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  1. Meet Jeny
  2. AKA….. College Student
  3. Loves to
  4. Hang out with college friends
  5. @ home
  6. … through … she knows what her friends are doing 24/7 wherever they are.
  7. @ college
  8. She is struggling with college Assignments and Homework
  9. Time for submission of assignments is running out and her teachers are unable to help
  10. @ home
  11. She is too stressed with the Homework, Assignments and College Studies
  12. she is too worried and doesn’t really understand what to do. Is there someone who can help me with my curriculum and help me get better grades on my assignments ?
  13. … she uses Google to filter the Internet for the information she needs and comes across
  14. Expert tutors at HwA provide Online tutoring services at the most affordable price for all the subjects She contacts HwA for help Subjects covered include Maths, Management, Science, English, Engineering , etc….
  15. HWA provides seamless online tuitions in sessions of 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 120 minutes covering a variety of subjects
  16. With HwA, Jeny gets all her curriculum doubts cleared and is ready to face the assessments During her Online tutoring session, the expert tutor interact with Jeny to solve the problems at hand using state-of-the-art whiteboard, presentations, documents and chat.
  17. @ college
  18. She is more Confident , has more time to hang out with Friends and Graduates with flying colours……
  19. … she refers to all her friends in college……
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