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ALA NISO-BISG Forum - Todd Carpenter


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These slides were used during a panel discussion between Todd Carpenter (NISO), Therese Hunt (Elsevier), Becky Clark (Library of Congress), and Lettie Conrad (SAGE) during the NISO-BISG Joint Forum, held June 24, 2016 during the 2016 ALA Annual Conference in Orlando, FL.

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ALA NISO-BISG Forum - Todd Carpenter

  1. 1. NISO/BISG 10th Annual Forum on The Changing Standards Landscape Engaging The User: Elements of Devices, Design & Discovery Moderated by Todd Carpenter, Executive Director, NISO Discussion Participants: • Therese Hunt, Vice President, Marketing, Elsevier; • Becky Brasington Clark, Director of Publishing, Library of Congress; • Lettie Conrad, Executive Program Manager, Discovery & Access, Sage Publications
  2. 2. Engaging The User: Elements of Devices, Design & Discovery Discovery Services What’s working effectively? Metadata formats: How can we consolidate the variety of formats into just a few? Challenges faced in the re-use of metadata for different purposes Assessing Satisfaction: Is counting searches/results the best way? Managing Authentication & Access Transferring the User from Point of Discovery to Point of Access Privacy Balancing Needs of Privacy with Benefits of Personalization Discovering Book Content: Different from Discovery of Journal Content? Search: Can We Introduce Serendipity Back into Discovery?