthusiastic•Positive•Responsive• Family-friendly•Bronco-spirited• Helpful
    11. 11. Competitive Audit•Social media: Personable vs. robot-like•Sponsorships: •Currently sponsored by Sports Authority •Acquire more sponsorships and buildcredibly to our target market •With synergy, we’ll offer cross-branded coupons. EX) if a shoppergoes into Sports Authority and shows their dated Bronco ticket via mobile app. ,they’ll receive 20% off their purchase •By showing that we can drive traffic to our current sponsor, we will be able to obtain more sponsors.
    12. 12. GO BRONCOS!