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Business and Data in motion

Leverage the power of event-centric data processing to fulfil the needs of your digital business to be ready for future business models and growth.

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Business and Data in motion

  1. 1. Business and Data in motion A BearingPoint Accelerator Today‘s fast-paced business environments make it necessary to process “data in motion” to keep pace with fast growing digital business models. Leverage the power of event-centric data processing to fulfill the needs of your digital business to be ready for future business models and growth. React to business transaction related information in real-time – faster and more accurate than your competition.
  2. 2. Contents Market Drivers Our Approach Client Benefits References Contact Business and Data in motion | A BearingPoint Accelerator
  3. 3. Business and Data in motion | A BearingPoint Accelerator Bringing your data in motion accelerates your growth by supporting the key drivers for digital business. Global CEO’s see growth in their top business priority and digital business as a top driver for it. Market Drivers Leveraging the power of modern technologies like IoT and integrate your real-time IoT data into your existing business models Increasing your customer experience providing contextual and individual information in real-time Accelerate growth by Automating business process steps by smart combination of event information Speeding up your decision making and process run-times by using and visualizing your data in motion Enabling and implementing business moments based on real-time streams of data and contextual information
  4. 4. Business and Data in motion | A BearingPoint Accelerator Market Drivers Driven by ongoing digitalization, the amount of data created by business transactions within enterprises is rising rapidly. Most of this data is only used in the context of the initial business interaction and further analytics or evaluations are only executed time-shifted when the interactions of their origin are already completed. When different streams of data can only be combined in such time-shifted way it is not possible to react on insights in real-time. This “data at rest” has a huge unutilized potential for digital business scenarios. An event-centric approach for data processing can help to get this data in motion and to accelerate digital business models. Processing the streams of events in real-time enables innovation and supports enterprises to stay ahead of their competition by increasing revenue, saving costs and mitigating risks. Market Drivers
  5. 5. Business and Data in motion | A BearingPoint Accelerator Data in Motion with event-centric data processing In traditional IT architectures the focus is on data itself. Data produced by any system is stored for transactional purposes only and gets off-loaded for time-shifted analytics. This limits the possibility of connecting different data sources and types in real-time. With an event-centric approach the business event itself gets moved into focus. Not only the transactional data, also the circumstance which produced it, gets recorded and processed. This approach enables enterprises to gain real-time insights from their business moments and react on them accordingly and timeously. IOT Devices Business processes Customer Interactions … GPS location changed Device connected Truck slowed down User entered shop Order placed Balance exhausted Product arrived Transaction completed User viewed product User logged in Service case created Product bought Process exception Invoice created Transaction failed Bad QoS detected Event Streaming Platform Process streams of events (Real-Time Data) Historical Data Gain contextual insights and knowledge in real-time React in real-time and improve your business Record events from the whole enterprise directly when „things happen“ and stream them to the event streaming platform in real-time. Combine events with themselves as well as with historical and transactional data to gain insights Use the gained knowledge to Accelerate the contextual exchange of information between IT systems Event examples Market Drivers
  6. 6. Business and Data in motion | A BearingPoint Accelerator Get in touch and understand event streams Identify areas of interest for event-centric data processing and choose one simple scenario and implement an MVP (minimal viable product) for it. Establish event streams in key parts of your enterprise to get your data in motion Select and implement a central event streaming platform and begin the journey of data in motion by adding event streams from different areas to it and start with simple event-centric data processing scenarios like real-time process visualization or real-time decision support to gain business value. Harvest the benefits of event streaming by using the full potential of your event streaming platform Establish event streaming in all areas of your enterprise and start to leverage the full potential of your event streams by investigating and implementing more complex scenarios like stream analytics, business moments or real-time situation awareness during a customer interaction. At this level the event streams act as the backbone of your enterprise data flow involving all departments and processes. Entry Level: Set up a small MVP to identify and implement one simple scenario Intermediate Level: Establish event-centric data processing in more areas and introduce a central event streaming platform Master Class: Leverage the full power of event-streams by combining them through more complex analyticsValue Investment & Time To get your data in motion by thinking in continuous event streams instead of transactional and analytical processes can be a tough challenge for traditional enterprises. BearingPoint’s approach helps to ease this challenge by climbing up the maturity levels in an agile and iterative way. This approach enables a low-risk transition towards an event-centric data processing combined with continuous value generation.
  7. 7. Business and Data in motion | A BearingPoint Accelerator Our LUCIE Approach is designed to help enterprises to accomplish the Entry Level as easy as possible. The approach can also be applied in an iterative process to pave the way to the Intermediate Level and even to Master Class. Listen & Understand • Listen to the client carefully and distill the right areas to get started with event streaming • Identify and define suitable simple event streaming scenarios within the selected areas • Build a common understanding of the right problem which should be enhanced using event centric data processing • Choose and refine a simple scenario which should get implemented using an MVP (minimal viable product) approach • Create outcome variants for the selected scenario using event-centric data processing: • Define which event streams are necessary, how the ingestions can work and how they must be set-up • Determine how the event processing must be done to fulfill the needs of the selected scenario • Develop the detailed business logic which must be applied on the events using event streaming frameworks (OSS or licensed) depending on clients’ requirements • Decide which variant is most appropriate for the given scenario and its surroundings • Implement an MVP for the selected scenario using agile development and a cloud-based event streaming platform Create & Implement • Integrate the developed MVP with the identified event streams • Challenge the MVP if the defined scenario and the outcome meet the expectations and evaluate the gained benefits and business values • Define next steps like iterative optimization or implementation of more scenarios Evaluate Listen Create Impl- ement Evaluate Under- stand Sprints based on BearingPoint‘s knowledge, frameworks and experience Kick off Meeting Information gathering Build Common Problem Understanding Presentation and selection of the suggestions & start of the implementation Implementation completed & Start Evaluation Outcome presentation
  8. 8. Business and Data in motion | A BearingPoint Accelerator BearingPoint uses a set of known and tested tools from agile and traditional techniques during the whole approach to achieve an optimized progress and a business-driven outcome. Our development frameworks provide the right building blocks for fast results. Evaluate Interviews The five Whys Impact Mapping Domain Story Telling Story Mapping KPIs Impact Mapping Reviews Event Storming Domain Driven Design (DDD) Rapid Prototyping Cloud-Native Technologies & Public Cloud Providers BearingPoint Development Frameworks for Event Streaming Listen Create Impl- ement Evaluate Under- stand Sprints based on BearingPoint‘s knowledge, frameworks and experience
  9. 9. Business and Data in motion | A BearingPoint Accelerator The needs of your digital business emerge from 3 strategic drivers. Either it creates more value by creating new business models, reduces risk by protecting your money or simply saves cost by increasing your operational efficiency. Moving towards an event-centric IT architecture can help enterprises fulfill their digital business needs. Fulfill the needs of digital business by event-centric data processing … … supports three main strategic drivers: Digital Business Moments React to unexpected or planned business events as they happen Improve customer experience and leverage the potential of cross-sales by creating new real-time customer interactions Reduce interaction and throughput time in manual process steps as well as increasing the overall process quality Decrease business processes runtimes by automate decision making with in- time detection and handling of issues Reduce costs or improve customer experience by detecting complex patterns in your event data and react at once Use event-centric step-by- step approach to reduce costs running your mainframe based legacy system Process Visualization Support decision makers and operators with real- time information Stream Analytics Analyze huge volumes of events “on the move” Automated (Re)Action and Mitigation to process exceptions, decisions, delays or changes Event-centric Transformation Use event data processing to relieve data processing on legacy systems Make money $ Reduce Costs $ Make money $ Make money Reduce Costs $ $ Protect money Reduce Costs$ $ Business potential
  10. 10. Business and Data in motion | A BearingPoint Accelerator References Digital Skipper Assistant (DSA) Research project for the German Ministry for Traffic and Digital Infrastructure „We create the shipping of tomorrow. Digitalization helps to make shipping more efficient and ecofriendly. The Digital Skipper Assistant is the best example for this.“ Andreas Scheuer, German Minister for Traffic and Digital Infrastructure Higher reliability through digitization DSA provides a web application featuring waterway maps, points of interest, routing functionality, ETA calculation, display of current water level predictions and increase the reliability of route planning. Research report for decision making The insights from development and field test were used to create a concluding research report for the ministry. Digitization Roadmap for inland shipping Due to the piloting a future development roadmap was developed which includes a plan to make inland shipping more efficient through digitalization. Development of a web application A Digital Skipper Assistant (DSA) should be developed as a web application with the goal to ease the everyday work of skippers. Agile development of the DSA The DSA was developed in agile 2-week sprints. Empirical knowledge and feedback were incorporated directly in an agile manner. Field Test The DSA was tested in a field test with ~50 skippers. The application was continuously maintained and enhanced during the field test. Make inland shipping a more reliable transport mode Compared to other transport modes inland shipping is not a growing market. This is due to the poor reliability of forecasts and ETA. But the increasing transport demand in Europe makes it is necessary to improve the efficiency of all transport modes. Effects of Technology and Digitization Measuring how the introduction of technology and digitization can affect the efficiency of inland shipping and have influence on other stakeholders. The German inland shipping is intended to become more efficient through digitalization measures. The Digital Skipper Assistant (DSA) eases the everyday work of skippers and paves the way to the digital future. Vision Business Objectives Project Scope Project Outcome
  11. 11. Business and Data in motion | A BearingPoint Accelerator Digital Transport Monitoring International acting Austrian logistics company The digitization of a business process is the breeding ground for the creation of innovative business ideas More reliable Planning Calculation of the estimated arrival time with live and historical data improves the reliability of the planning and the delivered service. Higher automation in monitoring Automatic determination of entrances and exits to geopositions through digital geofences increases the level of automation of the monitoring process. Improved performance on whole supply chain Dynamic evaluation of the progress along defined goals with the help of generated events helps to signal the next process steps within the supply chain. Rapid Prototyping Proving and demonstrating different approaches and strategies by the development of prototypes and proof of concepts. Message oriented Architecture Decoupling of systems by implementing high scalability in runtime enabled by a reactive architecture. Digitale Transformation Modernization of the software landscape by decoupling data integration of legacy systems and continuous streamlining of these applications. Standardization Our client’s goal is to fully automate business processes like monitoring. Therefore, data modelling and standardization is a necessary step. Automation Transport Managers should focus on generating new transports and thus increase the companies efficiency with an automated monitoring process. Service Quality With standardized data and an automated business process our client wants to improve the service quality (e.g. ETA forecast) for it’s own clients. As a service provider our client wants to increase the quality of the offered transport monitoring services. This is achieved by the use of data and automation Vision Business Objectives Project Scope Project Outcome References
  12. 12. Contact Bjoern Grosser Partner BearingPoint Austria Gerald Tretter Senior Manager BearingPoint Austria About BearingPoint BearingPoint is an independent management and technology consultancy with European roots and a global reach. The company operates in three units: Consulting, Solutions and Ventures. Consulting covers the advisory business; Solutions provides the tools for successful digital transformation, regulatory technology and advanced analytics; Ventures drives the financing and development of start-ups. BearingPoint’s clients include many of the world’s leading companies and organizations. The firm has a global consulting network with more than 10,000 people and supports clients in over 75 countries, engaging with them to achieve measurable and sustainable success. For more information, please visit: Homepage: LinkedIn: Twitter: @BearingPoint © 2019 BearingPoint. All rights reserved Business and Data in motion | A BearingPoint Accelerator Christian Edelsbrunner Technology Architect BearingPoint Austria