Business to business content marketing case study


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This business to business content marketing case study looks at how STR Software engages their prospects using content offers and marketing automation.

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Business to business content marketing case study

  1. 1. B2B Content Marketing Case StudyHow STR Software Engages Using Content Offers &Marketing Automation
  2. 2. Case Study: BI Publisher University STR Software has a ton of knowledge to share Objectives: generate leads, nurture leads, support sales by credentializing our expertise Educational approach: share free, relevant content related to our expertise. Evolved into BI Publisher University
  3. 3. Campaign ExecutionDevelopedcontent andcreated acentralized “hub”of informationwith links torelevant content.
  4. 4. Pardot and BIP U• Began usingProgressiveForms moreextensively tocapture data wecan use fornurturing.
  5. 5. Pardot and BIP UPut a Pardotform on theBIPU page itselfcreating a“subscription”opportunity tojump start opt-ins
  6. 6. Pardot and BIP UUsing Pardot Email Templates, created “autoresponder emails” thatcontain links to additional, related “What Next?” content.
  7. 7. Campaign PromotionCampaign featured prominently in our home page carousel
  8. 8. Campaign Promotion“For more information”section added to eachpiece of content to helpvisitors flow through theinformation:
  9. 9. Campaign Promotion Feature a variety of decision stage content in customized sidebars throughout the site.
  10. 10. Campaign Promotion• Emailed an invitation to check out BIP U to the relevant segment of our sales database• Actively promote the content itself via social networks• Include links to BIP U in presentation slides and related correspondence as a “for more information” call to action.
  11. 11. Results• Very pleased with the response rate from our internal database. – Best Performing Campaign to date!• We have enhanced profiling with Progressive Forms and are collecting better information on new and existing contacts.• We have generated new, organic inbound traffic to the site as a result of the quantity, quality, and optimization of content in the BIP U.• Gaining insight into the visitor’s process and will use that data to make changes moving forward.• Some numbers: • We’re averaging 10% conversion rate on BIP U content forms, up from 1-2% compared to product-specific collateral. • In Q1, comparing this year over last, we saw a 54% increase in website visits and a 67% increase in pageviews, plus increases in time on page and site visit – improved engagement metrics. • Targeted email marketing campaigns to opt-in subscribers see 25-47% CT and lead to stronger conversations with Sales team.