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GMBL Investor Deck


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GMBL Investor Deck

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GMBL Investor Deck

  1. 1. Esports Entertainment Group, Inc. GMBL:OTCQB Esports Gaming and Wagering Company
  2. 2. What is Esports? • Esports is the Professionalization of Video Gaming •  Teams and Individuals compete in tournaments or head-to-head matches •  Games are broadcast just like major sports events •  Watched by 350M fans via online, arenas, stadiums •  Projected to hit 590M by 2020
  3. 3. Esports is Empowering •  Youth once ridiculed for playing video games are now… •  earning millions of dollars from tournaments •  earning millions of dollars from sponsorships •  command a global fan base just as traditional sports athletes. •  Esports are hitting the mainstream •  Traditional sports teams are heavily investing •  Wall Street is just starting to wake up •  Esports wagering is projected to hit $23 BILLION by 2020
  4. 4. "Approximately 350 million people worldwide tune in to Esports today, and that number is growing rapidly. By 2020, that number will be closer to 500 million. These fans watch billions of hours a month of Esports programing” - Business Insider The Business Of Esports Is Global
  5. 5. NBA launched full Esports league replicating actual NBA teams 2018 NFL broadcasting Madden Football on ESPN 2018 NHL inaugural gaming championship 2018 NCAA 60+ colleges have Esports teams / programs Esports Are Going Mainstream
  6. 6. Traditional Sports Teams Investing In Esports •  New Global Esports League Owners •  Patriots, Mets, Flyers, Rams, Grizzlies, Nuggets, Avalanche, Arsenal •  Owners & Investors of Esports Teams •  Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Cavaliers, Warriors, Rockets •  Madison Square Garden, Comcast, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Tencent, Asus •  Shaq, Magic, JLo, Kutcher, Strahan, Lynch, Durant, Beckham •  Paris 2024 Olympics is considering Esports as a MEDAL event
  7. 7. “Owners of traditional sports teams are investing in Esports early. Esports is booming, and team values will almost certainly increase with time, allowing owners to get in at a lower price point now. No one knows the true potential of Esports at this point, but many owners of professional sports franchises have the capital to invest now. Doing so is much more cost effective than waiting for the sport to mature. Owners realize the time to get in is now to be among the early adopters of organized Esports.” - Venture Beat Traditional Team Owners See Writing On The Wall
  8. 8. Wall Street Is Waking Up To Esports "Multiplayer games are now universal, and Esports is evolving rapidly, allowing competitive and professional gaming to develop. Game usage is growing globally, and all segments of the Industry are prospering. Your Fund has heavy exposure to this area.” - The Gabelli Multimedia Trust Inc. Shareholder Commentary “Billionaire Mario Gabelli believes now is the right time to be buying stock in sports, esports and gambling companies.” - CNBC
  9. 9. ESPORTS WAGERING PLATFORM LAUNCH Esports Entertainment Group Announces the Launch of VIE.GG, The World’s Most Transparent Esports Wagering Platform. DESKTOP Mobile Tablets
  10. 10. •  Fully licensed online Esports wagering company •  March 2018 launched the world’s most transparent & regulated Esports wagering platform •  Offices in Antigua and Poland staffed by seasoned online gambling experts: •  Finance, Card Services •  Customer Service, IT, Development •  Operations and Anti-Money Laundering •  The ONLY company offering… •  small cap Esports growth •  fully reporting SEC issuer •  a chance to invest in the Poker Stars of Esports Esports Entertainment Group is a Solid Investment
  11. 11. • Recent Achievements •  Launched live betting site March 2018 •  Affiliate Agreements with 50 Esports teams – Next competitor ZERO •  Affiliate Agreements with 60 Esports streamers – 250M Video Views / 30 days •  Super Affiliate Agreement – 50,000 projected customers •  $600,000 funding commitment – expected to reach $1,000,000 by June Esports Entertainment Group is a Solid Investment
  12. 12. “We are very happy to work with Esports Entertainment Group to promote VIE because we fully believe in both the site and the Company. VIE is the only Esports betting platform that provides full transparency and shares our philosophy of putting Esports fans first. This is something the Esports industry is in strong need of. The security, regulations and transparency of VIE provides us with the trust and confidence necessary to support VIE and help make it the strongest Esports wagering platform in the world.” - Christian Heinrichs, Founder and CEO of myRevenge e.V Esports Teams Making History Partnering With VIE
  13. 13. “Being part of the VIE affiliate program is a big step forward for our organization, which had a big restart in February 2018. Until now, we have been very weary of online Esports wagering due to the recent scandals, as well as, the threat of our fans and players becoming addicted to gambling. However, we have put our trust in VIE due to the wagering controls, cooling off period and other such measures integrated directly into the site for the purpose of making sure players have fun without getting into trouble. This is something no other Esports gambling site has ever done to our knowledge and the reason why we are proud to be part of their affiliate program.” - Burning Foxes Esports Team Esports Teams Making History Partnering With VIE
  14. 14. • Growth Model – Affiliate Marketing Industry Acceptance •  Teams, Streamers, Super Affiliates •  Demonstrates across the board industry acceptance •  Esports teams affiliate agreements are historical •  Esports streamers broadcast to massive audiences •  Super Affiliates want to capitalize on Esports space •  Affiliate marketing is a proven model for online betting sites Business Model & Growth
  15. 15. • Business Model •  Person To Person wagering (P2P) •  Company collects a rake (5-10%) •  P2P eliminates all risk of major betting losses •  P2P means a player always wins •  “House odds” model is disliked by Esports fans •  Traditional online casinos disliked by Esports fans Business Model & Growth
  16. 16. • Target Markets •  Global legal sports betting jurisdictions •  USA was never included in business plan •  US Supreme Court decision – opens up MASSIVE unexpected U.S. market Business Model & Growth
  17. 17. How Big Is The Esports Wagering Market? ”Esports bookmaking? Globally, it’s already a billion-dollar gambling industry.” - The Washington Post
  18. 18. •  Esports wagering is very real. •  Estimates $5B + In 2017 •  Much of it taking place unregulated betting sites •  CSGO betting scandal … “biggest in Esports history” •  Esports fans want to wager just as traditional sports fans •  Growing faster than the Esports industry •  Sports betting is bigger than sports media rights, sponsorship and consumer revenues together. •  NFL generated $13 billion in revenue last year •  but NFL betting and fantasy leagues generated north of $50 billion. •  Global Esports betting is larger than the Esports economy itself •  projected to exceed $23 billion by 2020. How Big Is The Esports Wagering Market?
  19. 19. Appointment of Esports Industry Leader Alex Lim as Director •  From 2010 until recently, Mr. Lim was the Secretary General of the International e- Sports Federation (IeSF) based in Seoul, South Korea. •  He was responsible for relations with 47 national federations, international sports authorities, and global partners •  Additionally , Alex organized and operated the World Championship and other international level Esports tournaments. •  Founded in 2008, the IeSF is a global Esports organization We Are Attracting World Class Esports Influencers
  20. 20. •  Grant Johnson, B.A., Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, is a business development professional with extensive experience in the online gambling industry as an officer and director of publicly listed technology companies. •  Yan Rozum, Dip., Chief Technology Officer and Director, is a sport and event wagering industry expert and founder and Chief Executive Officer of Swiss Interactive Software (GmbH) Switzerland, a Swiss based iGaming software development company. •  Randy Greenback, Head of Creative, is a designer and creative leader with over 20 years of professional video game development experience and Senior Creative Director at Riot Games. •  Ken Silva, B.Comm., Advisory Board, is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Esports Canada. With over a decade of Esports experience, he has served in key roles for the largest Esports events and companies in the world. •  Brian Cordry , Head of Esports, Is the founder and former owner of Team Winterfox. Winterfox had teams in League of Legends, Halo, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Smash Bros Melee, and Street Fighter. Key Personnel
  21. 21. •  We intend to offer video game tournaments by mobile and PC to players around the world •  Massive multi-billion dollar market • has raised $58M to date •  Developers incentivized to drive their audiences to use our platform •  Upload their games, share in the revenue. •  Little to no customer acquisition costs •  Diversifies our revenue stream •  Allows us to capture US Esports and video game players Upcoming Expansion: Tournament Play
  22. 22. 1.  Esports audience is 350M, growing to 590M 2.  Esports wagering is projected at $23 BILLION by 2020 3.  We have launched VIE.GG Esports betting platform 4.  50 Esports teams (and counting) have partnered with us 5.  60 Esports streamers (and counting) have partnered with us 6.  $1,000,000 in financing by end of June 7.  Traditional sports teams owners are investing 8.  Athletes and celebrities are investing 9.  Wall Street is starting to invest 10.  Biggest paradigm shift ever seen on the internet Top 10 Summary
  23. 23. Contact Esports Entertainment Group, Inc. Commercial Centre, Jolly Harbour St. Mary’s Antigua and Barbuda Grant Johnson, CEO Phone: 1-268-562-9111 Email: GMBL:OTCQB Dave Gentry, CEO - Red Chip Phone: 1-407.491.4498 Email:
  24. 24. WWW.VIE.GG
  25. 25. (ADDITONAL INFO TO BE ADDED SUCH AS MARKET CAPS OF OTHER EARLY STAGE SOFTWARE COMPANIES, ONLINE GAMBLING GROWTH SINCE 2000, ETC.) APPENDIX Tournament Prizes $24.6M < 2017 DOTA 2 Esports $100M < 2018 Fortnite Season Viewership 360M < 2017 Esports Invitational 46M < 2017 IEM Championship Tournament Prizes 2017 US Open Golf > $10M 2018 US Open Tennis > $12M Viewership 2017 Super Bowl > 111M 2017 NBA Finals > 30M