Psychology Journal 01


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Psychology Journal 01

  2. 2. The Journal 1 – 9th October 2013 The lesson of the second psychology class we began with predict how much we understanding ourselves. This is a self-concept class. How much do you understanding yourselves, have you ever think about this question and ask yourself as well? People always predict that they know and understand themselves than others since they always predict their sense and feeling for everything but occasionally, it may be wrong. From the first activity we had been done in class which was perceive ourselves with some question prove that we actually and exactly thought we were what we perceive in our deep mind. In example, I am a superhero, this predict and perceive you may want to be a superhero or a people who has the super/secret power to save everyone. Another way to explain is to protect the people you love. I felt blur and confuse that who I am in this 19 years I had been live when I saw the question and started to think. I remember a movie named <Who Am I> which acted by Jacky Chan. He lost his memory due to the incident of falling plane and this was what am I at the moment. I realize that I should always remind myself who am I and what am I to more understanding of myself. The next activity we had done was prediction in behaviour and feelings. Lecturer show us several of misprediction of our feeling and behaviours and that make me realize sometimes our predict to behaviour and decision may be influenced by our self-respect and desire. People won’t admit to something they don’t agree though that was right and therefore make themselves have a wrong predict to their behaviour and decision in this case. The activity followed by ways to be happy. I totally agree to this topic when I saw that and that was true since you only live once in your life thus people shouldn’t keep think of what makes them sad and unhappy. That doesn’t mean you may don’t care of that but makes that as a lesson and you learned something from that. I think this may be a good ending for the class. Always think on the bright side of the life.
  3. 3. The Journal 2 –23rd October 2013 Mind thinking was incredible and awesome, it was fully unexpected and god-made to people thus human is different from animal. I think human has more intelligent than others in all aspect because of this until we have discovered another higher species. The topic of lesson in class was The Power and Perils of Intuition which state in the power point. And do you know yours thinking was partly controlled and partly automatic? Our thinking was automatic controlled when we are in the situation of impulsive, effortless, unconscious and etc. In other hand, the thinking was controlled by us in reflective, deliberate, conscious and etc. In our memory, we can remember someone face occasionally thus that was the first time we met. I felt interesting in the memory constructing part since I had been so curious about it from long time ago. Memory is a mysterious place that scientist can’t give an exactly explanation how it work in daily life. Sometimes, the result may prove the hypothesis of memory wrong since it couldn’t be controlled. The example was sometimes you couldn’t find the thing even that was what you have be experienced in your memory. Memory is like a treasure chest of Doraemon, it could collect and keep a lot of precious memories or experiences in life. When you want to memorise it, it will depends on your feeling and expectations at that moment to decide whether you can memorise it. However, memory isn’t like the bank, can deposit and withdraw easily. According to the psychologist, people who have their attitude change will deny their change of attitude.
  4. 4. The Journal 3 – 13rd November 2013 This lesson in class is interactive and interesting since it introduce us the working of our eyes by Light in the opening of lecture. Light was part of the electromagnetic spectrum which has the specific wavelength and frequency that we learned in physic before. After physic is continue by biology, we revised the structure of eye include how to image form in our brain through the eye. And definitely, the way it formed include the structure in eye which was pupil, iris, cornea and lens. Follow by eye is the colours, the lesson show us the effect and meaning of colours in our daily life. In this case, I am agree that our mentally mood will be influenced by the colours because the image we saw when we open our eyes is produce by particle with colours except you are a colour blinder and this statement doesn’t have any discriminatory. The interesting part in this lesson was the reversible figure, people always have their first impression to an image in first view but sometimes it was wrong. This theory are a bit like prejudice, we can’t judge a people before know them because of unfair. Can you imagine that there are two different images in an image? Yes and it is. I think this may be influenced by the left and right brain, it depends on how developing level of your left and right brain. You may see two images and can change from one to another under your control if you are well developed your brand. But if u only see an image and hard to see other that may means your left or right brain might more welldeveloped than another one. This was the theory I realized after I look at the several images in class and before class. What you had seen might be the element which effect to you but that doesn’t mean it was the ending.