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CIC and GroupM China released 2013 White Paper on Travellers - The Rise of Social Travel


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CIC and GroupM China released “2013 White Paper on Travellers - The Rise of Social Travel ” today. This white paper collects and analyzes the information related to social media, maps out five types of travellers active on social media - business travellers, self-drive travellers, package tourists, luxury shopping travellers and backpackers, and has identified their unique attitudes to travel and different consumption behaviours, aiming to help brand marketers develop more effective and targeted marketing strategies.

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CIC and GroupM China released 2013 White Paper on Travellers - The Rise of Social Travel

  1. 1. The Rise of Social Travel 2013 GroupM Knowledge - CIC White Paper on Travel
  2. 2. 2© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Preface Tourism revenues in China are expected to reach 2.9 trillion yuan in 2013, with a growth of 120% in five years. The rise of Chinese social media becomes the most important booster which drives it into people’s lives— Where to go? How to get there? What are you looking for? What do you want to experience and How you experience it? Travel has become the hottest topic on social media and stimulates modern people’s desire for travel. To those brand managers, it’s a golden opportunity when people are on a journey. Leaving behind familiar environment and escaping the normal pace of life, people set out a journey in a cheerful mood and with a bulge wallet. They search for all sorts of possibilities to broaden their life experience, which is a perfect opportunity for brand to communicate and build up relationship with them. We look into the business opportunity in travel through 29.6 million travel- related posts and over 10 thousand travel enthusiasts. From travelers’ perspectives, thinking about their concerns, a brand can provide valuable service and unique product to them. Not only in travel category, almost all brands can use it to build their brand experience via such a great opportunity.
  3. 3. 3© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Chapter I Travel Industry Overview P 6 - 10 Chapter II Consumer Insight & Case Study P 11 - 61
  4. 4. 4© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Research Methodology • Based on the deep analysis of Chinese online travel category from GroupM and CIC, this collaborative IWOM White Paper on the Travel Industry gives an overview of China’s travel market (from social media perspectives), along with a focus on key consumer segments, online platforms and hot topics related to the travel industry. • CIC monitored and collected travel- related content across China’s mainstream social media with its developed advanced text mining technology and unique analysis model. Besides, with CIC’s rich experience on IWOM research, the professional research consultant team analyzed millions of buzz related with travel then made a focused research on the travel-related vertical web, BBS, travel review sites and Sina Weibo. Data Source • GroupM Knowledge provided macro travel industry data and trend analysis. • All social data was collected from the CIC Travel Panel. Methodology
  5. 5. 5© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 BBS & Review Sites Travel Verticals / BBS • (户外资料网) • Mafengwo (蚂蜂窝) • Qyer (穷游网) • Flyertea (飞客茶馆) • Sina Tour Forum (新浪旅游论坛) • More… Review Sites • Ctrip (携程旅行网) • Elong (艺龙旅行网) • Lvping (驴评网) • Tuniu (途牛旅游论坛) • Uzai (悠哉旅游社区) • More… 29,591,861Posts Sina Weibo 1,511,284Tweets • Travel Industry • Business Travel • Luxury Shopping Travel • Self-driving Travel • Package Tour • Backpacking • More… DataCollection
  6. 6. 6© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Chapter I Travel Industry Overview P 6 - 10  Travel Industry Trend  Social Media Landscape of Travel Industry  Travel Buzz Volume Seasonality
  7. 7. 7© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 2009 2010 2011 2012e 2013e Revenue of China’s International and Domestic Travel Industry, 2009 - 2013 For 5 Years China Tourism Revenue Has Increased by 120% Chinese international and domestic tourism revenue is expected to be nearly 3,000 billion yuan for the year 2013. E-travel showed strong momentum of development, with five years of over 20% growth. Source: China Commerce Year Book Note: Tourism revenues including the tourists’ necessary expenditures occurred in tourism (e.g. transportation, accommodation fees, tour fees) and the probable consumption expenditures (e.g. telecommunication, health care, repair costs, consulting fees and shopping costs). Unit: Billion RMB 27.0% 53.7% 38.5% 31.6% 27.2% 0 50 100 150 200 250 2009 2010 2011 2012e 2013e Evolution of China e-Travel Market Size 2009 - 2013 Evolution of China e-Travel Market Size Growth Rate Unit: Billion RMB Source: iResearch
  8. 8. 8© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Mobile Social Joined Social Media Landscape Aside from the original platform segmentation by functionality, Mobile Social (i.e. WeChat, APPs) has emerged as a new driving force changing the landscape of the industry. Note: Bubble size represents the buzz volume Search & Booking Sites Primarily: Provide 3rd-party Search & Booking Travel e-Commerce Sites Sales of Tourism Products Travel Review Sites Provide Detailed Travel Reviews Lifestyle Sites Share Life Experience Vertical Travel Sites Share Travel Guide / Travel Tips/ Travel Experience Wechat & Travel Related Apps Execute CRM / Booking / Marketing
  9. 9. 9© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Tomb-sweeping Day Holiday Triggered A Buzz Peak Travel industry buzz saw buzz seasonality, climbing in summer (from August) and remaining high until next January (CNY). In addition, the temporary holiday policy (e.g. Tomb-sweeping Day) showed obvious effects to trigger netizens’ talks on travel planning. Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 0 900,000 1,800,000 2,700,000 3,600,000 Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Travel Buzz Volume Trend Jun 2012 - May 2013 2012暑假加拿大温哥华+落基山国家公园亲子自驾游 // Self- driving summer vacation in Canada (Link) 〓〓12年国庆越南越美之奢华不贵〓〓美奈romana、anatara、大 叻mandara、dalat palace详细多图更新完毕 // National Holiday travel in Vietnam (Link) 2012圣诞20天美国之旅--纽约、费城、华盛顿、波士顿、洛杉 矶、拉斯维加斯、夏威夷 // Christmas 20-day tour in U.S.A (Link) 京迹结伴 2013【春节】初一到初六;湘西明珠【张家界】【凤凰 古城】【黄龙洞】【芙蓉镇】逍遥行、感受峡谷奇观与苗寨风 情! // 2013 Chinese New Year Holiday travel in Hunan (Link) 【指南针和尚队】清明节☆ 黔东南☆ “西江千户苗寨”“肇兴侗 寨”“加榜梯田”“小黄侗寨”“郎德上寨‘”黄果树瀑布“看民 俗,赏油菜花,摄影游! // Tomb-sweeping Day Holiday Travel in Guizhou (Link) Sample Posts Unit: Post Summer Vacation / National Day Holiday Christmas Day / Chinese New Year Holiday Tomb-sweeping Day Holiday
  10. 10. 10© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Temporary Holiday Effect of Tomb-sweeping Day Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 1. Turn 3 into 8 days – Long Vacation Tips 【清明拼假带动国内长线游 机票价走高 趁早订】对许多旅行爱好者来说,清明 节3天小长假像鸡肋,不过,今年清明的 法定放假安排出来后,网上开始热议请 假方案,只需要请3天假,就能有8天的 连续休息时间。今年清明旅游预订人数 比去年同期多了50%,国内长线三亚、 丽江(机票)和厦门(机票)仍是最大热门。 // Long vacation trips leverage the long trip for Tomb-sweeping Day holiday (Link) —— 旅游欣闻 2. Discussion on Travel Planning – Hot Vacation Discussion in Tomb-sweeping Day Holiday 懒洋洋,没买到火车票,你们还有渠道买到火车 票么? // Do you have any other way to buy the train ticket? 火车票了,去程,北京到扬州, Z30车次,06车,20,上. // Train Number Z30, Carriage 06, let’s go. 票已取 等待出发 // I’ve got the ticker and ready to go. (Link) Netizens’ Replies View: 259,073 Reply: 21,721
  11. 11. 11© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Travel Consumer Insight & Case Study P 11 - 61 Chapter II Low Buzz High Buzz Self-driving Travelers Luxury Shopping Travelers Package Tourists BackpackersBusiness Travelers Consumer Social Networking Passion Index
  12. 12. 12© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Willingness to spend more time Consumers Travel Perception Matrix Different travelers reflected various psychological needs and perceptions on Time and Money. Business Travelers Luxury Shopping Travelers Self-driving Travelers Package Tourists Backpackers Willingnesstospendmoremoney Note: Bubble size represents the buzz volume e.g. 现在才发现让女人带着信用卡出差是多 么可怕。在芝加哥仅剩的一天时间里疯狂购 物,把Ralph Lauren 的售货员都吓着了。差 一点又买了Swan的项链,忍住逃出商店。 Barberry都没时间进去看一眼。babana的衬 衣好便宜,一下买了4件。再呆一天,估计 老公就该哭了。 // I bought so many things in one day when I was on the business travel (Link) e.g. 10日西欧之旅,去左法国,瑞士,意大 利和“城中之国”梵帝刚共4个国家,好 玩!!收获左一只紫色chanel包,一副prada 墨镜(我稳左好耐的),一对地图鞋开心~ 想买的都买到了,除左只钱包~转个眼就比 人买左!不过都够啦// I was so happy that I bought Chanel bag and Prada sunglasses in the 10-day western Europe tour (Link) e.g. 出来第十天,在丽江经历的二十多 年来最特别的一周,疲惫却快乐充实, 经历没有吃住,各种身体上的不适应在 今天出发去大理,背上四十多斤的背 包,累得要死了,幸运的在二点搭上了 一藏族朋友泥玛格桑(阿龙)的车!第 四次徒步打车成功……谢谢善良美丽的各 地朋友,(阿龙请我们的啤酒和营养快 线)// It's already been 10 days, I had the most special week in Lijiang , tired but happy (Link) e.g. 孩子的跆拳道老师从年三十就自驾出去 玩,一路上郑州,武汉,长沙,阳朔,桂 林,柳州,贵阳,重庆,西安,至今还没回 程的意思。。。真会玩儿!年轻的自由职业 者真好!有钱有闲有精力! // My child’s teacher was so rich and leisure that he didn’t return from his self-driving tour (Link) e.g.跟团固然好 交了钱到日子跟着走 but每 个景点最多停留2H 每天早起撅着屁股就走 累得和狗是的 车上度过的时间加起来比玩 的多三倍 自由行固然好 比团贵一些了 不过 自然什么都听自己 累了可以不去 想玩几点 都ok 第一次觉得去台湾比出国要准备的都多 = =我一直认为能说国语的地方都是很容易 就能去的啊 // Package tour was light-hearted and cheaper than individual travel (Link)
  13. 13. 13© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Business Travelers Luxury Shopping Travelers Self-driving Travelers Package Travelers Backpackers The Pragmatist Value-oriented The Magician Transformer, be at other place, long for dynamic change The Trend Setter Gaining attention, importance and recognition The Connoisseur Astute Discriminating In-the-Know The Hero Where there’s a will, there’s a way The Outlaw Rules are made to be broken The Sage The truth will set you free Explorers Don’t fence me in The Care Taker/Giver Love your neighbor as yourself Everyman Ease and comfort The fun-seeker You only live once The lay-back We are young and free The Personality Prototypes of Travelers We matched these consumer segments with Carl Jung’s personality prototypes, based on their social media behavior to understand their inner image and motivations. Willingness to spend more time Willingnesstospendmoremoney Note: Bubble size represents the buzz volume
  14. 14. 14© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Business Travelers
  15. 15. 15© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Geographical Distribution Top 5 Cities Base: 2,290 Business Travelers Lifestyle and Profile Preview Note: Identified by social active business travelers’ tags Source: CIC Weibo tracking, random sampling of tag with business travel (API data access of followers profiles) They are Business Driven, Hotel and Airline Frequent Travelers “Mad Overtime Workaholics” They focus on Timeliness, Comfort and Health When they have a day off , they prefer “Zhai” at homes, but some also take positive rest “Charge the Battery” Consumer Insight: • 90s travelers likely to read Military and Sports Magazines • 80s travelers likely to read Finance Magazine • 70s travelers prefer to watch Finance News on TV Beijing 20.3% Shanghai 16.0% Guangzhou 8.2% Hangzhou 4.0% Shenzhen 3.7% 1st-tier Cities 44.5% 2nd-tier Cities 30.8% 3rd-tier Cities 7.6% “Who” are they? 9 : 35 : 1 Base: 580 Higher Education 66% Male vs. Female 1.3 : 1 Base: 2,290 vs. vs. Base: 970 90s 80s 70s
  16. 16. 16© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Snapshot of Typical Business Traveler e.g. 连续的出差非常消耗体力,途 中争分夺秒的看书也似乎毫无休整 的机会,今天大堆的邮件的处理又 占用了大半天的时间,接下来必须 好好休息,明天跑个5公里 // I’ll take a 5-km jog tomorrow! (Link) Fitness e.g. 回到宿舍已经半夜,无休止的 加班、加班、加班……每天几乎重 复的工作,却层出不穷、花样翻新 的问题,感觉自己像救火队员,疲 于奔命……从未感觉到的累,我只 能安慰自己这是菜鸟成长的必经之 路吧 我在:Tudor Lawns // Overtime is endless for me. (Link) Overtime e.g. 老婆给收拾的行李,又要开始 无止境的出差 // There is my luggage packed by my wife . My business travel is endless. (Link) e.g. 因为出差飞机晚点每次都不能 准时回来火锅趴!怎么我们这么 惨,才上班不到一年Hilton已经冲 金卡,SPG下个月就升platinum。 我在: 5th Ave // We became the Hilton HHonors gold card member in 1 year for business travel. (Link) Busy on Business Travel Hotel and Airlines Frequent Traveler e.g. 学习精神自我表扬,出差回来 直奔图书馆,下班时间接伢回家过 六一。麻个家庭日,想想哪里去玩 // I’m so proud of my learning attitude! (Link) e.g. 好不容易出差回来了,能躺在 自己家的床上真是幸福呀,要睡 了,既然不能改变,那就把不愉快 的事都忘掉,女人要对自己好一 点。晚安啦各位 // The happiest thing is having a sleep in my own bed. (Link) Learning (“Charge the Battery”)“Zhai” at Home
  17. 17. 17© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Business Travelers Online Hot Topic Snapshot Note: Block size represents the buzz volume Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 e.g. 最近要去日本出差, 有什么值得购买的吗? // What is worth buying while in Japan (Link) Shopping e.g. 东方商旅Les Suites Orient.浦江畔真正的 Boutique Hotel.121116. 很满意 // Boutique Hotel – Les Suites Orient (Link) Hospitality Business Travel Credit Card e.g. 这些年出差途中的 美景(宁夏、新疆、广 西、江西、浙江、深 圳、厦门) // The beautiful landscapes of the business travel in these years (Link) Local Experience Transportation e.g. 最佳商旅羊毛信用 卡评选征集候选信用卡 // A campaign for the best business travel credit card (Link) e.g. 上海到济南900多公 里,空铁大战最精彩: (一)出差去的时候坐 高铁,因机票五六百多, 加上基建燃油就是七百 多了,不划算(二)回 来做飞机,提前买票, 加起来不到400(三) 济南高铁站和机场,到 市区交通都不方便。而 浦东机场也离主城区较 远,除非坐磁悬浮(四) 空铁大战比价格比时间, 比城市的交通接驳 // From Shanghai to Jinan: 900km transportation battle (Link)
  18. 18. 18© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Business Travelers’ Airlines Brand Buzz Ranking China Eastern Airlines owned the most buzz and Air Asia ranked second for its active promotions and considerate services. Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 59,536 51,520 47,044 40,622 12,185 10,503 10,040 9,894 8,033 5,282 Air Asia China Southern AirChina Eastern Airlines Air China Hainan Airlines Cathay Pacific Singapore Airlines Dragonair Delta Airlines Shanghai Airlines
  19. 19. 19© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Key Airlines Attributes for Business Travelers Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 Implication: It’s observed that complaints from travelers and replies from airlines are the most important content for brand buzz on social media. Airlines should provide flight records and the delay possibility in time to attract travelers, and travelers could make a schedule to meet the uncertain situations conveniently. Brand Reputation (incl. Punctuality, Services, Facilities, etc) Basic Needs (Must have) Sophisticated Needs (Nice to have) More Mentions Less Mentions e.g. 我用春秋航空公司,往返 机票价格是一共26,000日元 左右,非常便宜 // The ticket price of Spring Airlines was cheap (Link) Ticket Price e.g. 北京出差结束,回家咯, 我爱妈妈,今天东航没误 点,赞 // The flight of China Eastern Air was punctual (Link) e.g. 计划4:00上海—北京,上 午通知航班取消,改成3:00, 在飞机上等了5个多小时,起 飞时间还遥遥无期,果断取 消出差计划 // I cancelled my business travel for the unreliable flight time (Link) e.g. 海航VVIP卡入手 一看累 计里程都快1W了,国航知音 和东方万里行啥时候能升个 金呢// I’m the VVIP of Hainan Airlines (Link) Loyalty Program / Membership Flight Time
  20. 20. 20© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Business Travelers’ Hotels Brand Buzz Ranking Most buzz came from review sites (e.g. Ctrip). Economic / budget hotels received more buzz than luxury hotels. 1,542 1,273 945 932 578 838 719 704 668 264 Hanting Inns & Hotels Home InnHoliday Inn Ramada Hotels Ibis Hotels Sheraton Hotels Crowne Plaza Hotels Hilton Hotels InterContinental Hotels Westin Hotels Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 Economic/ BudgetHotels High-end/ LuxuryHotels
  21. 21. 21© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Key Hotels Attributes for Business Travelers Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 Insight: Since the company often covers of business trip expenses, business travelers are not personally concerned about expenses. They usually comment briefly on the key attributes which are set by online travel agencies. Brands should pay more attention to the services of these key attributes. More Mentions (Highest: 6,480) Less Mentions (Lowest: 634) Basic Needs (Must have) Deep Needs (Nice to have) e.g. 五角场位置,中环表 较方便,附近有万达广 场,晚上可以逛一下 // The hotel location was convenient (Link) e.g. 宾馆前台有很多免费 的英德双语旅游资料和 慕尼黑地图提供给游客 // There were many local maps on the reception desk of the hotel (Link) e.g. 非常喜欢6楼的早 餐,是住过的5星吃的最 舒服的一次 // That’s the best 5-star hotel breakfast I have ever had (Link) e.g. 说说这几天出差分别 住了PCR,SPG和Hilton的 升级情况 // The upgrade of SPG and HHonors in my business travel (Link) e.g. 职员的素质好,服务 一流 // The level of service was very good (Link) e.g. 房间很干净,性价比 很高,下次还会入住 // The room was neat and tidy, value for money (Link) e.g. 住这个酒店简直就是 一个享受,什么服务都 很到位 // The hotel environment was fantastic (Link) e.g. 泳池非常赞,服务也 好 // Very, very good! nice swimming pool, perfect service! Thanks a lot! (Link) Location Facilities Local Info. Loyalty Program Staff Service Environment Amenities Food & Beverage
  22. 22. 22© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Case Study: Hanting Social CRM via WeChat Hanting CRM System 1. Obtain Users’ Contacts 1 22. Activate the Membership Card 3. Link to Booking System Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 Insight: Hotel and Airlines Brands can use Wechat in marketing communication and CRM. By incorporating Tencent, brands can develop customized functionality within their WeChat platform. Wechat
  23. 23. 23© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Online Feedback from Hanting Consumers Ibooked my hotels via Wechat, and finally I chose Hanting Inns & Hotels as our travel destination for its better services on Wechat than 7 Days Inn’s and others’. Now, we are playing in Ge Garden in Yangzhou. Great! // 到达扬州,感谢打的拼车宝顺风兄弟的接待和赠书,我也回赠玩转微信。扬州果然是旅游城市,通过 微信各种订房都基本爆满,可以看出体验汉庭最好,7天最不理想。订酒店微信号也不错。汉庭服务最周到,最后也是订了汉 庭的房间。现在全家在个园游玩,环境很好。就是人实在太多! (Link) —— 管鹏 View: 25,454 Reply: 140 Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 哈哈~十一都去拼房吧! // Let’s book on Oct! 大家一起去拼哈~~~ // Yeah! Go, go, go! 这次去新昌就定这个宾馆了 // I’ll book Hanting in Xinchang this time! (Link) Netizens’ Replies Implication: Mobile is the only media which can be used throughout the consumption process. The real value of a good mobile strategy is supposed to optimize the consumption experience and transfer online fans to offline consumers.
  24. 24. 24© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Implications for Brand Marketing 1. The personality prototype of the business travelers is reflected as the Pragmatist, concerning the objective value of products and services. They valued the achievable experience, rather than promising ideas. As a result, brands should take practical communication strategy in a real way, especially avoid exaggerations. 2. As frequent travelers, the group usually gives their comments about hotels and airlines on review sites. They are used to reviewing key attributes which are set by online travel agencies. To improve the sentiment of online feedback, brands should pay more attention to the services related to these key attributes.
  25. 25. 25© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Self-Driving Travelers
  26. 26. 26© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Geographical Distribution Top 5 Cities Base: 2,505 Self-driving Travelers Lifestyle and Profile Preview They are “Car Enthusiasts”, have strong emotional bonds with their cars Normally, they would take part in some Car Club and Offline Gatherings frequently They are pursuing an outgoing & positive lifestyle and are more likely to love Sports and Photography Consumer Insight: • They are also likely to learn information related the car from automobile dealers Note: Identified by social active Self-driving travelers’ tags Source: CIC Weibo tracking, random sampling of tag with Self-driving travel (API data access of followers profiles) Beijing 22.1% Shanghai 18.4% Guangzhou 17.5% Shenzhen 4.0% Chengdu 3.0% 1st-tier Cities 40.5% 2nd-tier Cities 25.8% 3rd-tier Cities 8.5% 1 : 16 : 2 Base: 945 Higher Education 42% Male vs. Female 3 : 1 Base: 2,505 vs. vs. Base: 235 90s 80s 70s “Who” are they?
  27. 27. 27© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Typical Self-driving Travelers’ Emotional Bonding with Cars Source: CIC Weibo tracking, random sampling of tag with Self-driving travel (API data access of followers profiles) e.g. 国产320 i短轴时尚版作业贴凶猛来袭。 生命不止,奋斗不息,宝马这辈子必须要买 一台。正面45度,帅气;正面,爱它爱的无 法自拔;天使眼,犀利啊。太犀利了;最后 钥匙认证,必备的啦,女朋友送的钥匙挂 件,嘿嘿 // BMW 320i is a great car. Everything from the headlights to the key is well designed. Must have! (Link) —— 饼子又师太了 e.g. 我的宝贝车车和520有缘分,所以今天 就算是它的生日啦~为了感谢它不辞辛苦载 着我和家人们到处游玩,下午给它做了全面 保养。与车相处就和朋友之道一样,你平日 悉心爱护,它就默默相伴决不会给你添麻烦 ~! // Our car is like a part of our family. We take good care of it so that it is always ready to hit the road (Link) —— 思墨思墨 e.g. 我的白马儿,赶紧吃的饱饱的,明天你 的主人宝马哥,也是我最爱的那个男人,将 要开着你载着我们一起出发旅游,你要给力 啊! // We love our BMW! We are taking it on our trip tomorrow (Link) —— 断翅蝴蝶-123 Nickname the Car Personify the Car Compliment via “Homework” 霸道 普拉多 爱母鸡 懒汉 汉兰达 Highlander Prado 苦瓜 翼虎 Kuga 奔驰AMG 嘉年华 Fiesta 小嘉 Volvo 窝窝 沃尔沃 白马 宝马 BMW 丰田 福特
  28. 28. 28© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Self-driving Travelers Online Hot Topic Snapshot Note: Block size represents the buzz volume Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 Car Rental PhotographyCar Club Event & Team Activities Car Driving Joy & Maintenance e.g. 15天四人西班牙十 三城池金秋自驾游 // 15- day, 4 people and 13 cities of my self-driving in Spain (Link) Journey Experience e.g. [西藏] 6.8日约几位驴 友走川藏南线318去拉萨 看看 // Offline gathering to meet travel companions for trip to Tibet (Link) e.g. 肯定选丰田,我自 驾去过西藏,丰田越野 是当地的街车,到处都 是,其他品牌极少,当 地人叫丰田为牛头,所 以丰田车在西藏保有量 极高,出了问题也好找 配件和维修。路虎车电 子设备较多,比较娇 气,出了问题维修配件 都是问题 // Toyota maintenance in Tibet is the most convenient (Link) e.g. 预定车型是BMW 3er,结果免费升级成了BMW X1 xDrive, 手动四驱柴油版,带idrive系统及导航,提车时公里数不超过 9000公里。// We rented the BMW X1 in Amsterdam (Link) e.g. 端午节三天和三位 老师自驾游去河北沽源 行摄~三天的收货丰丰~ 连续两天的极好天气给 摄影带来了极大的帮 助,从老师哪里又学到 的很多东西 // Three- day self-driving to Hebei. Perfect weather for photography(Link)
  29. 29. 29© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Self-driving Travelers’ Automobiles Brand Buzz Ranking Toyota and Mazda are recognized for their ‘value-for-money’ and low maintenance costs. Mercedes-Benz and BMW are more likely to satisfy the self-driving travelers’ sense of driving in comfort and safety; while domestic cars are relatively weak in self-driving buzz. 4,986 4,017 2,889 2,275 2,184 2,074 1,641 1,272 958 824 BMW Buick Ford Mercedes-Benz Lexus Toyota Volvo Audi JeepMazda Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013
  30. 30. 30© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC The Key Motivations for Self-driving Travelers Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 Making Friends e.g. #就爱自驾游# 很早以 前就梦想着,有朝一日去 自由的旅行,放飞梦想, 解放心灵 // I love self- driving travel, I love freedom (Link) Family Glee Freedom Enjoy the Journey e.g. 2012国庆一家三口内 蒙赤峰克旗四日自驾游 // Family travel to Inner Mongolia on National’s Day (Link) e.g. 2013年3月22日-4月3 日荷比卢+德(or法) 自驾 征 2同游 // Recruiting two mates to travel to Netherland, Germany and France (Link) e.g. 自驾游就是好,看到 美丽的风景随时可以停下 来 // I can enjoy the journey on the self-driving travel (Link) Insight: The timing of overseas road trips is directly related to price discounts offered by airlines. Middle-aged people prefer sharing their experience of the self-driving trip.
  31. 31. 31© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC 1. The personality prototype of the self-driving travelers is connected to the Explorers or Care Taker/Giver. Explorers keep their mind independent to explore life. Guardians are always ready to help others with family responsibilities. As a result, family gatherings could be a good touch point for self-driving brand marketing. Auto brands could incorporate travel as a theme in their promotions strategy. 2. As car enthusiasts, the group is interested in the discussion of the car driving joy and maintenance, as well as car rental services. Toyotas are popular due to their ‘value-for-money’ and convenience to maintain. Mercedes-Benz is the first choice of high-level drivers thanks to its driving comfort and safety. In addition, automobile dealers are their main source to get automobile related information. Implications for Brand Marketing
  32. 32. 32© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Package Tourists
  33. 33. 33© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Geographical Distribution Top 5 Cities Base: 1,248 Package Tourists Lifestyle and Profile Preview Note: Identified social active netizens by mentioned package tour Source: CIC Weibo tracking, random sampling of tweeting in package tour (API data access of followers profiles) Beijing 9.1% Shanghai 10.8% Guangzhou 8.9% Shenzhen 4.3% Chengdu 4.2% Most are Less Experienced Tourists Female Oriented Intention to Save Trouble They have Less Time or Limited Knowledge to plan the trip by themselves. They would rather play safe and choose One-stop services provided by professional agency. 1st-tier Cities 28.8% 2nd-tier Cities 32.9% 3rd-tier Cities 11.4% “Who” are they? 16 : 46 : 1 Male vs. Female 1 : 7.7 Base: 1,248 vs. vs. Base: 187 90s 80s 70s
  34. 34. 34© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC 例:跟团省心,从头到尾都给你安排好,玩 得也不累,报个团费高点的不怕,这样服务 特好,还没什么购物,我们团就十几个人包 的快艇出海,还给我们准备的冰镇饮料新鲜 水果切好,挺不错的// For a package tour, we don’t need make detailed plans by ourselves. Everything relied on the tour and everything went well. (Link) —— 李翊-太立德仁 Make no detailed plansFocus on the Services Lack the Travel Experience e.g. 07.7月跟团去的武夷山,当时胆子小, 没经验,所以才定了春秋国旅,和当地导游 混熟了,人家还特地邮寄了门票给我,虽然 我已不记得他的长相了!// I joined a SPRING INTERNATIONAL package tour to Wuyi Mountain in July because I lack travel experience and was a little afraid. (Link) —— 随心随缘随便随意 e.g. 我喜欢跟团 我比较懒 去陌生地方 人生 地不熟 语言方言有听不懂的 我就喜欢跟团 第一吃的地方不用找 第二住的地方也解决 了 第三不用自己找玩的地方的位置 等第二 次去 我就自己自驾游了。// The first time I travel somewhere I prefer package tour while the second time I’ll choose a self-driving trip. (Link) —— 翼鑫小窝 旅行社 自费项目 Sites’ tickets Safety Travel Agency 导游 Tourist Guide Travel Bus Optional Expenses 购物点 团友 方便 全程服务 One-stop services Snapshot of Typical Package Tourists Source: CIC Weibo tracking, random sampling of tweeting in backpacking (API data access of followers profiles)
  35. 35. 35© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Package Tourists Online Hot Topic Snapshot Note: Block size represents the buzz volume Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 e.g. 跟团旅游最大的收 货就是认识了很可爱的 couple团友~一路好多欢 乐~ // I feel so happy to have made so many friends on my package tour (Link) Group Members & Activities e.g. 太坑爹了!XX知名 旅行社游香港!各种陷 阱各种欺诈!去香港血 拼的大侠注意咯~ // The irritating package tour experience in Hong Kong (Link) Travel Agency Services e.g. 连日来的周车劳 顿,起早贪黑,项目太 多,比上班还累,再也 不跟团游了// I was exhausted for the intensive tour (Link) Group Items e.g. 结束十二天的意瑞 法之行,自由行式跟团 心得分享,旅行攻略与 shopping共存哦 // 10- day France, Italy and Switzerland package tour (Link) Tour Experience & Tips
  36. 36. 36© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC 13,321 10,059 1,652 1,313 1,205 8,930 5,775 1,393 655 549 Package Travel Agencies (incl. Online) Buzz Ranking Ctrip saw the most mentions among the online travel vendors. CYTS and CTS received the most popularity of the traditional agencies. Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 Ctrip HKCTSCCTCTS CITSCYTS ElongQunarUzaiTuniu OnlineTravel Sites Travel Agencies
  37. 37. 37© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC 10,014 8,166 7,656 5,027 4,800 3,986 3,064 2,550 2,083 1,527 Due to the limitation of visa policies, package tours became the main choice for overseas travel. Consistent with the rank of buzz volume, Thailand and Hong Kong have the largest number of overseas tourists among foreign countries & Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan. Taiwan KoreaThailand Hong Kong Japan Italy FranceGreece USA Singapore Hot Buzzed Destination for Package Tour Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013
  38. 38. 38© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Movie <Lost in Thailand> — Promotion of The Tour to Thailand Thanks to the high awareness and box office success of the movie “Lost On Journey”, Thailand has become the hottest destination on social media. Implication: Offline emotional intensity of destinations was reflect by hot online content. Travel agencies could launch corresponding travel lines to attract consumers. 例:人再囧途之泰囧--我的泰国之旅(曼谷、芭堤 雅)5天跟团游 —— 辞职在家宅了好久,姑妈跟我 说你快长虫了,和我去泰国玩儿一圈晒晒太阳吧!于 是,仓促的整装待发,交好团费3000大洋,准备登机 赴我的泰国之旅// Thailand, I’m coming, my own edition of the movie <Lost in Thailand>! (Link) —— 因忧而自省 例:泰国游记 —— 考虑到2012年我们过得辛苦而劳 累,有考虑到《泰囧》对我们的诱惑,于是我和老公 毅然决然地于2月3日跟团出游到了泰国,直到2月8日 除夕前一天才回到家。即使是短短四天,依然过得丰 富多彩,见识颇多。// Effected by the movie <Lost in Thailand>, my husband and I began a package tour to Thailand. In four days on journey, we experienced such a lot of things! (Link) —— 小贝蛋儿 Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013
  39. 39. 39© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC The Key Motivations for Package Tourists Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 e.g. 蓝色土耳其金秋十月十日游 —— 总的来说, 此次跟团的性 价比还挺高 // High value for money travel to Turkey on National’s Day (Link) Value for Money Companion with the Family (esp. Elders and Kids) Convenience and Safety e.g. 9月20重庆出发去西藏拉萨 求同行 —— 第一次进藏不熟, 所以跟团方便安全点 // Convenient and safe package tour to Tibet on 20th Sep 2013 (Link) Insight: Package tourists showed more concerns on the cost, safety and companion with family. e.g. 一家人跟团出游,老爸显然 情绪甚好,一路唱着歌、喊着 山,别提多happy了。只要爸开 心,妈就开心。看着他俩开心, 我和妹就开心!晚餐甚丰盛,妹 请。泡温泉太耗体力,瞌睡了, 各位,晚安 // Our family enjoyed a pleasant package tour (Link)
  40. 40. 40© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Implications for Brand Marketing 1. The personality prototype of the package tourist is the Everyman, who enjoys the easy life and seeks a certain comfort travel. Meanwhile they are impressionable by the current hot topics on social media. As a result, brands should combine the brand attributes with the current trends in order to deepen the brand impression and broaden brand impact. 2. Since the group lacks travel experience , they valued the agency’s reputation and would like to comment about its services. In the first quarter of 2013, Thailand and Hong Kong have the largest number of the overseas tourists among foreign countries & Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, which is consistent with the rank of online buzz volume.
  41. 41. 41© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Luxury Shopping Travelers
  42. 42. 42© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Geographical Distribution Top 5 Cities Base: 2,103 1st-tier Cities 40.8% 2nd-tier Cities 19.7% 3rd-tier Cities 3.9% They are mainly located in the 1st-tier cities, most of them are Young ladies following Trendy style. They mark themselves as “Shopaholic”, and Fashion Daren”, they get used to “Street Snapshot ”& “Self-shot ” habit. Meanwhile, they also love Overseas Purchase and shopping on Taobao, they like various luxury brands, and tagged favorable brand names on their Weibo Consumer Insight: • It’s observed that females also played an important role in male’s purchase decisions when it comes to luxury shopping. Note: Identified social active netizens by mentioned luxury shopping travel Source: CIC Weibo tracking, random sampling of tweeting in luxury shopping travel (API data access of followers profiles) Luxury Shopping Traveler Lifestyle and Profile Preview Beijing 22.1% Shanghai 18.4% Guangzhou 17.5% Shenzhen 4.0% Chengdu 3.0% “Who” are they? 93 : 291 : 1 Male vs. Female 1 : 2.9 Base: 2,103 vs. vs. Base: 385 90s 80s 70s
  43. 43. 43© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Snapshot of Typical Luxury Shopping Traveler Source: CIC Weibo tracking, random sampling of tweeting in luxury shopping travel (API data access of followers profiles) Love Street Snapshot ‘Shai’ the Luxuries e.g. 晒宝贝啰 Chanel黑色金链gst 中号 樱花 粉Dior 购物袋 LV Epi 象牙白 中号 Gucci2013 大火湖水蓝流苏包 Tod's 男款小牛皮豆豆鞋 Repetto 小羊皮宝蓝色平底鞋 // ‘Shai’ my tropies: Chanel Black gold chain, Dior shopping bag, LV EPI, Gucci blue bag, etc. (Link) —— 盼盼Cheap e.g. 法国巴黎的巴黎春天LV橱窗好美!// It’s amazing for LV shop window in Paris PPR. (Link) —— 双鱼辣妈 e.g. 真是爱死Hermes了!!!!这种橘色真 让人陶醉~ // I love Hermès so much! (Link) —— 你潼哥 Tag Favorable Brands on Weibo 购物狂 血拼 奢侈品控 淘宝 BALENCIAGA HERMÈS 海淘 CÈLINE GIVENCHY 英伦风 LV VERSACE 代购 GUCCI 欧美范儿 CHANEL BV Vintageous迷 TIFFANY时尚达人
  44. 44. 44© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC 32,941 15,934 9,610 8,389 6,642 6,429 5,979 4,268 3,555 3,141 Hot Buzzed Destination for Overseas Shopping Trips Hong Kong remained the most buzzed luxury shopping destination, known as the “the shopping heaven”. While Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai were the new destinations in top 10 cities for shopping trips this year. Bangkok, Thailand Paris, FranceHong Kong, China Singapore Rome, Italy Seoul, Korea New York, U.S.A Dubai, UAE Tokyo, Japan London, UK Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013
  45. 45. 45© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC 3,727 1,850 1,481 1,379 1,332 1,252 1,223 1,062 951 801 Luxury Brands & Categories Buzz Ranking “Big Brands” remained the popular in overseas shopping buzz. Leathers goods is the most buzzed category. Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 31.6% 29.0% 11.8% 7.5% 7.2% 5.9% 4.4% 2.6% Leather Goods Ready-to-wear Cosmetics Accessories Watches Alcohol Shoes Jewelry Hermès Chanel PradaLouis Vuitton Tiffany Gucci Coach Dior Burberry Cartier
  46. 46. 46© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC The Key Motivations for Purchase Intention of Overseas Luxuries Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 e.g. 到纽约购物,不懂英文没有问 题,第五大道几乎每一家奢侈品店 都有中文服务 // That’s no problem that you don’t speak English fluently because almost every luxury store provide China-style services on the 5th Ave. (Link) —— 小鸟与老鹰的美丽家园 e.g. 对比下来,刷银联卡是最划算 的,直接按当天汇率折算人民币消 费了 // Shopping with Union pay is the fastest and cheapest way to shop overseas. (Link) —— 懒猫先生 China-style services Tax Rebate Union Pay Exclusivity e.g. 因为退税太他妈的麻烦了!排 队比买球票还难! // The tax rebate process is too complicated. (Link) —— 朝阳木仁 e.g.这次金没怎么买,因为家里很 多,老公给我买了周大福的限量版 的维尼熊,大陆都没有的说!周生 生仅有版权的HELLO KITTY ,还有 一条金手链// My husband brought me a limited edition of Winnie-the- Pooh and Hello Kitty Gold chain in HK. (Link) —— 秋之舞521 Implication: For brands, the limited products, which only sold in domestic shops, could be introduced in order to improve the outflow of overseas shopping.
  47. 47. 47© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Key Social Media Channels for Overseas Luxury Shopping Information Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 Social Commerce Sites Luxury Fashion Verticals Overseas Purchase Agents Taobao Fashion Sellers Fashionistas纽约购物达人 纽约采购员特特 彩彩酱的店主 呛口小辣椒 韩火火
  48. 48. 48© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Case Study: Overseas Purchase Pro – Luxury Shopping Guide Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 @慶兒妹兒: 今天去了十六街的捞面,竟然发现有小香和爱马仕@纽约时尚毛儿 @纽约 购物达人 @俄勒冈七姐 最后一个不记得价格啦紫色那个是退回来的,所以很便宜 (Link) @纽约购物达人: 哇,捞面这么潮了都 Efluencer’s Interaction @小象的自由天空: 捞面越来越神奇了。。。不过捞面和tjmaxx, marshalls是一家,有人 在tjmaxx买过假lv, 这次捞面卖的爱马仕和小香不知如何 //@俄勒冈七姐:右边的这位, 出来旅游么就好好玩,表这样总是刷微博。 //@纽约购物达人:哇,捞面这么潮了都 Efluencer’s Further Exposures @俄勒冈七姐: 右边的这位,出来旅游么就好好玩,表这样总是刷微博。 // @纽约购物 达人: 哇,捞面这么潮了都 @纽约时尚毛儿: 天啊!!天啊!!!Loehmanns 竟然有Hermes和Chanel?!!!! Other Efluencers Initiative Involvement Netizen’s Original Tweet @NYCvanessa: 乖乖,那家捞面真有空去围观 Arouse the Neizen’s Interest Organic and Effective Content Distribution Implication: The Weibo accounts of overseas purchase professionals had a direct impact on netizens’ online shopping. For brands, hot content on social media could be considered when making communication and marketing strategies.
  49. 49. 49© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Implications for Brand Marketing 1. The personality prototype of luxury shopping travelers is connected to the Magician, Trend Setter and Connoisseur. They have keen observation, keep up with the latest trends and expect changes for a new look. They are eager to be objects of envy and fashion. To meet their demands, brands should be more distinctive and eye-catching. 2. The group would like to show off everything about fashion on social media. Leather goods and ready-to-wear are the most buzzed category. Hong Kong remained the most buzzed luxury shopping destination, while Bangkok, Singapore and Dubai became the new hot destinations on social media. In addition, they follow online overseas purchase professionals as sources of information and shopping guides.
  50. 50. 50© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Backpackers
  51. 51. 51© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Geographical Distribution Top 5 Cities Base: 1,411 They are known as “Backpackers (背包客 )” They like to experience the Local experiences, and are passionate for Culture & Nature Mentally, they are seeking Freedom, act in a more Independent way, and long to enjoy the process of the journey. In doing so, they Rediscover the meaning of life, and their relationship with the world. Note: Identified by social active backpackers’ tags Source: CIC Weibo tracking, random sampling of tweeting in backpacking (API data access of followers profiles) Backpackers Lifestyle and Profile Preview Beijing 15.5% Shanghai 11.0% Guangzhou 8.8% Shenzhen 5.5% Chengdu 3.8% 1st-tier Cities 35.3% 2nd-tier Cities 25.0% 3rd-tier Cities 10.0% “Who” are they? 14 : 25 : 1 Male vs. Female 1.8 : 1 Base: 1,411 vs. vs. Base: 199 90s 80s 70s
  52. 52. 52© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC e.g. 我想做一个背包客,一个人、一台相机、 一个帐篷、一些干粮、兜里揣点钱,可能还 有一张你的照片,就这样,放下所有人和物, 谁也不联系,一直在路上,我想自由的生活 // I want to be a backpacker, me myself, a camera, a tent, some food and cash, and seeking a life of freedom. (Link) —— STRIVE_发权 Freedom Snapshot of Typical Backpackers Source: CIC Weibo tracking, random sampling of tweeting in backpacking (API data access of followers profiles) Tag the Lifestyle on Weibo Independence e.g. 整理好装备,骑上车儿近郊游,又健身 又兜风,放下想不通的事,丢开不好的情 绪,看看青葱的树,逛逛青春的大学,平静 下想些事,少些期许多点淡定,一个人送别 这个假期 // I’d have a city backpacking as my goodbye to the vacation. (Link) —— Huandy欢子邹 e.g. #迟到的间隔年# 第30天#子路的疯狂人 生# 明天小样离开敦煌,我知道:自由的可 贵,但我从来没想到她是这样的原因而离 开… 十天之后我也将会离开,老板说:子路 你忙两天,等后面就有义工了…当时心情真 的无以言表! // My gap year diary - 30th day in Tunhuang. (Link) —— 旅行生活开启_子路 背包客 沙发客 志愿者 流浪 Gap Year Backpacker 打工旅行 义工 Work Holiday 穷游 WWOOF爱自由 公益 间隔年 青年旅舍 WHV NGO GAPPER Couch Surfer TED SIFE 摄影
  53. 53. 53© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Hot Topic Overview: Gap Year Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 e.g. 差不多一年半前才知道间隔年(Gap Year)。它源自英国,指青年人在毕业 后工作前去做一次长期的旅行去体验去 看世界。这一年多来 时不时梦想有自 己“迟到的间隔年”,但一直没敢停下 来。年轻时没做,现在更甩不开。好在 年轻时狠命恋爱了,不然等孙辈问奶奶 年轻时做了啥,都没谈资了。 // “Gap year” is original from England (Link) What is Gap Year Netizens Show Their POV on Gap Year e.g. 一个人不可怕,怕的是迷失。孤单 可以习惯,空虚不能习惯,可以两手空 空回家,但不能带着空虚的灵魂…… (每 个人都有自已的间隔年) @漠漠爱旅行 感谢漠漠端午节带过来的书;又有冲动 的想法去旅行了; 我在这 里: // I am longing for another gap year (Link) e.g. 我没车,没房,但间隔年旅游是我 人生中最大的财富,在流浪的时候我尽 情享受其中各种滋味,回来之后依旧坚 信梦想,不会只留在心中,总会有让它 开花结果的那一天 // Gap year journey is my biggest wealth in my life even I don’t have car and house (Link) 8,558 106,581 36,152 12,407
  54. 54. 54© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Hot Buzzed Destination for Backpacking Cultural and natural landscape were well resonated with backpackers. Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 8,064 6,758 6,365 5,385 4,948 3,911 3,410 3,080 2,933 2,931 Chengdu, Sichuan Lhasa, TibetLijiang, Yunnan Zhangjiajie, Hunan Qingdao, Shandong Kunming, Yunnan Nanjing, JiangsuTaipei, Taiwan Xi'an, Shannxi Xiamen, Fujian
  55. 55. 55© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Outdoor Equipment Buzz Ranking Vertical Travel Sites were the main platform for the discussion of outdoor equipment. With good reputations for quality, backpackers prefer international brands, like Columbia and The North Face. Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 722 718 439 337 305 271 225 178 142 131 Salomon Arc'teryxColumbia The North Face Toread Deuter LafumaMarmot Clarks Ozark
  56. 56. 56© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC The Key Motivations for Backpackers Source: CIC Travel Panel Data, June 2012 – May 2013 e.g. 其实我们都想做一个背包客,抛开烦 恼,寻找自由。 // Actually, we all shared one target, to put aside all the troubles and live life freely. (Link) —— 神经兮兮的瑛儿 e.g. 我决定! 3月考完试我要做背包客! 第1站 搭高铁去武汉看樱花,第2站 飞上海叙朋友 旧情,第3站回北京探亲常住一段时间,第4 站宁夏银川回出生地落叶寻根预计用时俩三 个月,目的在于通过游历认识世界,认识自 我,挑战极限,有驴友想加入麽? // I decided to be a backpacker after my school test, I wanted to travel abroad to explore the world and find out who I am. (Link) —— 没煮熟的麺 Seek for Freedom (Kind of Escape) Experience Local Culture Explore the World and Self e.g. 台湾自由行,绝对是个很好的人生体 验,有历史、有文化、有美食、还有纯朴的 民风,拜访蒋公、逛逛老街,淡水渔人码头 看夕照,将会留下美好的人生回忆。我的自 由行,和五月天没有关系,觉得简直是浪费 时间。 // Backing in Taiwan is a very good experience to learn about history, culture, food, and natural folk culture. (Link) —— 天蝎座老魏 Implication: Backpackers yearn to explore the world and themselves. Internally, they are long for freedom. The brand culture related to “explore” & “freedom” could resonated well with the group.
  57. 57. 57© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC 1. The personality prototype of the backpackers is connected to the Hero, Outlaw or Sage, who explore the life meaning consecutively. They are ready to take actions to prove themselves and break rules to discover the truth. For their inner needs, the self-worth realization and self-belief pursuit should be recommended as the key brand attributes. 2. The phenomenon of ‘Gap Year’ has become more and more popular in recent years. Even many young netizens believe it as the wealth of their life. In response their original experience stories became an infectious power on social media to promote the ‘Gap Year’ culture. It also proved the user-generated content is the most important factor to touch the consumers than O2O interactive marketing and social media resource integration. Implications for Brand Marketing
  58. 58. 58© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Singapore Tourism Board “Rediscovery” Campaign … Campaign Theme Target Tribe Celebrities Li SuxiSun QinyueAriel Lin Lu Jiayi Sina MinisiteSina Weibo Youku Brand Zone <Rediscovery of Love> Global Gala Premiere in Beijing “Rediscover Singapore via Family, Friendship and Love” 1. <In Time with You> TV Show’s Fans 2. Ariel Lin’s Fans 3. Potential Singapore Tourists Platforms Online Campaigns Offline Campaign 猜剧求观影 1 直击首映礼 2 12星座狮城攻略 4 从心发现爱 3 小姐爱旅行 5 Tecent Wechat
  59. 59. 59© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Online Feedbacks on “Rediscovery” Campaign Travel Experience Recall Purchase Intention Travel Planning Brand Compliment Travel According to the Movie Scenarios TV Show <In Time with You> Recall Micro Movie Gala Premiere Travelogue - <Miss Love to Travel> Micro Movie Scenarios CelebrityBasic Feedback (Must have) Creative Feedback (Nice to have) e.g. 作为生日礼物送给我的女 儿,这是妈妈对她永恒的祝福和 爱。妈妈永远陪爱着她,等她以 后长大了,有了自己的宝宝的时 候也送给自己的宝宝,把爱传承 下去 // I’ll buy the necklace as the gift for my daughter (Link) e.g. “从心发现爱”微电影很不 错。林依晨笑得自然,故事很温 暖,有新意,介绍了新加坡的美 食美景,看到最后泪眼汪汪 // The scenarios of the movie was so touching that I’ve cried (Link) e.g. 在《从心发现爱》中程又青和 李大仁再续良缘啦,好看,看完 有想去新加坡的冲动。@林依晨 Ariel 完美演绎,很喜欢 // Ariel Lin performed good in the movie (Link) e.g. 第一次在大屏幕上看到程又青 和大仁哥@新加坡旅游局官方微博 的《从心发现爱》应该是我看过 的最动情的微电影了。首映礼电 影院里还眼湿湿了,好想再去坡 儿里啊啊啊 // The movie gala and scenario was perfect (Link) e.g. @林依晨Ariel @陈柏霖《我可 能不会爱你》从开播到现在我完 整地看过5遍,夸张喔,是真的, 一直还在想这部戏能拍续集就完 美啊,期待程又青和李大仁的 《从心发现爱》 // <In Time with You>, I’ve seen 5 times, and I long for <Rediscovery of Love> (Link) e.g. 我沒有看到@路嘉怡 去新加坡 的影片也!!可是看她在微博PO 的“新加坡Dempsey Hill的PS Cafe”外面的感覺好舒服喔!我也 想去新加坡~有時間也要去新加坡 玩玩 // I want to travel to Singapore after watching <Miss Love to Travel> (Link) e.g. 美哉新加坡!为了滨海湾金 沙的无边大泳池、为了新加坡航 空的优质服务、为了宜樟机场的 全球最佳,今年7月份将再到花 园城市新加坡去一次!这次将由 一月份两个人的浪漫之旅升格为 三个人的快乐之旅 // We decided to travel to Singapore in July (Link)e.g. 有爱;耐心等 待;端午要去,越 做功课越爱小新 // Great decision (Link) e.g. 新加坡真的是一个超级适合 旅游的国家。@没见过大白胖猫 吗你快来。我们按照程又青和李 大仁的脚步走 // Let’s travel according to the <In Time with You> (Link) The Key Item in the Micro Movie: Risis Orchid Necklace The Key Incident: The Delay of Movie Gala for the Earthquake in Yaan Original - Delay - e.g. 新加坡真是个非常有爱的地 方,人们都非常友善,不管华人 印度人马来人都是一家人,和谐 相处。人人遵纪守法,连地铁的 座位都充满爱!谁最需要,就留 给谁!这次新加坡之行,打满 分! // Singapore is so perfect (Link)
  60. 60. 60© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Contents, Platforms & Fans Utilize Platforms Activate Fans Offline Initiative Creation Oriented Hot-topic Utilization Sophisticated Material Revitalized 24 x 7 On- going Interaction Be the REAL Consumers Be the GOODWILL Ambassadors Generate Contents Weibo Wechat YoukuMinisite Online Implication: Key elements of campaign tactics are as below, • Integration of Offline and Online (‘O2O’) • Make full use of owned social assets / platforms (e.g. Weibo, Youku, WeChat, etc) • Activate ‘UGC’ content (i.e. earned media), and leverage KOL for engagement
  61. 61. 61© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC Summary 1. China’s international and domestic travel Industry is expected to approach RMB 3 trillion by the end of 2013, offering great opportunities for both travel industry brands and other brands to build their brand experience. Our insights and findings from those travelers will apply to all providers of products and services in all industry. 2. Business travelers pursuit value and convenience. They are more pragmatic and pay more attention to the practicality of the products and services. An authentic product introduction and sincere and genuine service will be the perfect communication strategy for them. 3. Self-driving travelers seek freedom. While independent in their nature, they are often family-focused as well. The family experience will be a good touch point for brands to approach potential consumers. Auto brands can also capitalize on this segment by taking the self-driving traveler’s characteristics into consideration. 4. Package tourists enjoy comfort. They live for today, are happy with the status quo and are easily influenced by current events and hot topics on social media. Brands could combine their own "characters" with current trends to leave the deep impression on their minds as their communication strategy. 5. Luxury shopping travelers seek a high-profile. They keep up with the latest fashion trends, yearn for metamorphosis and wish to be recognized and admired. Brands need to focus on the creativity and uniqueness of these consumers while differentiating their own brand image in this competitive space. 6. Backpackers aspire to understand the meaning of life. They prove themselves through gallantry and adventure, believe that the rules are made to be broken, and that the truth will set them free. Brands need to permeate the concept of self-realization and the pursuit of truth into their brand strategy.
  62. 62. 62© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC About GroupM China GroupM is WPP’s consolidated media investment management operation, serving as the parent company to agencies including Maxus, MEC, MediaCom, Mindshare and Xaxis. GroupM is the global leading media investment management group. GroupM invests in more than 560 markets across China, with an overall activity volume of USD 7.28 billion (RECMA: 2012 Definitive). As China’s number one media communications group, GroupM is the industry’s biggest investor in syndicated and proprietary media research and optimization tool development. For more information, please visit GroupM China website: About GroupM Knowledge GroupM Knowledge is GroupM’s think tank and knowledge management arm in China. This unit is responsible for industry-wide thought leadership research to benefit our agencies and client brands, exploring issues affecting the media industry in China, working with syndicated research suppliers and managing the Group’s proprietary tools, research and systems. GroupM Knowledge also manages a media consultancy, advising clients with specific media research challenges. The unit aims to be the knowledge platform, linking brands with relevant consumer and communication insights. About GroupM
  63. 63. 63© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC GroupM Knowledge Research Projects • Shan Hai Jin 2013: GroupM proprietary consumer survey on media habits, life style, and brand usage and attitude in China’s tier 1- 4 markets • Brand Vitality Research: to explore attributes of brand vitality with anthropology method • GroupM Knowledge-Hurun Report 2013: to identify geographical concentration and life style of wealthy people in China • Category specific usage and attitude research: travel, e-Commerce, 8090, new male consumers and online video etc. Contact us: Please send email to Eve Lo, Chief Knowledge Officer of GroupM: Follow us on weibo:
  64. 64. 64© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC About CIC CIC is China's pioneering social business intelligence company. CIC enables businesses to fully leverage the power of social media and Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) intelligence across the organization. Since coining the term IWOM in 2004, CIC has pioneered the industry to help companies meet their social media marketing and social business needs by providing customized research, consulting services, syndicated reports, as well as technical solutions and platforms, all from an objective, third party perspective. In addition to helping companies leverage social media intelligence for more informed decisions, CIC is monetizing the social business industry in China by creating an integrated social business support system. CIC utilizes its own patent pending technology to capture millions of online conversations and ‘makes sense of the buzz’ by assembling them into easy to understand intelligence and provides interpretation which informs strategic decisions and leads to action. CIC gathers and mines over 100 million naturally occurring consumer comments every month from a range of uniquely Chinese social media platforms including blogs, BBS and social network sites and applies its unique, China-derived methodology and indexes to provide a detailed and comprehensive picture of the social media landscape and its implications for business. CIC has well over 3.8 billion mentions of brands and products from well over 1 billion consumer comments that have been indexed and archived. In early 2012, as China’s pioneering social business intelligence company, CIC consented to acquisition by WPP’s Kantar Media, the media research and insight division of Kantar, expanding their social offering across Asia Pacific markets. (Press release) CIC will continue to provide social business intelligence from an unbiased, third-party perspective, to the world’s leading brands and agencies. Contact us: +86 21 6404 9191*8891 / Corp. Website: Disclaimer All the images used in this study are in the public domain. This study is the sole and exclusive property of CIC and GroupM Knowledge. Any usage of the research and contents of the report or slides will be deemed a violation of CIC and GroupM Knowledge’s intellectual property. CIC and GroupM Knowledge reserve the right to legal action to protect its ownership rights.
  65. 65. 65© 2013 GroupM Knowledge | CIC 65 CIC White Paper Archive 2013: 2012 Crisis Management in The Microblog Era (CIC & Ogilvy PR) | Download | view 2013: From Social Media to Social Business Topic 3: China's Social Business Development Road Map | Download | view 2012: Consumption Trends China 2013 (CIC & MEC) | Download | view 2012: How New Mothers Play With Social Media (CIC & GroupM Knowledge) | Download | view 2012: From Social Media to Social Business Topic 2: The Social Innovation of Market Research | Download | view 2012: ‘2012 Enterprise Weibo White Paper’ (CIC & Sina Weibo) | Download | view 2012: Crisis Management in The Microblog Era (CIC & Ogilvy PR) | Download | view 2011: China’s Young Consumers in the Age of Social Media (CIC & GroupM Knowledge) | Download | view 2011: Weibo Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development (CIC & Sina) | Download | view 2011: The Voice of Luxury: Social Media and Luxury Brands in China (CIC & GroupM Knowledge) | Download | view 2011: From Social Media to Social Business Topic 1: An Overview of the Evolution of Chinese Social Media | Download | view 2010: Chinese Consumer Report (CIC & Roland Berger) | Download | view 2010: Internet word of mouth proven to have impact (CIC & R3) | Download | view 2010: ExpoSay: Shanghai Expo tickets are the focus of intense buzz in China's Social Media (Edition_1) | Download | view 2009: Making Sense of IWOM Topic 1: IWOM White Paper on the Role of Internet Word of Mouth in Driving Purchase Decisions | Download | view Topic 2: How IWOM is generated and disseminated | Download | view Topic 3: How Brands Can Participate in Online Communities | Download | view 2009: Chinese Consumer Report (in collaboration with Roland Berger) | Download | view 2008: The Internet is THE community Topic 1: The Chinese IWOM Landscape | Download | view Topic 2: Alternative Ways to Measure Internet Community Dynamics | Download | view Topic 3: The Diversity of Chinese Net Language | Download | view Topic 4: Reshaping the Relationship between Brands and Consumers | Download | view 2008: Tuning into Sports IWOM | Download | view 2008: Tuning into Notebook IWOM | Download | view 2007: What's Driving Auto Buzz | Download | view 2007: The Talk About Phones | Download | view 2007: Word of Health: China | Download | view View all from CIC IWOM Back Story Page
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