Iksula: Tablet Commerce - The Next Wave in eCommerce


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Iksula: Tablet Commerce - The Next Wave in eCommerce

  1. 1. T-Commerce The new way to sell By – Samarjeet Singh President, Iksula Services Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. TODAY'S CHALLENGES IN CLOSING A SALE! Hyper-connected Customer  Access to more information at the touch of a button  Always-on, Always-connected lifestyle is creating the most knowledgeable and educated consumers in the history
  3. 3. TODAY'S CHALLENGES IN CLOSING A SALE! In-store experience  Customer's Expectations from the sales associates are higher than ever before  In fact, 73% of consumers believe they are more informed than the sales associates
  4. 4. TODAY'S CHALLENGES IN CLOSING A SALE! Feet on Street  Qualification of resources  Training investment  Attrition
  5. 5. OVERCOMING CHALLENGES  Define & acquire necessary information about consumer and products  Provide elegant, intuitive and simple interfaces  Deliver info in a timely and easy-to-use manner for associate to use in dialog
  6. 6. T-COMMERCE T-Commerce or Touch commerce is a digital point of sale system on a tablet computer
  7. 7. THE SOLUTION Personal Concierge  Store associates take on the role of a personal concierge  Information access at the touch of fingers  Empowered associate with info on •Product •Consumer preferences •Buying habits
  8. 8. THE SOLUTION Personalized shopping experience  36o degree view of the customer  Recommendation based on buying history  Recognize frequent shoppers
  9. 9. THE SOLUTION Supply integration  Access to endless aisle of products  Real-time inventory across stores, warehouse and online
  10. 10. THE SOLUTION Product experience  Customize products and pricing  Virtual dressing room  Augmented reality
  11. 11. T-COMMERCE FOR INDIA Ecommerce penetration in India is still only 2% Key Reasons: • Lack of awareness • Lack of trust • Banking and Gateway • Touch and feel
  12. 12. USE CASES Digital Franchisees Big Bazaar Direct Franchisees book orders using a tablet Big Bazaar Direct delivers the order in 3-7 days Franchisee makes commission on every order
  13. 13. USE CASES Hybrid Franchisees Gitanjali E-Franchisees Suitcase with limited inventory Placeholder for tablet Orders routed through online store
  14. 14. USE CASES Card on Delivery Myntra Customers can now pay by card on delivery Major breakthrough for high ticket items
  15. 15. USE CASES Insurance Premium Collection Reliance General Insurance • Product information • Premium calculator • Card payments
  16. 16. TAKEAWAYS Expectations of the hyper-connected consumer are higher than ever Is it worth empowering your associates? Absolutely !Is T-commerce the right fit for India? Looks promising !