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BBH School of Ideas 2013


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At BBH we think ideas are everything.

We’ve built our business around creating ideas that solve business problems, ideas that drive fame, ideas that change behaviour, ideas that harness new technologies, ideas that go way beyond advertising.

Putting ideas first has meant that we’ve created some of the most iconic marketing ideas of the last 31 years, with clients as wide ranging as British Airways, Lynx, and Google, making us one of the most successful creative companies in the world.

We’re now looking to hire new talented people. Coders, bloggers, creative technicians, mathematicians, physicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, writers…People with the skills to shape the ideas of the future.

The BBH School of Ideas is a year-long apprenticeship with a difference. Successful candidates will spend nine months in our London office learning about all aspects of the business with on-the-job experience, including an opportunity to take up a 3-month placement in one of our six global offices. The scheme ends with a full-time job in either Strategy or Team Management in our London office.

Apply now for the September 2014 intake. Applications open until 5pm on Wednesday 13th November 2013.

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BBH School of Ideas 2013

  1. 1. An apprenticeship with a difference
  2. 2. BBH. One agency. Seven locations. LA New York London Shanghai Mumbai Sao Paulo Singapore
  3. 3. Our clients.
  4. 4. 1982 2013 31 years of groundbreaking ideas.
  5. 5. An agency of diverse disciplines and business units… BBH MK ZAG: brand invention Research & Data Black Sheep music Strategy BBH International Creative Labs: innovation unit Creativity for Good BBH Build
  6. 6. TV flx Print Social 360° IDEAS Mobile Retail CRM Web
  7. 7. New talent New skills New ideas
  8. 8. We believe you don’t learn by making tea.
  9. 9. We believe you don’t learn by peering over someone’s shoulder.
  10. 10. The BBH School of Ideas is one intense year…
  11. 11. …experience different disciplines Digital Research Presentations UX Production Social Account Management Strategy
  12. 12. <Get nerdy learning how to code>!
  13. 13. Spend a month learning strategy for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  14. 14. Wear trendy glasses and work with a startup
  15. 15. Cut your fingers making paper prototypes with our UX team
  16. 16. Damage your ear drums at gigs with Black Sheep Music
  17. 17. Get a tan spending three months in one of our international offices LA / Shanghai / Mumbai / Singapore New York / Sao Paolo
  18. 18. Get thrown in at the deep end on accounts like Audi, British Airways, Lynx or Johnnie Walker
  19. 19. Change the world Spend time with a charity and make them the best they can be
  20. 20. Do the downward dog with AG at our morning yoga classes
  21. 21. Take time out of the office to get inspired with passes to the best of the London museums
  22. 22. Have a strategy meeting in The Blue Posts, 3 metres from our front door.
  23. 23. And, if it all gets a bit much, get your toes painted pink by our in house beautician
  24. 24. As we said. No tea.
  25. 25. Applications close th 13 November
  26. 26. The process: Application / Interview / Final day
  27. 27. Apply at:
  28. 28. Thanks Questions to Follow us on Twitter for updates and live Q&As @bbhlondon