Psychology Research Proposal


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Psychology Research Proposal

  1. 1. Research Proposal in Psychology: Sex And Relationship Prepared by: Benny Tan Shiowee 0315447
  2. 2. Hypothesis: Women feel less sexually satisfied in a relationship than men. Method: Quantitative - - Paper-pencil-questionnaires. Questionnaires will send to group members and teachers to help in asking for survey to public. Researcher time and money will be saved through this method. Respondents are more truthful while responding to the questionnaires regarding to their responses are anonymous. Web based questionnaires. New growing methodology. E-mail will be send to responders by clicked on the link or icon. Quicker and less detailed. Checklist will be used to do the summary of answers. Structure& Procedure: 1. Define the purpose, objectives and the output required. Well-defined output minimise the risk of the survey producing invalid results. 2. Design collection methodology and sample selection method. 3. Develop survey procedures. Design and print test questionnaires and any other documentation. 4. Test all aspects of the survey because a small mistake may cause understanding wrongly to responders. 5. Analyse test result and obtain feedback from respondents. 6. Modify questionnaires, procedures and documentation according to test evaluation. 7. Finalise procedure, questionnaires and documentation. 8. Conduct the survey. 9. Prepare data entry, estimation and tabulation systems. 10. Code, enter and edit data. 11. Process data – calculate population estimates and standard errors, prepare tables. 12. Prepare and process report of survey results. 13. Prepare technical report. Evaluate and document all aspects of the survey for use when designing future surveys. Ethics consideration: - Survey respondents are being conducted on a voluntary basis. The respondents are anonymous No identifying information is included since there isn’t any follow-up research or matching with other data. All appropriate data and answer is treated confidentially. There isn’t any adversely affected and harmed as the question to the respondents of participating in the survey. The consent of the respondent’s guardians/parents/responsible adult must be obtained if respondents are below 14 years old.