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Sponsored Content: The media's shift in storytelling


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As presented during Philly Tech Week 2016's Media Conference. For a full script and list of resources, read on:

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Sponsored Content: The media's shift in storytelling

  1. 1. Sponsored Content The media’s shift in storytelling Alisha Miranda Client Success Manager, Technically Media @makeshiftalisha#PTW16
  2. 2. BREAKING: Study Finds Most Marketers Plan To Just Continue To Act As If They Know How Sponsored Content Works -- @adweak #PTW16
  3. 3. Definitions Native Advertising - umbrella term; matches ‘look & feel’ of site Sponsored Content - brand pays to sponsor a story produced by edit team Branded Content - brand produces its own ‘content studio’ Content Marketing - content produced to push sales Advertorial - outdated and frowned upon *Sources: Contently, Mediapost, Digiday #PTW16
  4. 4. BREAKING: Client Waiting For All Its Competitors To Start Doing Sponsored Content Before Dipping Toe In -- @adweak #PTW16
  5. 5. Evolution Print: 1600’s - 1930’s Flyer Copy → Newspaper Ads → Magazine Ads → Print ‘Advertorial’ TV: WW2 - 1980’s Product Placement Commercials → Celeb/Sports Endorsements 
  6. 6. Digital & Social: 2000’s - Present Evolution #PTW16 News & Editorial Public Relations MarketingAdvertising Paid Media Sponsored Content Social MediaBlogs
  7. 7. Examples #PTW16
  8. 8. Examples
  9. 9. BREAKING: Client Re-Writes Agency's Sponsored Content To Be Pretty Much Just A Hard-Sell Ad -- @adweak #PTW16
  10. 10. Guidelines Sponsored Content is: 1. Editorially driven - written in the tone/voice of writer but puts the brand at the center of the story 2. Native to the site - behaves like other editorial content of the site (in-feed) 3. Transparent - clear and appropriate sponsorship language should always be included 4. Ends with a strong call-to-action - drives reader engagement and makes an impact *Source: Contently #PTW16
  11. 11. Value iab research proves: 1.Positive view of news site credibility sparks a 33% uptick in perceived credibility of sponsored ad content 2.Relevancy (90%) is the top factor in sparking interest in in-feed sponsored content, yet it also clearly demonstrates that the public’s feelings about the advertiser itself determines the success of this type of native advertising 3.Criteria such as brand familiarity and trust (81%), as well as subject matter expertise (82%), were identified as critical in driving news reading consumers’ interest in sponsored content. *Source:
  12. 12. Value 1. Guaranteed placement 2. Timely 3. Credible 4. Increased engagement 5. Built-in team 6. Measurable #PTW16
  13. 13. Best Practices • Assemble a team • Remember: audience first • Trust in point-of-view • Get creative with multimedia • Establish thought leadership • Measure and optimize *Source: Moz #PTW16
  14. 14. AMA Alisha Miranda Client Success Manager, Technically Media @makeshiftalisha #PTW16