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Muammer can torçun


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Muammer can torçun

  2. 2. The inventor of the mobile phone Martin Cooper
  3. 3.  Mobile phone inventor Martin Cooper in that period working as engineer in Motorola in 1973, developed the first mobile phone. The first mobile phone with a fully loaded battery 1 kg den more drug offences and 20 minutes you could have a conversation. Martin Cooper years later this phone for "better in terms of getting the phone for a long time not be used".
  4. 4. FIRST PHONE PRICE 5,437 DOLLARS Motorola during the 10 years after arrival, about 100 million in 1983 Dynatac 8000x model by doing the spending. weighing 800 grams $ 3995 sold cell phone 300 mm x 44 mm x 89 mm boyutlarındaydı. I just didnt have the phones display LED indicator. . The phones dimensions are out of the worst feature was that the antenna up to 15 cm.
  5. 5. THE PHONES WERE NO LONGER SCREEN By 1989, this mobile phone until the Motorola spent hard to improve. As a result, nearly half the size and weight of the antenna shrinkage Micro TAC 9800X model was released that fall. The most important feature of this model is that the keypad was on the cover
  6. 6.  . It was produced in 1989, the first phone with so. MicroTAC 9800X had LED display that can show the 8 characters. Not only is this phone is the worlds lightest and the two smallest phone as being introduced
  7. 7.  Batteries are too heavy and weak At that time, telephones were used for Nickel Cadmium battery. This increases the weight of the battery with the phone, doing too much warming, and toxic substances are produced by danger posed to users. You can also charge the battery completely, thereby leading to it reaches its end. For that you cannot buy a second battery, this type of topics maximum attention in State to users.
  8. 8. NOKIA 1110 MADE RELEASED by 1992, which was to be produced as regular phones. Now in this field did not just Motorola. 1992 10 On the Nokia 1011 was the first mobile phone model in November. 195 mm x 60 mm x 45 mm in size and weighs 475 grams, the phone Motorolas current two model smaller and light 2-line had a discolored screen and was able to record the contact book to 99
  9. 9.  The most important feature of the Nokia 1011 was the small antenna. Phone call to uzatılabiliyordu when the antenna.
  10. 10.  Motorola battery solves the problems with the bag phone In the same year, Motorola pulled out a telephone in the Bag Phone. For users of the victims is not about the battery, Motorola Nokias far behind when it comes to dealing with size.
  11. 11.  Bag with long phone call within the battery, but you could separate the phone çantadan was not available. Make sure the phones antenna, the Nokia 1011 on the bag Bag Phone from Motorola that correspond to quite small.
  12. 12.  IBMs first touch-screen smart phone If this occurs then the phone, two of the worlds first smartphone with a full 1 year after IBM introduced the device named Simon counted. The design Motorola first it looked like a mobile phone. But it is very amazing.
  13. 13.  Next to the Pocket PC Phone feature, fax and pager features called Simon. Device tanıtıldıktan was released after 2 years for $ 899. Todays smart phones with touch screen and private pen was the Foundation. Simon, for the first time, calendar, e-mail, calendar, world time,
  14. 14.  Notepad, games, applications, such as a phone. Text forecast had made her the most amazing phone that can transfer the software
  15. 15.  .Replaceable ringtones has been added introduced in 1996, and produced by Mova N103 Hyper, customizable ringtones NEC option was the first phone. This is a feature that is not within the current phones. After this date, this feature has become standard on all devices productive
  16. 16. THE FIRST COLOR-SCREEN PHONE in 1997, the superior German technology Siemens is the worlds first color-screen phone introduced: Siemens S10. Screen quality is not very good in different colors depending on the phones menu to have other phones the difference. But it was not the expected level of design still phones. Was also in serious trouble as the battery.
  17. 17. NOKIA 8810 STRUCK WITH STAMP By 1999, the Nokia 8810, the world leader in itself for a long time. This phone was earlier models up to karşılaştırılmayacak. The most important feature of the phone has a sliding cover ımagine
  18. 18.  Drew worldwide attention just this feature with Nokia. 8810 users even now. The phones design is still impressive.
  19. 19. NICKEL BATTERIES INTRODUCED FOR PHONES "World first" phones launched a great development for the battery. Nickel batteries with toxic materials used in previous series be released was left behind. Nickel batteries but also thinner and hafifti. This allows for a smaller phone.
  20. 20.  Influenced the development of the battery on the ground every time the phones in a positive direction. Now even the most space- saving hardware mixer of the phone. The work is expected to be more subtle next year with batteries.
  21. 21.  The Nokia 3210 has sold 160 million all over the world in 1999, the mobile phone was introduced to each property comes to mind. As of early this year, "the first" mobile technology date stamp. Nokia 3210 phone design another wonder of the world reached 160 million units sold. Benefon Esc model as the first phone with GPS. In the same year, Samsung SPH-M100 Uproar with the added feature of a mobile phone music player and MP3 phones.
  22. 22.  .
  23. 23.  The first camera phone was 0.1 MP companies can now show that the sector by 2000. During this period the phones camera feature has been added. Sharp J- SH04 opened the period with a mobile phone camera model.
  24. 24. FIRST BLUETOOTH FEATURE, ERICSSON T39 İn 2001, The first phone with Bluetooth Ericsson T39 drew attention with. Bluetooth is a cable users sharing content kurtarıyordu. People no longer favorite ringing tones and wallpaper for share via Bluetooth. It became a standart after the Bluetooth-enabled phones.
  25. 25.  Motorola RAZR fashion phone, and now, as in 2004, bearing the design a step further forward on Motorola phones and clamshell model RAZR, slim. This phone has sold 50 million units worldwide. In the same year, Motorola A845 model with video call and high speed internet phones was entered.
  26. 26.  On the front side of the camera is no longer people of A845, seeing each other conversations. This is the first time many great Twitter may also never phones have not used too much.
  27. 27.  Li-ion batteries provided the possibility for the development of faster phones in 2004, he recorded a great progress on battery again. Lithium-ion batteries for phones no longer offers a very long wait and contact times. Previous phones to 8-9 hours of charging money 1 hour talk time, 1-2 hours to charge the money turned out to be 7-8 saatn call time. In 2004, the subject is usually small, mobile phones and the internet does not have a lot of energy-efficient features, such as GPS standby and talk times according to the current smart phones is very good.
  28. 28.  Palm smart phones with the agenda in 2005, the modilini Palm Treo 700w. This phone was the Palms own operating system. Phone Office documents too large for that time was the occasion of a can. After Palm has produced similar patterns in succession, and business phone category, presented a lot of devices on the market.
  29. 29.  The phone has a QWERTY keyboard for those times "only business people can use" while the perception is that everyone prefers the QWERTY keyboard.
  30. 30.  The effect of earthquakes all over the world with the iPhone by 2007, more seriously on the market available phone manufacturers Apple track listing. Now hiçbirşeyin as before, the iPhone as Apple finally released the first model.
  31. 31. This phone to other companies all over the world for its olduki effective so Apple took at least 2-3 years. It lacks a lot of features, the iPhone is the first model, though, is completely touch-screen, game, e-mail, internet, other phones, such as the needs and work as fast as be checked against would at that time only to have Apples multi- touch capability available to her to infect a number.
  32. 32.  . The invention of the mobile phone in 2007 an important year for the technology. By opening the phone to Apple, the iPhone application store, except for a lucrative income gate. Apple did not have such things in mind that no one makes them.
  33. 33.  Smart satellite phone in 2010, the first smart satellite phone Terre Star Genus. was a lot of satellite phone by 2010, but the phones were as tall as the first mobile phone antennas. This model is included in a lot of business functions and imagine. in 2007, world of Apples mobile technology, and all upset the plans other companies suffers earthquakes, everyone fights with all the power of Apple. Heres a phone: LG Optimus 2 x from the results of that war. The worlds fastest dual-core mobile phone
  34. 34. GLASSES 3D PHONES 2011 is the year so this year has been a year of exciting passing from beginning to end. The latest models of mobile technology, where we arrived in amazement. Apple iPhone 4S and made the show again. The dual-core processor, a predecessor of the A5 2 times more speed. Dual antenna is again for the first time.
  35. 35.  Introduced the worlds first 4 g phone with HTC EVO 4 g. Android operating system, the device is quite fast. Enter the 3D televisions, cinemas, then before moving on to the worlds first 3D mobile phone with LG Optimus 3D. Phone dual camera and photographing 3D.
  36. 36. SOURCE: telefonunun-tarihcesi