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Access vs. Ownership eBooks: You can have both!


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NISO/BISG 9th Annual Forum:
The Changing Standards Landscape

Access or Ownership: Evolving Business Models and Your Institution
Access vs. Ownership eBooks: You can have both!
Stacey Marien, Acquisitions Librarian, American University Library

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Access vs. Ownership eBooks: You can have both!

  1. 1. Access vs. Ownership Ebooks You can have both! Yes, you can!
  2. 2. Firm Ebooks - Owned  Individual titles are ordered through Coutts, YBP, Publishers  EBL, Ebrary, Ebsco  Single user  Multi-user  Upgrade to multi-user  PDF files – printed and bound, loaded onto our local server
  3. 3. Patron-Driven – Leased, Then Purchased  Patron-driven plan through MyiLibrary (Coutts)  Records loaded are based on Approval profile  Titles that would normally go to collection managers as slips  2 clicks into the title triggers purchase  Deposit fund  Monthly “invoice” of titles purchased plus deposit fund balance  Change location code to auebook (leased) to auebook (owned)
  4. 4. Approval E-preferred - Owned  2013, went to e-preferred approval for 7 funds codes. Education, Economics, Foreign Language, Communication, Government, Public Affairs, International Studies  If ebook is released within 8 weeks of print, we get the ebook. Otherwise, the print is sent  2015, reverted to print for all funds except International Studies – budget cuts
  5. 5. Ebook Packages – Owned  Frontlists through Oxford, Palgrave, Cambridge  Handbook series  Bibliographies  Standing Orders through Gale (Business Plan Handbooks) and Elsevier  WRLC Springer ebooks
  6. 6. Ebooks for Reserves  Kindle books – Amazon Whispercast  One book, one kindle  Ebooks available through Blackboard. Make sure these titles are multi-user
  7. 7. Not ebooks but Print on Demand Print  Load records for 4 publishers.  Also based on cost  The patron selects the item for purchase  Goes to Acquisitions queue in Oasis (Coutts), ordered as a regular title. Patron notified when book is ready at circulation
  8. 8. For Fun! How we purchase electronic resources at American University
  9. 9. Questions?  Stacey Marien  Acquisitions Librarian  American University Library, Washington, DC 