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How a telecom provider worked on new insights?


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Presentation on justomer journeys given at TUDelft, 2014

Published in: Design
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How a telecom provider worked on new insights?

  1. 1. How a telecom provider worked on new insights? Joanna  Kwiatkowska  
  2. 2. §  Voice  postpaid   §  Voice  pay  as  you  go   §  Voice  mix   §  Internet  postpaid   §  Internet  pay  as  you  go   Customer Journey 2013/2014
  3. 3. Customer  Journey   2013   §  CJ  for  Internet:  postpaid  and  pay  as  you  go   §  Product  è  service  (and  process!)   §  Market  researchers:  Why do you conduct qualitative research?     §  Different  interests  of  business  stakeholders   §  Customers  –  business  stakeholders:  face-­‐to-­‐face   1st  ediLon   7 steps They are really there! Our customers!
  4. 4. 1st  ediLon   Customer  Journey   2013  
  5. 5. 2nd  ediLon   Customer  Journey   2014   pay  as  you  go  mechanism   Internet Voice Mix
  6. 6. Customer  Journey   2014  2nd  ediLon   ‘If something is above the baseline then there is no pressure to change it. There is lack of this visual effect’. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  7. 7. Customer  Journey   2014  2nd  ediLon   ‘Oh no, we had to put all those insights on this path again, when the most important thing is just to do something with it!’ short-­‐term  implementaLons     for  business  stakeholders   long-­‐term  planning     thinking  and  planning   UX  department  
  8. 8. Customer  Journey   2014  2nd  ediLon  
  9. 9. Customer  Journey   2014  2nd  ediLon   WANTED High  impact  on  customers   Low  effort  for  a  company  
  10. 10. Customer  Journey   2014  2nd  ediLon   Internet Mix Voice
  11. 11. Conclusions   There  are  different  ways  of  using  CJ,  e.g.:   •  design  tool,     •  diagnosis  tool:  to  analyze  a  current  state  (e.g.,   to  marge  business  processes),   •  tool  to  track  changes  over  Lme,   •  tool  supporLng  long-­‐term  and  short-­‐term   business  direcLons.   CJ @ design CJ @ business
  12. 12. Challenge   How  to  communicate/present  Customer  Journey   if  it  does  not  indicate  negaLve  experiences?