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Editorial statement - a key to success in content marketing


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A presentation held at the HUG Vienna (Hubspot User Group) about the importance of an editorial statement for the success of any content marketing strategy.
A study by the CMI found that almost 80% of all those who said their content marketing is effective had an editorial statement, and 48% had it written down.
Link to the WHY video:
Link to "The story of content":

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Editorial statement - a key to success in content marketing

  1. 1. EDITORIAL STATEMENT The key to Success with Content Marketing
  2. 2. born in Vienna 1997 emigrated to South Africa 2014 returned to Vienna Work: Marketing & Sales in any way since 2010 Online Marketing since 2012 Inbound Marketing with HubSpot Inbound Marketing certified HubSpot certified HubSpot Partner certified Vienna - London - Munich - Cape Town@bettinahorvath
  3. 3. CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY Editorial statement Personas Buyer Journey Business Goals Editorial Plan Tools Tactics Time Frame Ressources
  4. 4. WHAT IS AN EDITORIAL STATEMENT? ➤ written down ➤ WHO do I want to reach? ➤ HOW can I reach them? ➤ WHAT happens when I have reached them? ➤ Guide for entire content production ➤ It’s about the recipient not the producer
  6. 6. WHY should anyone consume our content?
  7. 7. ADVANTAGES ➤ Focus ➤ Framework for journalists, designers, etc. ➤ Helps employees understand what it is all about ➤ Reminds us of the core conept in B2B Marketing: Build your audience first, then your leads.
  8. 8. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE EDITORIAL STATEMENT ➤ Can the mission statement of the company be used? • No, that is about the company, the editorial statement is about the audience ➤ Can we have more than one editorial statement? • Yes, for each audience one. In the beginning use only core audience. ➤ How can you make sure it leads to success? • Needs to live in day to day live. Everyone must work it. It needs not only to be documented but be stuck on the wall. ➤ ______ ?
  9. 9. EXAMPLES Mit unseren Inhalten möchten wir für die Personalentwicklung zuständigen HR Managern in Österreich Hilfestellung zum Thema soft skill Entwicklung geben, um derartige Programme erfolgreich in ihren Unternehmen umsetzen zu können. Mittel zum Zweck: Artikel auf der Webseite, sowie Links zu anderen Artikeln und eigens produzierte Inhalte für Social Media Kanäle. Whether it’s a delicious recipe, an inspiring décor idea or a refreshing approach to organizing, we strive to help you [Moms] create a home that’s truly your own. Everything we do here is designed to empower and inspire you to make your home even better, and most importantly, a place you love to be.
 Which type of people can we help most with our content? ➤ Deliverables to audience
 Which kind of content do we publish and what makes it different? ➤ Desired outcome for the audience
 What can the people do once they have consumed your content (what’s in it for them)
  12. 12. THANK YOU +43 676 946 8592 LinkedIn