iOS Visual History Specs and Features


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iOS History, How did we get from a platform that began without third-party apps, multitasking, or even copy / paste support to where we are today? Read on to see exactly how Apple evolved its mobile platform over the years, in our history of iOS.

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iOS Visual History Specs and Features

  1. 1. IOS VISUAL HISTORY By Verge Staff via Presentation Created by App Developers at Cygnis Media
  3. 3. IOS  HISTORY Apple's Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world on January 9th, 2007. In the five-plus years since then, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch have literally redefined the entire world of mobile computing. That world is moving so quickly that iOS is already amongst the older mobile operating systems in active development today.
  4. 4. IOS ACTUALLY BEGAN LIFE WITH A DIFFERENT NAME: OS X  During the original iPhone announcement, Apple touted that it ran on the same Unix core as Mac OS X and that it used many of the same tools. However, it was clear even then that while there may be some shared elements between OS X and this new phone OS, it was a different-enough beast to warrant its own branding. When the original iPhone launched, the OS was called "iPhone OS" and it kept that name for four years, only changing to iOS with the release of iOS 4 in June of 2010. For the sake of simplicity (and because it's a muchless awkward phrase), I'm going to indulge in a little revisionist history here and refer to all versions of the operating system as "iOS" in this piece.
  5. 5. IOS 1: THE IPHONE IS BORN IOS 1.0 DEVICES FEATURES IOS 1.1 DEVICES Released 06 / 2007 iPhone 2G Core iOS UI Released 09 / 2007 iPhone 2G, iTunes WiiPod Touch Fi Music 1st Gen Store Multitouch gestures iPod Touch compatiblity Mobile Safari iPod Visual Voicemail Maps iTunes Sync FEATURES IOS 1.1.3 Released 01 / 2008 DEVICES FEATURES iPhone 2G, iPod Touch 1st Gen Better location Web clips on home screen Re-arrange icons Multitouch keyboard
  6. 6. IOS 2: APPS IOS 2.0 DEVICES FEATURES IOS 2.1 Released 07 / 2008 iPhone 3G, Native 3rdiPhone 2G, party apps iPod Touch 1st Gen App Store Released 09 / 2008 Microsoft Exchange support MobileMe Contact Search IOS 2.2 DEVICES FEATURES iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G, iPod Touch 2nd Gen, iPod Touch 1st Gen DEVICES Released iPhone 3G, 11 / 2008 iPhone 2G, iPod Touch 2nd Gen, iPod Touch 1st Gen Battery life and speed fixes iTunes Genius playlists Dropped call fixes FEATURES Google street view Podcast downloads
  7. 7. IOS 3: FEATURES IOS 3.0 Released 06 / 2009 DEVICES FEATURES IOS 3.1 iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G*, iPod Touch 2nd Gen, iPod Touch 1st Gen* DEVICES FEATURE S Cut, copy, paste Released iPhone 3GS, 09 / 2009 iPhone 3G, Voice Control iPhone 2G*, MMS iPod Touch 3rd Gen, Spotlight search iPod Touch 2nd Gen, Push notifications iPod Touch 1st Gen* USB & Bluetooth Genius features tethering Voice Control over Bluetooth Landscape keyboard Find my iPhone Ringtone downloads Remote lock
  8. 8. IOS 3.2: THE IPAD ARRIVES IOS 3.2 DEVICES FEATURES Released 04 / 2010 iPad Support for iPad resolution New app views for iPad Location based on Apple data Bluetooth keyboard support iBooks
  9. 9. IOS 4: MULTITASKING IOS 4.0 DEVICES FEATURES Released 06 / 2010 iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G*, iPod Touch 3rd Gen, iPod Touch 2nd Gen* Multitasking Home screen folders FaceTime video chat Unified email inbox Threaded email messages Retina Display support iAd support
  10. 10. IOS IOS 4.1 4 UPDATES: EXPANDING THE ECOSYSTEM DEVICES Released iPhone 4, 09 / 2010 iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G*, iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPod Touch 3rd Gen, iPod Touch 2nd Gen* FEATURES Game Center TV rentals iTunes Ping HDR photos IOS 4.2.1 DEVICES FEATURES Released 11 / 2010 iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G*, iPad, iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPod Touch 3rd Gen, iPod Touch 2nd Gen* iPad multitasking iPad folders AirPlay AirPrint
  11. 11. IOS 4 UPDATES: EXPANDING THE ECOSYSTEM IOS 4.2.5 DEVICES FEATURES Released Verizon 02 / 2011 iPhone 4 Verizon support Personal hotspot (CDMA only) IOS 4.3 DEVICES Released iPhone 4 03 / 2011 (GSM), iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2 iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPod Touch 3rd Gen FEATURES Personal Hotspot (GSM) AirPlay for 3rd-party apps iTunes Home Sharing
  12. 12. IOS 5: SIRI AND MUCH MORE DEVICES IOS 5.0 Released iPhone 4S. 10 / 2011 iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2 iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPod Touch 3rd Gen FEATURES Siri Notification Center PC-free iTunes Wi-Fi Sync iMessage iCloud
  13. 13. IOS 6: GOODBYE, GOOGLE MAPS IOS 6.0 Released Fall 2012 DEVICES FEATURES iPhone 5 iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad mini iPad 4th Gen iPad 3rd Gen iPad 2 iPod Touch 4th Gen iPod Touch 5th Gen Homegrown Maps and turn-byturn navigation Siri enhancements Facebook integration Passbook iCloud Tabs Mail enhancements FaceTime over cellular
  14. 14. IOS 7: HELLO, JONY IVE IOS 7.0 DEVICES FEATURES Released Fall 2013 iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad mini, iPad 4th Gen, iPad 3rd Gen, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5th Gen Visual overhaul Control Center AirDrop Refreshed core apps iTunes Radios FaceTime Audio
  15. 15. WHAT'S NEXT FOR IOS?  In the six years since iOS was unveiled, we've seen the conversation move from "Is this a true smartphone?" to "Can this replace a computer?" That change is a testament not just to the march of technological progress, but to Apple's ability to reinvent its operating system over the years. Reporting by Dieter Bohn and Aaron Souppouris.
  16. 16. THANK YOU Presentation Created by App Developers at Cygnis Media