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Blockchain as a process innovation in supply chains


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InfinIT Future Briefings 1: Optimér supply chain management via blockchain

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Blockchain as a process innovation in supply chains

  1. 1. Kristoffer Just, IT Consultant at BLOC Blockchain and extra virgin olive oil - enhancing trust, traceability and information for consumers? FEBRUARY 8, 2018 Copenhagen, DK
  2. 2. Cheating with olive oil offers as great a profit as cocaine trade - and there is no risk. Italian Customs Chief - from “Extra Virginity” by Tom Mueller
  3. 3. How can blockchain technology influence the role of trust and solve the challenges in tracking and tracing extra virgin olive oil throughout its supply chain, and what would a conceptual blockchain design look like? The issues with global supply chains: “many fragmented players, different technologies, lots of choices, and no single standard” “Out of the 35 tested bottles, only 6 could be classified as EVOO; 15 were “just” virgin and 12 were so poor that they could not be sold to consumers” Fødevarestyrelsens Rejsehold
  4. 4. “that supply chains now is a blurred process that is extremely hard to manage for retail businesses, to effectively track and trace their products, and thereby paving the path for fraudulent behaviour” (Bateman 2015) Interviews – discover the supply chain of EVOO; challenges & opportunities Field Study – very detailed data, uncover unobvious facts, fraud? Questionnaire – the supply chain, methods & tools, challenges, fraud? Workshop – qualifying trust, feedback and iteration on conceptualizations
  5. 5. Seppänen: Measuring inter-organizational trust—a critical review of the empirical research in 1990–2003
  6. 6. Information quality ● Silos ● Different formats ● What is enough info? ● Garbage in, garbage out Legal implications ● Contracts ● One step back/forth ● Governance Trust ● Ambiguous ● Certifications ● Audit & Control ● Contract Multi-sided ● Automation ● Traceability – the origin ● “Digital trust” ● Cooperation/Collaboration ● Transparency Business ● CSR ● Storytelling ● Brand protection ● Risk Management ● etc.
  7. 7. source:
  8. 8. ● Immature technology ● Low digitization ● Bridge the digital and physical ● Ignite collaboration ● Blockchain don’t verify (a), it validates (b) a. demonstrate that (something) is true, accurate b. give proof of, show to be true ● Don’t build cars, when there is no road
  10. 10. LinkedIn: Kristoffer Just Twitter: @kristofferjust Mail: Website: FEBRUARY 8, 2018 Copenhagen, DK