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Football sponsorship offers russia


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Football sponsorship offers in Russia by CCI Media

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Football sponsorship offers russia

  1. 1. Football  in  RUSSIA   connecting solutions
  2. 2. Advantages  of  Russian  Football  •  Team  matches  are  on  the  major   Television  Channels  (ORT,  RTR  Sport,   7TV,  NTV,  TV  Centre,  Rossiya  2  and   Pervij  Channel).  •  The  broadcast  Ame  on  TV  of  Big   Russian  Teams  like  CSKA  Moscow,   Dynamo  Moscow,  or  Rubin  Kazan   during  a  single  season  is  around  2700   minutes  per  team.  •  Each  year  more  internaAonal   (players,  results,  interest,  etc.)  and   with  more  compeAAve  clubs  (Anzhi,   etc.).   connecting solutions
  3. 3. LokomoBv  MOSCOW   Moscow:  11  514  330  inhabitants.  Capital  of  Russia  and   most  popular  city  of  the  country.     Stadium:  LokomoAv  Stadium   Capacity:  30  979   The  team  was  founded  in  1923  and  has  won  the   Russian  Cup  7  Ames  in  its  history  +  5  Ames  Champion  +   2  Russian  Super  Cup.     Type  of  adverBsing:  Electronic  LED  Board  (1st  Line),     208  meters   Total  adverBsing  minutes  per  match:  3  min   TV  BroadcasBng:  All  matches  will  be  broadcast   naAonally.  PlaYorms  TV  (NTV  +  or  Rossiya  2),  live  or   not,  will  be  set  10  days  before  the  game.   Commercial  Offer:  8  matches  -­‐  149  600  €*   pcobng@cci-­‐     Booking  Deadline:    4  weeks  before  the  first  match     Sponsorship  Packages  /  per  season  available:     Presence  on  Jersey,  on  Website,  VIP  packages,  etc.    *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  not  included. connecting solutions  
  4. 4. Spartak  MOSCOW   HERTHA BSC BERLINMoscow:  11  514  330  inhabitants.  Capital  of  Russia.    Stadium:  Luzhniki  Capacity:  78  360    Spartak  has  won  9  Ames  the  Russian  Premier  League  and  also  3  Ames  the  Russian  Cup.  They  are  considered  as  one  of  the  best  teams  of  the  country.  Club  with  most  trophies.    Type  of  AdverBsing:  •  2  Banners  at  the  second  adverAsing  line  (6m  x  1,5m)  when   NTV  +  Rossiya  2  TV  broadcasAng  :  4  matches  •  10  Clips  of  30  seconds  (5  min)  LED  (100/211  m)  2nd  row   when  NTV  +  Pervij  TV  broadcasAng:  1  matches  •  20  Clips  of  30  seconds  (10  min)  LED  (5,5  x  1,8m)  behind  the   goal,  when  NTV  +  Pervij  broadcasAng:  2  matches  PotenBal  TV  BroadcasBng:    Pervij  channel,  NTV  and  Rossiya  2.    Commercial  Offer:  5  mpcobng@cci-­‐   *   atches  -­‐  83  000  €    Sponsorship  Packages  /  per  season  available:  Presence  on  Jersey,  on  Website,  VIP  packages,  etc.  *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  and  producAon  costs  not  included. connecting solutions
  5. 5. Dynamo  MOSCOW   HERTHA BSC BERLIN Moscow:   11   514   330   inhabitants.   Capital   of   Russia   and  most  popular  city  of  the  country.     Stadium:  Arena  Khimki   Capacity:  20  000     The  Dynamo  Moscow  is  now  one  of  the  best  clubs  of   the  Russian  Premier  League.  During  the  Sovjetunion   Period,  they  have  won  11  Soviet  Top  Leagues,  and  6   Soviet  Cups.  They  have  also  reached  the  final  of  the   UEFA  Cup  Winners’  Cup  in  1972.   More   recently,   they   have   won   the   Russian   Cup   in   1995.       Sponsorship  and  AdverBsing  Offers   are  available  on  demand.  *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  not  included. connecting solutions
  6. 6. RUBIN  KAZAN   HERTHA BSC BERLIN Kazan:  1  143  546  inhabitants.  Capital  and  biggest  city  of   the  Republic  of  Tatarstan.     Stadium:  Centralnij   Capacity:  30  133     They  have  won  the  Russian  League  in  2009  and  the  Super   Cup  in  2010.     Type  of  AdverBsing:     •  2  Banners  at  the  first  adverAsing  line  (6  x  1m):  5   matches   •  2  Banners  at  the  second  adverAsing  line  (6  x  1,5m)   when  NTV  +  Rossiya  2  broadcasAng:  4  matches     •  10  Clips  of  30  seconds  (5  min)  LED  (100/211  m)  2nd  row   when  NTV  +  Pervij  TV  broadcasAng:  1  match     PotenBal  TV  BroadcasBng:  Pervij  channel,  NTV  and   Rossiya  2.     Commercial  Offer:   pcobng@cci-­‐   Sponsorship  Packages  /  per  season  available.  *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  and  producAon  costs  not  included. connecting solutions
  7. 7. FC  Zenith  ST  PETERSBURG   St.  Petersburg:  4  600  310  inhabitants.  2nd  biggest  city  of   Russia.     Stadium:  Petrovski  Stadium   Capacity:  21  405     The  team  is  definitely  one  of  the  best  of  the  country.  They   play  a  European  compeAAon  every  season.  They  have  won   3  Ames  the  Russian  1er  league,  3  Ames  the  Russian  Cup  and   won  the  UEFA  Cup  and  2  SuperCups.     Type  of  adverBsing:  Electronic  LED  Board   Total  adverBsing  minutes  per  match:  3  min   Commercial  Offer:  5  matches  -­‐  65  360  €*   pcobng@cci-­‐     Sponsorship  Packages  available.  *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  not  included.   connecting solutions
  8. 8. HERTHAROSTOV   FC   BSC BERLIN Rostov-­‐on-­‐Don:   1  089  851   inhabitants.   Big   city  from  the   Southern  Russia     Stadium:  Olimp-­‐2   Capacity:  15  842       •  Title  Sponsor   •  Presence   on   all   Jerseys   (1st   Team   and   Youth   Academy)   •  StaAc  Boards  -­‐  6  Boards  (1  x  6m)   •  Logo  and  AdverAsing  on  the  Match  Program   •  Logo  on  the  Tickets   •  Logo  on  Website   •  Other  advantages…   Sponsorship  Offer:  1  500  000  €*   pcobng@cci-­‐  *  This  proposal  is  subject  to  availability  and  change  of  sales  policy  from  the  clubs.  VAT  not  included. connecting solutions
  9. 9. Your  personal  Contact    Dr.  Patrick  Cobng  CCI  MEDIA    A  Business  Unit  of  CCI  Cobng  ConsulAng  Ltd.  Zurich  –  Fribourg  –  Madrid  –  London        pcobng@cci-­‐  /  pcobng@cci-­‐    Direct:  +41  79  555  37  25  or  +41  43  541  40  00    www.cci-­‐  /  www.cci-­‐  www.cci-­‐  /   connecting solutions