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  • The Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA) is the consortium of the nonprofit academic libraries within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Members include all of Virginia's state-assisted colleges and universities, as well as 34 private, nonprofit institutions and the Library of Virginia.
  • Service is currently enabled for all 2005 imprints and forthcoming for 2013.
  • DDA is cost-effective. It provides access to titles when they are needed, as they are needed.
  • The pool is limited to roughly 5,000 STEM-H published titles. EBL does not receive identifying information about individual users from our systems.
  • BluefireReader app supports iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and the Kindle Fire.
  • There are no additional charges forowned titles.
  • At the end of the pilot, VIVA will do an analysis of the number of STLs and purchases generated by each member institution in order to understand acquisition and use patterns, both VIVA-wide and at the institution level.
  • Discovery tool and ebook update

    1. 1. LibraryDiscoveryTool &E-bookUpdateTara Cassidy (SO),Molli Channell (JTCC),andGene Damon (SO)
    2. 2. Agenda  Discovering QuickSearch  Overview  QuickSearch @ JTCC  E-book Update  Part 1: STEM-H E-book Collections  Part 2: VIVA Demand-Driven Acquisitions Pilot
    3. 3. Discovering QuickSearch  Onesearch for  Customized to your books, articles, and college media
    4. 4. QuickSearch Focus Groups@ John Tyler C.C. Why focus groups?  Feedback from all types of users  Specific user experiences  Lively discussion of service and perceived usage  Insight to help the library make decisions for future promotional and instructional use.
    5. 5. Focus Group Planning  Scheduling  Time preferences  Advertising  Library Web page, Facebook, and blog  John Tyler intranet page and calendar  SDV 100 and counselors  Discipline-targeted materials
    6. 6. Focus Group Organization  Define your goals  Demo  Discussion  Capture feedback  Tips  Provide documentation  Do not lead the discussion  Do not give up  Offer incentives
    7. 7. Focus Group Findings  Overall positive reception  Intuitive interface  My Account tools  Suggested improvements  Users want citations!  Interlibrary loan request option
    8. 8. E-book Update Part 1:STEM-H E-books
    9. 9. 2013 STEM-H E-books Thesecontracts were made possible through the support of Governor McDonnell, Secretary of Education Laura Fornash, the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia, and funding appropriated by the General Assembly. We are very grateful to all of them for their support.
    10. 10. VIVA Academic E-booksRFI Sub-committee Tara Cassidy (VCCS), chair Erin Crane (Liberty) Anna Creech (UR) Dawn Dawson (UVA) Liz Kocevar-Weidinger (Longwood) Meg Manahan (GMU) Ex Officio: Kathy Perry (VIVA) Ex Officio: Amanda Echterling (JMU)
    11. 11. Who Gets What? Over +2,700 frontlist  Available from your titles from 2 library catalog collections More titles will be  Bothcollections allow released over the unlimited concurrent course of the year user access.
    12. 12. 2013 SubjectCollections  Title list1. Behavioral Sciences2. Biomedical and Life  The Springer Science collection will3. Computer Science total +2,000 titles.4. Earth and Environmental Science
    13. 13.  Purchase a personal, printed softcover copy for your own use.
    14. 14. ScienceDirect2013 Collection Spans the science, technology, and health sciences disciplines Title List ScienceDirect 2013 will have 700 titles
    15. 15. E-book Update Part 2:Demand-DrivenAcquisitions (DDA) Pilot
    16. 16. What is DDA?  DDA service allows us to display a pre- selected pool of e-books in our library catalog without buying them in advance  Users have on-demand access to any DDA pool title they find  VIVA will automatically purchase only high-demand e-books from this pool after a specific number of uses is achieved VIVA-wide.
    17. 17. VIVA 12-Month DDA Pilot Pool is limited to STEM-H content only Exclusively VIVA-funded Will allow VCCS patrons access to several thousand e-book titles via their home library catalogs, and have VIVA pay only for titles that are used.
    18. 18. Pilot Selection Model –STEM-H Pool of Titles1. There is no limit to the number of users that can access a DDA pool e-book simultaneously.2. Users have a free 5-minute browse period for any DDA pool e-book.3. Browsing the e-book for more than 5 minutes, downloading, or printing triggers a short-term loan (STL).
    19. 19. Pilot Selection Model –Short Term Loans4. Each STL incurs a small cost charged to VIVA, not the user’s library.5. Once a user triggers a STL, that user has access to that e-book for 7 days.6. A single user is limited to 25 STLs within a 24-hour period.
    20. 20. What Will STL Let Me Do? Read the e-book online or offline for 7 days Email up to 5% Print up to 20% Save chapters in PDF format Download complete e-book in PDF or EPUB format to any device that supports Adobe Digital Editions or the Bluefire Reader app.
    21. 21. Pilot Acquisitions Model –Purchases7. Enough STLs for the same e-book from the DDA pool triggers VIVA to purchase that e-book.8. A VIVA-purchased e-book becomes an owned title held in common.
    22. 22. Pilot Acquisitions Model -Owned Titles9. An owned title come with a generous annual STL allowance.10. Users now have a 10-minute browse period before using the STL allowance.11. The annual STL allowance automatically renews on the anniversary date of a purchase.
    23. 23. Pilot Outcomes At NH 2014, what will we have?  New STEM-H e-books selected by our users A unique DDA model  Data
    24. 24. Thank you tcassidy at mchannell at gdamon at