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Tie china_in_hk


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Tie china_in_hk

  1. 1. Introduction to Charter Members At FCC, HK on 5th January 2012 1
  2. 2.   What is TiE?  Global Presence  Why (not yet) Hong Kong?  Sectors in HK  Establishing TiE & Chapter Formation  Competitor Clubs  Next Steps 2
  3. 3. •  The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE)Organization •  Founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals •  To foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, Mission networking, and education. TiE’s focus is on generating and nurturing our next generation of entrepreneurs. •  Host a wide range of programs, events catering to various industry verticals,   Speaker events with Industry leaders Goals   Opportunity to connect & meet leaders, mentors and partners in the business   Host educational events *** Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally *** 3
  4. 4. India TokyoThere are currently 13,000 members, including over 2,500 Singap Malays charter members in 57 chapters across 14 countries Austra 4
  5. 5.   Largest Growing region globally (HK Population 7,108,000)   Within 5 years, Asia’s economy will account for more than 1/3 OF GLOBAL OUTPUT and be comparable in size to the economies of the US and Europe   Steady and rising Employment - unemployment dropped to 3.2% last qtr   Diverse International community  Gateway to China  Asian regions that have TiE Chapters :   Tokyo, Singapore, Malaysia, India & Australia  Asia’s international business, trade and financial hub   >3,600 overseas companies based their regional operations in Hong Kong  “Traditional free market economic policy” promoting entrepreneurship   Ranked as the World’s freest Economy for 14 years in row by The Heritage Foundation & Wall Street Jounal   Under the "One Country, Two Systems" concept, Hong Kong has retained its free market, international pro-business environment and common law system.  Average GDP growth year by year at 4.3-5.3%   HK see 5.9% increase in foreign companies operation  Low taxation for Companies   minimal tax burden on companies and individuals. company profits tax is 16.5.  Easier to do Business   Between January 2008 and January 2011, national and local governments carried out 48 reforms aimed at making it easier to start a business. 5
  6. 6. Market Access By  Building & Engineering  Commercial Property Sponsorships  Residential Property  Financial Services  Food & Beverage  Healthcare University’s  Hotels & Tourism  Technology TiE  Leisure & Entertainment Charter  Manufacturing Speakers Members  Markets & Investing  Media & Marketing  Retail Workshops  Shipping & Marine  Telecom & Internet  Transport & Logistics  Utilities Events 6
  7. 7. Fundamentals of TiECharter Members (CMs)are TiE CMs are successful Build Chapter through revenues the engines of a TiE individuals, who believe in from membership, events,Chapter (Contribute fee) & the mission of sponsors. Generate revenues pay fee to TiE Global entrepreneurship thru innovative services TiE Local Chapter & CM’sFounding Fee Structure Establish TiE A minimum Attend TiE Chapter funds initial Documents, of 15 CM’s events &President, operating recruitment, Required -> IdentifyTeam and expenses. governance, Aim 20-25 potential Charter CM’s & Annual Core team sponsors Member Member fee’s Reports CM’s Are the Lifeblood of the Chapter 7
  8. 8. Requirements Launch Event  Pre-Launch Report   Approval - Describes the ecosystem, - by the Global Board of Trustees (BOT) & - Bios of at least active 20 CMs presence of a BOT at event - Annual Plan (for 12 months with post launch activities) & projected 3yr fins   Guest Speakers  Entity & Documentation   Partners & Sponsors - Memorandum of Agreement & Bye-laws - Registration Certificate: as not for profit Post Launch organization with Chapter Name - Chapter Affiliation Agreement/TiE Global   Chapter Website   Brand Center & Resource Center  Bank Account   Events Planning  Infrastructure & logistics   Sponsor & Membership Drive   Interface with TiE Global  Staff - Executive Director   Best Practices - Members & Volunteers   Good Governance and Goal Setting 8
  9. 9. Fee Structure - Started in 2005 TEN - Support model for sharing of experiences and applied skills; networking opportunities; aim to provide global strategic Starting Business Annual HKD 300The Entrepreneurs relationships, innovative solutions from TEN Youth (18-25) Annual HKD 150 Network - joining the Executive committee or becoming a Sub- committee member HK Investment -  Connecting Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors 4 types of rates/membership HKD 1)  Std - $999, (4-5 Contacts) Network -  Proposal -> Send to investors -> Interest -> connect -  Membership Ranges from contact details, approvals, contact 2)  Express -$1499 (7-8 contacts)(Angel Investor) guarantee, advertising, uploading to global exposure… 3)  Express + $1999 (9-10contact) 4)  Global Express + $2499 (15+) Joining fee of HK$500 1st Yr PLUS: -  Founded in 2002 TEC
 -  Provide existing and would-be Entrepreneurs with a regular HK$500 for Students HK$1,000 founders & Biz ownersThe Entrepreneurs monthly forum for intellectual exchange and networking HK$2,000 for those who arent opportunities Club -  Sponsorship (Platinum HKD2500pm/Gold HKD1500pm) founders and owners in a private business [Annually] 
 - Started in 2010 with (SIC) HK Social SIC invests in social enterprises driven by clearly defined missions for creating positive social or environmental impact Investors Club primarily in Hong Kong, through sustainable and market- oriented operation models 9
  10. 10. Fee Structure -  Started Oct -  -  Open Angel Forum for Technology related start-ups For Angel investors to choose and fund creative start-ups No membership fee’s advertised -  Promotes events, funding, advise, help & Obtain sponsors -  Founded in March 2008, (inc in 2008) Fellows – free HK Social -  To create and sustain a civic movement of social Life Members – HK$500 for life entrepreneurship, Dedicating to promoting and supporting Ordinary Members – HK$300 forEntrepreneurship the development of social entrepreneurship. the first three years, thereafter HK Forum (HKSEF) -  Generate income by member fees, income, Matching grants, $100 per annum Donations Student Member – HK$50 per year -  Department for Foreign Direct Investment, supporting Invest HK overseas businesses to set up and expand in Hong Kong Funded by Govt of HK -  Provide free advice and customized servicesAngels Den HK– -  Business Funding Clinics to propose business ideaAngel Investment -  Access to 3000+ Angels N/A -  UK based Company(Linked in Group) 10
  11. 11. Fee Structure(YPO) Young -  Started in HK in 1976 -  Global Org, with18,000 chief execs in 100 countries -  Age req < 45 yrs -  Executives with corp complexity Presidents -  Aim to create better leaders through education and idea exchange. Alliances with top learning institutions, and & Personal AttributesOrganization specialized Networks to enhance their business community -  Events all private -  Has YPO in China, Shanghai, Beijing, Australia (YEO) YoungEntrepreneurs -  Hosts events and speakers N/A -  Privy to HBSOrganization,Harvard Biz School - Britcham = HK$ 10,000 pa -  Amcham - Entrepreneurs/SME CommitteeChambers of -  Indian Chamber of Commerce Amcham = TBD Indcham = TBD Commerce -  Auscham Auscham = TBD -  etc -  Need further details on: -  Youth Business Hong Kong (YBHK) Others…? -  (YXO) Young Executive Organization TBD -  YouthGov.HK TiE – Only Globally Aligned, Open Forum Network 11
  12. 12. Step 1 : List of CM’s and Bio’s Delegation of Activities [NFP, Documents etc] Introduction of new membersStep 2 : Present to TiE Global i.  Case for a HK chapter ii.  Incorporation & Byelaws iii.  List of founding CMs with bios iv.  Business plan Obtain Approval- March 2012 global committee meetingStep 3 : Plan Launch 12