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Time Warner Cable Business Class: Success in the Telecom Channel


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Boasting awards from J.D. Power for excellent customer service and from Channel Partners for its channel program, Time Warner Cable Business Class proves that cable companies are gaining significant ground in the telecom sector—and that they are getting accolades for doing so. As the proprietary owner and operator of fiber-rich infrastructure in more than 30 urban centers, TWCBC has forged a burgeoning market for a gamut of telecom services, and the ability to bundle those services is causing a pleasing stir among customers. Adding to that is TWCBC’s innovative approach to employing big data and the success of its subsidiary, NaviSite, in offering customizable, production-oriented hybrid cloud environments.

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Time Warner Cable Business Class: Success in the Telecom Channel

  1. 1. Voice | Internet | Television | Network Services | Cloud Services Time Warner Cable Business Class Success in the Telecom Channel
  2. 2. Smart Choice for: Winner of the 2013 J.D. Power Business Wireline Customer Survey for customer satisfaction among large-enterprise telecom providers Winner of the 2013 CRN Channel Champion award in network connectivity category Twice named to Channel Partner’s Top 50 Channel Programs •Business Customers •Agents •Channel Partners •VARs
  3. 3. Highest in Overall Customer Satisfaction* • Billing • Sales Representatives • Cost of Service • Customer Service • Performance & Reliability • Overall Satisfaction *According to the 2013 J.D. Power Business Wireline Customer Satisfaction Survey
  4. 4. The numbers add up: • Part of a $21.4B financially stable company with high brand recognition • 20%+ revenue growth in Business Services the last 13 consecutive quarters • Over 50,000 fiber lit buildings nationwide • Over 150,000 route miles of fiber nationwide • Serving over 570,000 business customers
  5. 5. What is their secret
  6. 6. is the proprietary owner and operator of an extensive fiber-rich network infrastructure in over 30 national metropolitan markets.
  7. 7. The TWCBC Partner Program offers sales partners a full suite of Internet, phone, TV and Ethernet services. All are delivered over TWCBC’s scalable, hybrid-fiber coax infrastructure and nextgeneration metro and long-haul fiber networks.
  8. 8. Partners benefit from award winning service & support: Enhanced training initiatives Award winning 24/7 Customer Support Co-marketing opportunities Experienced Channel Sales support Feature-rich order mgmt platform Help Desk for pre-qualifying opportunities
  9. 9. TWCBC offers bundled services that please customers and secure their loyalty. In many cases, businesses experience a cost savings when bundling. –Kirk Parsons, J.D. Power
  10. 10. TWCBC provides a compelling solution for mid-market and enterprise • Dedicated Internet Access • Metro Ethernet • Voice PRIs
  11. 11. TWCBC delivers Big Data over their network infrastructure. Cablecos are using big data to make them better companies with more innovative products and better performance. –Tim McElligott, FierceBigData
  12. 12. TWCBC subsidiary Navisite meets Cloud market demands with innovative products. NaviSite’s new IaaS platform provides cloud-based businesses with a customizable, production-oriented hybrid cloud environment, flexible networking architecture, and fixed-pay or pay-as-you-go billing.
  13. 13. Customers and partners agree: Is the best option for businesses seeking high-quality, bandwidth-rich, reliable communications services.
  14. 14. For more information on Time Warner Cable Business Class, see “Cablecos Emerge as Promising Contender in Telecom Market” at <LINK TO ARTICLE>.