Excellent Network Connectivity: A Must for Every Business


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There are at least three phrases that every business never wants to utter: “We’ve gone dark,” “We’re off-line,” and “Our network is down.” Reliable, high-speed network connectivity is the key to avoiding that trifecta of phrases that all indicate a business’s gamble on choosing a carrier has not paid off. Why is excellent network connectivity so important? What does a company stand to gain by having top-tier network connectivity? And what does a company stand to lose if its network fails to deliver? This infographic explains all that is at stake when choosing the carrier who will deliver your business’s network connectivity.

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Excellent Network Connectivity: A Must for Every Business

  1. 1. What Is Network Connectivity? The Importance of Connectivity Connectivity and the Cloud The Benefits of Connectivity Tools Reliant on Connectivity With virtualized cloud resources, bandwidth-intensive mobility applications, and a growing need for disaster recovery options infiltrating businesses nationwide, reliable high-speed network connectivity has never been more important. By 2020, the number of “things” on the Internet will far exceed the human population. Internet Human Population Percentage of IT professionals who see high-performing connectivity as transformative to their business. There are three billion Google searches daily. The Connection Between Lost Revenue and Connectivity With the expansion of the cloud, more technology is moving offsite, making high-speed, reliable network connectivity even more vital. Companies are investing in cost-effective, speedy, and agile solutions chock-full of business-enhancing features. Connectivity Data centers & remote server storage CLOUD APPLICATIONS ARE DEPENDENT ON: Business applications Time savings Cheaper, faster, clearer communications Faster business transactions Exceptional data security Minimum network downtime Connected 24/7 Faster app deployment Simplified IT service structure Ease in sharing for multiple users 67% Increased efficiency 73% Increased productivity 54% Customer requests better met 35% Reduced operational costs As virtualization, cloud migration, and multi-device connectivity become commonplace in business, more hardware and software are dependent on reliable network connectivity. This includes: There are three kinds of death in this world. There's heart death, there's brain death, and there's being off the network. ~Guy Almes Excellent Network Connectivity: A Must for Every Business FAST, SECURE & RELIABLE Network Connectivity Innovative Networking Services: • Metro Ethernet - Ethernet Private Line (EPL) - Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) - Ethernet LAN (ELAN) • Dedicated Internet Access • Managed Security • Long-Haul Private Networks Other Superior Services & Add-ons: • Managed cloud services and hosting • Voice services including POTS, PRIs, and SIP trunks • Award-winning customer support • More data location options • Increased bandwidth and application performance • Advanced hybrid fiber coaxial network spanning more than 350,000 route miles nationwide • Separate network intended for disaster recovery Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) provides high-speed, reliable connectivity solutions and data security services to maximize network performance. References: http://www.timewarnercable.com/en/business-home/services/network-services.html http://www.census.gov/population/international/data/idb/worldpopgraph.php http://www.evolven.com/blog/downtime-outages-and-failures-understanding-their-true-costs.html http://www.hitconsultant.net/2013/04/12/infographic-the-state-of-wireless-networking-in-healthcare/ http://www.retailcustomerexperience.com/blog/10885/The-High-Cost-of-Internet-Downtime-for-Retailers-infographic http://blog.globalcapacity.com/blog/bid/336313/Dangers-of-Underestimating-the-Importance-of-Network-Connectivity http://blogs.cisco.com/diversity/the-internet-of-things-infographic/ http://www.navinet.net/white-paper/benefits-network-connectivity-clinician-patient-engagement-and-adherence http://www.oroinc.com/advantages-of-high-speed-internet/ An Infographic presented by Business.twc.com/partner LAN or Internet Network connectivity: When devices have the ability to access a network or other devices by using a local area network (LAN) or the Internet. Increased efficiency, profits, & productivity Fast, secure, & reliable network connectivity Increased downtime, lost revenue, lower productivity security threats, reputation damage, & frustration Slow, unstable, and unreliable network connectivity Excellent network connectivity is vital for businesses today. Productivity, business continuity, customer service delivery, & revenue—among other factors—are affected by the quality of a business’s network connectivity. By opening a business’s network to outsiders & off- site employees, companies risk a breach of security. One example found a data breach cost an organization $5.4 million. $ 5.4M Percentage of medium-sized companies who claim that a loss of an hour’s work is unacceptable. With no point of sale (POS) available, customers abandon the purchase and businesses lose revenue. 4seconds 25% of visitors leave a web page that takes more than 4 seconds to load. 0.4second A 0.4-second delay can result in the loss of 8 million inquiries. 10seconds 50% of mobile device users leave a web page if it doesn’t load within 10 seconds. Downtime on networks & systems can cost an SMB thousands of dollars. VoIP Cloud Computing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Internet and Wi-Fi Online Marketing Software Social Media Data Analysis Tools Wins in Connectivity = Results in Health Care 71% of North American hospitals use biomedical devices that rely on access to Wi-Fi. These advancements in medicine are integral to their growing successes in research and treatment. In a recent McKinsey & Company study, 90% of healthcare CIOs and COOs (out of 1,000 surveyed) labeled the management of patient experience as their top priority. ePatient communication, treatment, and monitoring are possible with improved connectivity. Cablecos' efficient, stable, and secure bundled packages can add up to real savings for industries like health care that may not previously have been able to afford the necessary bandwidth or storage space needed for these advancements. In a recent Computerworld survey, respondents were asked about the benefits of high-performance, reliable connectivity. They reported the following gains: