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SAM Software Asset Management


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BearingPoint's SAM approach enables customers to have control over the risks and complexities of software entitlements, optimize the use of software assets and minimize license consumption and costs. Customers will be able to make smarter decisions based on data they can trust.

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SAM Software Asset Management

  1. 1. SAM Software Asset Management BearingPoint’s SAM approach enables customers to have control over the risks and complexities of software entitlements, optimize the use of software a ssets and minimize license consumption and costs. Customers will be able to make smarter decisions based on data they can trust.
  2. 2. SAM – Software Asset Management | A BearingPoint Accelerator Contents Market Drivers Our Approach Client Benefits References Contact
  3. 3. SAM – Software Asset Management | A BearingPoint Accelerator Keeping track of software installation and linking its corresponding license are critical IT activities, helping customers ensure they are in full compliance with vendor contracts and are able to control software costs. Non-compliance is common when customers fail to monitor their licenses. At some point it will become an issue, particularly when a software vendor request an audit. Market Drivers of the IT budget is represented by software* of companies reported they were audited within the last 18-24 months* of organizations consider their SAM function to be service-aligned** of total IT costs can be saved with a SAM program* * According to BSA Global Software Survey 2016 ** According to Gartner Cutting Software Spend Safely with SAM 8-10% 63% only 3% up to 30%
  4. 4. SAM – Software Asset Management | A BearingPoint Accelerator It is not a question of whether a customers’ software license will get audited. It’s only about when, how often and how costly the audit will be. The complexity and costs required to respond to an unexpected audit presents risks around unforeseen fees to “true up” the license position. Through our SAM we answer the right questions. Market Drivers Are we allowed to use it?Are we prepared for an audit? What software do we have installed? What are our current contracts? Do we really need all the software? Are we spending too much? What are we buying and who is buying it?
  5. 5. SAM – Software Asset Management | A BearingPoint Accelerator BearingPoint transforms and restyles software asset management independent components, such as planning, procurement, inventory and use, to a compelling, customer tailored and interconnected self-service portal. Thus, the customer is relieved to install and manage on-premise solutions or provide expert license management staff. Independent components Interconnected self-service portal SAM
  6. 6. SAM – Software Asset Management | A BearingPoint Accelerator A well-defined SAM solution is relevant because of its individual capabilities. Therefore we offer a wide-ranging SAM portfolio with various services regarding SAM advisory and license advisory. SAM AdvisorySAM Advisory SAM ToolsSAM Tools Target-Actual Comparison Target-Actual Comparison SAMValue Egnagements SAMValue Egnagements SAMRoadmap& Strategy SAMRoadmap& Strategy ToolEvaluation& Setup ToolEvaluation& Setup ISO19770& MaturityAnalysis ISO19770& MaturityAnalysis SAMSecurity Assessment SAMSecurity Assessment Roles,Policies& BestPractice Roles,Policies& BestPractice LicenseandContract Optimization LicenseandContract Optimization AuditsandContractsAuditsandContracts ComplianceAnalysisComplianceAnalysis OptionalasamanagedserviceOptionalasamanagedservice ToolTenderToolTender ToolEvaluationToolEvaluation SAM ProcessesSAM Processes Licence AdvisoryLicence Advisory
  7. 7. SAM – Software Asset Management | A BearingPoint Accelerator Due to the extensive cooperation between a joint governance board and a competitive nearshore operation center, we are able to deliver more value-added services for our customers. Direct contact, language skills and resource flexibility are just a few of the benefits provided therein. A shared governance board warrant that all services are aligned to our solution, which is tailored to customer needs. Customer self-service enablement is the main goal. BearingPoint Compliance Services BearingPoint Compliance Services Delivery Center SAM ServiceF/OSS Service Customer 1 C 1 BE RomaniaBE International C 3 C 1 C 2 C 5 C 2 C 3 C 4 Customer 2 Customer 3 Customer 4 OperationGovernance Security Service Our Service Delivery Center is confident, flexible and ready to generate value for our customers. Offering a continuous and holistic review of operations we identify and address issues proactively, uncover gaps and improvement opportunities for various organizations, technologies and processes.
  8. 8. SAM – Software Asset Management | A BearingPoint Accelerator Who can capitalize on SAM? In short, everyone! IT • Streamlined procedures, upgrades and deployments • Gain control by knowing what you have • Prevent shelfware Procurement • More effective contract negotiation • Centralized control of purchases Legal • More effectively prepared for a vendor audit • License compliance Business • Simplified procedures, reporting and budgeting • Manageable costs and safeguarding existing investments • Policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities HR • Employee compliance • Better intake and outflow of employees and their software assets • Corporate regulations and policies that minimize security and legal threat
  9. 9. SAM – Software Asset Management | A BearingPoint Accelerator References Major telecommunications provider Challenges • Due to increased licensing models and diverse software products, the task of compliance just got complicated and more troublesome • Count on legal certainty • License compliance status should be visually divided and defined for each team and department in the company Our Approach • BearingPoint customized a self-service portal that allowed our customer to outsource their license management. The main features were: dashboard for quick insight, reporting for in-depth analysis and support for incidents or change requests. • Data from all possible sources (technical and commercial) is processed and translated in easy-to-understand KPIs. • Limit access permissions by defining the organizational units and establishing roles and responsibilities. Client benefits • The solutions and improvement of the SAM maturity level allows the customer to make informed business decisions. • The self-service portal is always available online for the customer. • Due to a better understanding of availability and use of software, the customer has considerable cost savings. • View and monitor the KPIs that are relevant for your role, responsibilities, and goals. Specialized company for lighting products Challenges • Due to the faulty implementation of a SAM tool, the customer is overwhelmed with the amount of commercial and technical data that needed to be processed • Inadequate knowledge of license use rights • Track software compliance Our Approach • Our optimized procedure model delivered a target-oriented solution. Hence we defined and mapped how SAM supports our customer needs. • We carefully outlined SAM roles and responsibilities, and standardized the ideal SAM strategy Client benefits • Seamless integration between systems and SAM program platform. • Improved efficiency & eliminated guesswork, so complex data feel comfortable. • Up-to-date overview of license compliance. • Quick and flexible access to built-in KPIs.
  10. 10. SAM – Software Asset Management | A BearingPoint Accelerator Contact Stefan Pechardscheck Partner BearingPoint Germany Lucas Müller Manager BearingPoint Germany Thorsten Hoffmann Manager BearingPoint Germany About BearingPoint BearingPoint is an independent management and technology consultancy with European roots and a global reach. The company operates in three units: Consulting, Solutions and Ventures. Consulting covers the advisory business; Solutions provides the tools for successful digital transformation, regulatory technology and advanced analytics; Ventures drives the financing and development of start-ups. BearingPoint’s clients include many of the world’s leading companies and organizations. The firm has a global consulting network with more than 10,000 people and supports clients in over 75 countries, engaging with them to achieve measurable and sustainable success. For more information, please visit: Homepage: LinkedIn: Twitter: @BearingPoint © 2018 BearingPoint. All rights reserved