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Capgemini Flexplm Case Studies


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Capgemini supports PTC and their customers to strengthen their FlexPLM Windchill enterprise and change management. At Capgemini we know you have a choice in PLM software and we support those applications with qualified SMEs to assist in your goals. When considering a PLM IT or business improvement with FlexPLM, whether its an implementation, upgrade or expansion to other areas of your business, consider a global leader like Capgemini to help in your project success. #Digital #Shopper #Transformation

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Capgemini Flexplm Case Studies

  1. 1. Case Studies
  2. 2. 2 Copyright © Capgemini 2013. All Rights Reserved Global Engineering Services Situation / Challenges ▪ Fully integrated manufacturer and retailer of intimates, apparel and personal care products. ▪ Approximately USD 10 bn in sales ▪ Operates more than 3,600 stores within the U.S. though multiple brands ▪ Lack of existing colour, material, and design reuse ▪ Inability to capitalize on volume driven material cost reduction ▪ Difficulty working with off shore manufacturers ▪ Lack of integration between product development, planning, manufacturing and supply chain systems Solution ▪ Solution supports 750 users across 8 brands developing 3,000 – 5,000 new products annually ▪ Capgemini provided current state assessment, future state strategy, package selection, project scoping, business requirement definition, solution design, technology integration and overall program and project management. ▪ Implemented SAP & Optiva for personal care brands and SAP & Flex PLM (PTC) technology for the apparel and intimate brands ▪ The PLM solution was heavily integrated with the rest of the demand chain solution including planning, purchasing, and manufacturing ▪ Solution included development and implementation of 81 enhancement or report objects Benefits ▪ Improved ability to manage the portfolio of products to develop. ▪ Common business processes and execution, leveraging information, talent and all other resources focusing development and reducing development ratios across the enterprise ▪ Early visibility into products in development, enabling timely actions of compliance, manufacturing, planning, etc. establishing a foundation for integrated multi-product, multi-brand, multi-channel selling capability -- any product, anytime, through any channel ▪ Solution build for the apparel and intimates brands is currently in process •Tools and Technologies : FlexPLM, SAP, Optiva Multi-brand enterprise PLM solution which is closely integrated with the supply chain Enterprise transformation Customer Major Fashion Apparel Retailer
  3. 3. 3 Copyright © Capgemini 2013. All Rights Reserved Global Engineering Services Situation / Challenges ▪ Multi-vendor involvement in application development ▪ Undefined deployment processes ▪ Complex Windchill upgrade from v9.1 to v 10.2 ▪ High application availability requirements ▪ Frequent application downtime ▪ Diverse application landscape (PDMLink v9.1 and FlexPLM v ▪ Unsecured application access for partners and suppliers ▪ Migrating derived images from 9.1 to 10.2 and CAD data Solution ▪ Setup all well documented production support process ▪ Supported the current Windchill v9.1 Production and Pre-production environment.. ▪ Building the Pre-production and Production cluster environments for Windchill 9.1 to 10.2 Upgrade ▪ Provide architecture and infrastructure support ▪ Implemented HTTPS protocol for external PLM users ▪ Set-up of PTC system monitoring tools to monitor performance and services of Windchill post upgrade. ▪ Filtered & migrated selective data by use of WBM Benefits ▪ Streamlined the Windchill Production support processes. ▪ Achieved more than 99% up time for the current Windchill Production system. ▪ Negligible data inconsistencies observed post upgrade from Windchill v9.1 to v 10.2 ▪ Successfully migrated derived images and CAD data with 99.98% accuracy •Tools and Technologies : PDMLink 9.1 ,10.2 and FlexPLM v9.2, WBM Enterprise wide PLM Infrastructure and Deployment Support PLM Application Management Customer Global Furniture , Appliances and home accessories major
  4. 4. 4 Copyright © Capgemini 2013. All Rights Reserved Global Engineering Services Situation / Challenges ▪ A custom, non-standard product development system posed a high degree of business risk ▪ Low adoption: over 50% of business users did not use the legacy NPD system due to functional and performance inadequacies. ▪ The client did not utilize common business processes, such as change management, across product platforms, increasing the cost and risk of product development. ▪ No single record of authority existed for product information, with most information stored on network drives, which hindered search, reuse and modification of existing product data. ▪ Process integration between product development, sourcing, marketing, and planning was suboptimal. Solution ▪ Unified business processes was developed for the group for product development ▪ Capgemini provided current state assessment, future state strategy, project scoping, business requirement definition, solution design, and overall project management ▪ 300+ questions were asked from the business users during As-Is system analysis which resulted in 100+ requirements ▪ True out-of-the-box solution without a single line of custom code. ▪ Optimal business process governed new product development instead of technology alone ▪ Solution was designed with a focus on “WHEN to do the job vs. HOW to do the job” Benefits ▪ Project was completed in record time. Total end-to-end project duration was 25 weeks ▪ Common business processes. Business processes were not imposed but collaboratively defined / refined by business & consulting partners ▪ Very high involvement from the business users which resulted in their taking ownership of the new solution ▪ Improved ability to manage the portfolio of products to develop, source, and rapidly funnel thousands of ideas through the system and into commercial products in a highly compressed speed to market ▪ Highly interactive end user training supported by classroom training, training manual and quick reference guide for easier adoption •Tools and Technologies : FlexPLM PLM transformation by setting up optimal business processes and design solutions; significant reduction of duplicate information PLM transformation Customer Worldwide marketer of consumer and commercial product
  5. 5. Copyright ©2013 Capgemini Group. All rights reserved. Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini. END OF DOCUMENT