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Managed Services - Explained


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Managed Services - Explained
Who, How, and Why to go for it.

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Managed Services - Explained

  1. 1. Delivering Managed Services to Enterprises Prepared by Ghassan Chahine, PhD Candidate, EMBA, MBA, ITIL Technical Consultant
  2. 2. What is Managed Services?M anaged services is the practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategicmethod for improved effective and efficient operations.W M hy anaged Services?Managed services are rapidly replacingtraditional information technology (IT) management toolsand mega-outsourcing arrangements because they provide amore cost-effective method of managing and protectingenterprise networks, systems and applications.
  3. 3. W M hy anaged Services? Contd ... Tailor your solution to your organization’ s needs Flexible Outsourcing for Sustained Growth Realize Measurable Value in Your Processes and SystemsManaged Services Solutions can help you in •Lower operational costs and improve productivity — Take advantage of economies of scale, with reduced lock-in. •Reduce risk — You can discover how to quickly and effectively react to IT labor shortages, increased application complexity and the rapid rate of business change. •M aintain control of your destiny — Even while you have us helping you manage a piece of your business.
  4. 4. W M hy anaged Services? Do you want your IT internal staff to focus on core competencies rather than juggling with IT challenges? Do you want to maintain control of Business-Critical Systems? Are you increasingly reactive rather than proactive when it comes to management of your IT infrastructure? If you have said “YE to all of the above S” questions then its time you think about M anaged Services.
  5. 5. Managed Services in brief.. Managed Services comprises a comprehensive, integrated suite of services to manage a client’ s distributed computing environment as a single entity—all with single point-of accountability.Integrated service elements include: Desktop Management Solutions Managed Server Solutions Network Management Solutions Managed Security Solutions
  6. 6. Desktop Management SuiteDesktop management is a comprehensive approach to managing all thecomputers within an organization."New technology gives small businesses real protection capabilitiesthat can substantially mitigate the risk of disasters, accelerate recoverywhen they strike, and equip us to work more efficiently when theydont. Effective use of these technologies can enable productivity gainspreviously imaginable only by Fortune-500 corporations."
  7. 7. Desktop Management Suite Includes Asset Inventory Management Desktop Data Protection Desktop Security Desktop Support Deep Scan Patch Management Self Help Help desk
  8. 8. Asset InventoryAsset Inventory is an application designed to track the assets ofbusinesses. When you need a precise picture of your company’ sIT assets, there’ s no room for error.Asset Inventory Services range from ability to track Windows andMacintosh Computers hardware, software and security information,non-discoverable fixed assets, Active Directory/LDAP, ability tocategorize software, track warranty, leasing, and licensinginformation.
  9. 9. Desktop Data Protection Desktop Data Protection is designed to automatically backup your valuable business data, to store it in a password- protected data center away from your physical location with enhanced security features and to enable end-users to retrieve their stored data any time they need it.This helps you to focus on your business without worrying about what willhappen to your critical data when power outages, system crashes, viruses,or other threats become real and impact your environment.
  10. 10. Desktop SecurityDesktop security provides protection against antivirus, firewall,spyware, worm, and Trojan horse protection.Firewall Feature helps in detecting and terminating unwanted externalapplications such as spyware and adware. It also blocks unauthorizedaccess into your network and sensitive data. This provides a tremendoussecurity to your environment and data.
  11. 11. Desktop SupportDesktop support is automating various computer-related support tasks in anorganization. Troubleshooting, software installation, software patches, etc., canall be done via the network - reducing the turnaround time for IT support,simplifying and improving management of computers in the organization.Desktop Support acts as the primary point of contact for computer relatedproblems - providing diagnostic, remedial, and referral services as appropriate.Desktop Support comprises of Deep Scan Patch Management Help desk
  12. 12. Deep ScanScanning for overall PC health and vulnerabilityDeep Scan includes scanning of Windows Registry, at runningprocesses, and inside of no executable files, archive files, and files ofall sizes. So-called "smart" scans ignore archives, extremely largefiles, and sometimes no executables.
  13. 13. Patch Management SuitePatch management is the process ofcontrolling the deployment and maintenanceof interim software releases into productionenvironments. It helps you to maintainoperational efficiency and effectiveness,overcome security vulnerabilities, andmaintain the stability of your productionenvironment.The integrated patch management suite includes patchmanagement, software delivery, and automated assetinventory (professional). It patches information andmaintains a knowledgebase.
  14. 14. H Desk Suite elpIt is a support system designed to assist end users withtechnical and functional questions and problems.Managed services enables a single point of contact, 24 hours a day, sevendays a week, where you can obtain IT support by telephone or Internet.Service desk tool enables us to log, monitor and report IT activities intoa detailed database, allowing the service desk team to conductcomprehensive reporting on IT support activities.
  15. 15. Desktop ManagementDespite its name, desktop management includes overseeing laptops andother computing devices as well as desktop computers.In recent years, security-related tasks have become an increasingly largepart of desktop management.As a result, an increasingly large proportion of administrative resourceshave been devoted to security-related tasks Patch management, Fighting viruses and spyware, Controlling greynet applications (programs installed without corporate approval, such as instant messaging, file sharing programs, and RSS readers).
  16. 16. Desktop M anagementInterfaceDesktop Management Interface (DMI) is an industry framework formanaging and keeping track of hardware and software components in asystem of personal computers from a central location.DMI was created by the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF) toautomate system management and is particularly beneficial in a networkcomputing environment where dozens or more computers are managed.
  17. 17. M anaged Server H osting offers greater efficiencies, reliability, andrange of services than hosting in-house or using collocation. Selectingthe right host should be a matter of determined strategic choice, notexpedience.
  18. 18. Managed Server Hosting Managed Server Hosting Solutions align your systems with business goals. Managed Server Hosting comprises of Server Monitoring Application Monitoring Service Monitoring Windows Event log Monitoring CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization MonitoringWith Enterprise Server Management, youll benefit from an exceptionallystable server environment, embedded management intelligence and a rapid,substantial return on investment (ROI).
  19. 19. Application MonitoringApplication failures are usually the most common problems that occur inIT infrastructure. Monitoring critical applications proactively helps toprevent application failures and identify degradations early.Application Monitoring can monitor mission critical applications thatrun on Servers. Various parameters of applications like MS Exchange,Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL & Lotus Notes can be monitored.
  20. 20. Service MonitoringMonitoring system level services for availability and response time isessential to ensure that your Server Management plan is complete.Service Monitoring can monitor HTTP, FTP, Telnet etc that are running on your servers Windows NT Services Availability and response time of all the service
  21. 21. Core Services – Always Included It is important to realize that Managed Server Hosting is a full- service package designed to alleviate or entirely prevent service and business disruptions. Root/Administrator Access Unlimited 24/7 service and technical support Custom monitoring schemas through the entire stack Accelerated response and recovery to any alert or service request Rapid hardware replacement Operating system patching Server and operating system hardening A dedicated Sales Executive
  22. 22. Managed Server Hosting – A full integrated solutionSince every solution is customized to the unique needs itaddresses, the following value-added services are available. Security (Physical and Network) Recovery (Backups and Data Restoration) Database Care (for all platforms) Storage (dedicated Storage Area Networks with mirrored arrays) High-Availability Clustering Multi-site Redundancy; Multi-Master Replication Enterprise Email
  23. 23. Benefits T Your Organization oDepending on your need or reason for choosing a Managed Services provider,several or many benefits can be realized. It will provision, monitor, andmanage a custom-configured hardware and network infrastructure purpose-built to its tasks.Managed Server Hosting negates the need for Capital expenditures Lengthy provisioning process "Over-purchasing" Some insurance costs Most third-party service contracts Trial-and-error
  24. 24. Managed Server Hosting provides Fixed monthly costs What you need right now On-demand scalability Vendor-certified engineers Affordable access and migration to advanced solutions Quicker implementation and faster ROI Quicker resolution of problems or adverse events Carrier-grade hosting facilities with redundant independent power suppliesManaged GrowthManaged Server Hosting not only delivers an excellent technologyservice, but also makes business sense as we match to your cash flow,and help you grow.
  25. 25. Managed Server Hosting is ideal for SMBs, Start-Ups all the way up to the Mid to Large Enterprise space ASP and SaaS Hosting Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning Just-In-Time Deployment Scalability Planning Managed Growth Predictable Expenditures Greater Business Efficiency
  26. 26. Network Management SolutionsNetwork management is the execution of the set offunctions required for controlling, planning,allocating, deploying, coordinating and monitoringthe resources of a network.Detect, diagnose and resolve network performanceissues before they turn into costly downtime.Network Management Solution (NM includes S) Router & WAN Monitoring Switch Monitoring
  27. 27. Router & WAN MonitoringWAN links are usually the most expensive part of the network, and managingbandwidth allocation can be complex.Oversubscribing to bandwidth could mean that your company is paying for morebandwidth than required, and under subscribing could result in congestion andunacceptable network performance.Router & WAN Monitoring can help you in Ensuring High Network Availability Monitoring Router Performance Optimizing Bandwidth Allocation Minimize Recurring Cost
  28. 28. NM offerings are relied on by mission critical networks Son a daily basis. It can help your organization gain control of the increasing requirementsto: Design, implement, manage and maintain technology infrastructures. Identify, assess, and remedy security vulnerabilities. Utilize technology to improve ROI. Manage technology as a business asset.Such solutions can make a difference in your business with defined,measurable outcomes. 
  29. 29. Here is your organizations capability to evolve its technology aspect toextreme ends. The benefits of involving NMS for a High Availability(HA) Disaster Recovery (DR), Continuity of Operations Planning(COOP) or Continuity of Government (COG)Know from the start that the HA DR/COOP/COG solutions or technicalproject your organization implements will be a success by utilizingNMS (efficiency in utilization).
  30. 30. Managed Security SolutionsEvery industry Vertical has its own unique information securitychallenges brought about by consolidation, regulations and differentbusiness requirements.A Managed Services provider understands these challenges andleverages its experience with its many clients across all industryverticals to deliver Managed Security Solutions tailored to the specificThreat Management needs.
  31. 31. Summarizing, Managed services provider leverages its M anagedIntrusion Prevention, M anaged Scanning, T hreat Intelligence,M anaged E nterprise Security M onitoring, M anaged IntrusionDetection and M anaged F irewall services to create solutions toaddress security specific needs, such as T hreat M anagement andEnterprise-W Security Reporting, inside your organization. ideOther Managed SecurityServices include1. DDOS Mitigations Services2. Managed Firewall3. Content Integrity Monitoring Services – CIMS4. Email Protection Services5. Host-Based Intrusion Detection Services – HIDS6. Network Intrusion Detection Service - NIDS
  32. 32. H M ow anaged Services Implementation goes . . . Step 1: IT Audit & Assessment - Disco ve r, do cume nt and asse ss the e xisting I infrastructure . T Step 2: IT Remediation (if required) - Co rre ct pro ble ms with e xisting infrastructure Step 3: IT Performance Monitoring - M nito r and re po rt o n o the pe rfo rmance o f infrastructure Step 4: IT Support - Suppo rt fo r staff o n I pro ble ms T Step 5: IT Operational Maintenance - O pe rate and Maintain yo ur I I T nfrastructure
  33. 33. Thank You