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Copy of Asmahan cv 2015


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Copy of Asmahan cv 2015

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Personal: Name: Dr. Asmahan Majed Altaher. Nationality: Jordanian Marital status: Married (Female). Address Amman, Jubaiha. Tel. M. 079/5700405 - H. 06/ 5157547. Email: Quick learner, with the ability to achieve organization integration, and employ new methods, energetic, talented, enthusiastic, excellent communication skills, excellent problem solving skills, excellent learning abilities ,excellent teamwork attitude, and over 16 years of experience in the field of teaching in medium collage and universities. 1
  2. 2. Qualifications: ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR PhD in Management Information System – Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Amman –Jordan. Thesis title: Innovation and Knowledge Transfer in Jordan Pharmaceutical Industry. FEBRUARY- 2008. Master of public administration, Jordan University, Amman- Jordan , 2003. Bachelor of public administration at King AL-Saudi University .Alriyahd – Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.1989 Employment History: • ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR: Associate professor Faculty of Business Administration. Department /Management Information system –MIS- Applied Science Private University, Amman- Jordan Sep – 2013-2014. • DEPARTMENT CHAIR - Head of Management Information System Department. Faculty of Business Administration.–MIS- Applied Science Private University, Amman- Jordan 2012-2013. • Assistant professor. Faculty of Business Administration. Department /Management Information system –MIS- Applied Science Private University, Amman- Jordan Sep – 2008-2012. • Assistant prof. Faculty of Business Administration. Department /Management Information system-e-commerce .Jordan University, summer Course 2010. • Instructor Faculty of Business Administration Department in / Al- Ahliyya Amman University, Amman- Jordan 2003-2007. • Instructor Faculty of Business Administration Department / Al zaytoonah Private University of Jordan. Amman - Jordan 2005- 2006- 2008. • Teacher in Business Administration Department / Queen Aliaa community College. Amman –Jordan (1995-2003) 2
  3. 3. • Consultant in Management Information systems. And Organization strategy Formulation for Fast Trade Establishment 2003 –2011. Position occupied: • Lecturer Different courses. • Consultant for Fast Trade Est. • Assistant Professor • Associate Professor Conferences and Journals publication Journals • Al-Qudah., Altaher(2015) "The Impact of Knowledge Management in Financial Companies" Analytically Case Study" , accepted to publish in,Advance in Mangement and Applied Economics.Vol-6-2015 • Altaher . (2015), E-Learning Content and Knowledge characteristics: Empirical Case Study., China-USA Business Review, USA. ISSN 1537-1514. Vol. 14. NO.1.2015 • Altaher., (2014), The Data Traffic and Data Warehouses Store Managing and Controlling . European Journal of Business and Management, Vol.6, No.26, 2014- • Altaher., (2014) .Benefits of face recognition systems An Evaluation study. publish in European Scientific Journal, Vol. 6.No 26- 2014. Issn 2222. • Altaher, A. (2013) Knowledge sharing in Jordan Pharmacutical industries. European Scientific Journal (ESJ) 9(1) . •Altaher, A. (2012) Using the Balanced Scorecard and E-Commerce Strategy. China USA Business review journal. 11(8), pp. 131-136 • Altaher ,A. (2012) M-Commerce service systems implementation. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA) 3(8), pp. 1514-1131. 3
  4. 4. • Altaher, A. (2012) Knowledge Management Technologies. European Journal of Business and Management. 4 (17), pp. 53-61 • Alkhaffaf, M and Altaher, A. (2011) Critical Success Factors of E- Direct Marketing in Jordan Travel Agencies, International Journal of Online Marketing (IJOM), IGI Publishing group. 2 (2). 1-9 April- Jun 2012 2 PP 1-9 •V Altaher, A. (2010) Knowledge management process Implementation in pharmaceutical industry. ol. 3, No.8, 20121- Online International Journal for Digital Society (IJDS) 1(4), PP.265-271 •CONFERENCES • Altaher, A. (2014) the impact of knowledge characteristics on e- learning content., Journal of arts and Science Conference , 2014 – Fribourg- Germany • Sharing in ICERI2012 .5th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation. Dates: 19th - 21st of November, 2012: Madrid (Spain) • Annual London Conference on” Money, Economy and Management” 9- 10-2009 – The State of knowledge and Innovation Jordan communication firms”, London.2009. • I-society .IEEE conferences, Critical success factors of implementation knowledge management processes. Asmahan Altaher. I- society – IEEE conferences, London, Juon-2010. • International Conference on Information and Knowledge-held in Paris, France during June 24-26, 2011. The Impact of Knowledge Management Process in Jordan Industry 2011. • Al-zaytoonah University conference - Jordan, Faculty of Economics &Administrative Sciences. Knowledge Ethics-2005. • Al-zaytoonah University of Jordan.2008 Chang management &knowledge society- How knowledge transfers affects Reflection, Innovation in Jordan pharmaceutical industry-2008. 4
  5. 5. • INTED CONFRENCE- SPAIN- VALENCIA 2009 - Knowledge Transfer in Jordan Pharmaceutical. • International Business Research Conference, Dubai 16-17-2009. Knowledge Transfer Techniques. • Applied science university conference. 2009- Knowledge Management Requirements in Jordan communication firms – Dr Asmahan Altaher. & Dr. Ebrahim . Mansour. •The effect of knowledge characteristics in student performances: an Empirical Case Study. Computer Science and Application Journal,. OL.1.No2. 2010. Published Books: 1. Ataher, A. (2002) Lecturer in Economic –Amman- Jordan, Dar yafa publisher, Amman.Jordan. 2. Altaher, A and Alkaffaf, M. (2011) Introduction to Management information system. Drrwael publisher. Amman.Jordan. 3. Altaher, A. (2012) Knowledge Management Darwael publisher.Amman.Jordan . Teaching courses: • Principals of business administration.( Q1ueen Aliaa collage .Al- ahliyya ,Al-zaytoonah) • Principals of marketing. .( Q1ueen Aliaa collage ,Al-ahliyya ,Al- zaytoonah) • Managerial communications in English. .( Q1ueen Aliaa collage ,Al- ahliyya) • Human resources. .( Q1ueen Aliaa collage ,Al-ahliyya ) • Organization Behavior.( Q1ueen Aliaa collage ,Al-ahliyya ) • Modern management issues in English. .( Q1ueen Aliaa collage ,Al- ahliyya ) • Marketing strategy. (Q1ueen Aliaa collage ,Al-ahliyya ) 5
  6. 6. • Promotion management.( Q1ueen Aliaa collage ,Al-ahliyya) • Total quality management.( Al-ahliyya) • Organization theory. ( Al-ahliyya) • Information security. (Al-zaytoonah) • Programming applications in business. (SPSS). (Al-zaytoonah) • Management Information systems. • Knowledge management. • Strategic of Information system. • E-commerce. • Essentials of information technology. Writers on Alrai newspaper ‫الرابط‬‫كتابة‬‫العديد‬‫من‬‫المقال ت‬‫في‬‫جريدة‬ ‫الراي‬‫الدردنية‬ ‫كاتبة‬‫في‬‫جريدة‬‫الري‬‫في‬ .‫الدردنية‬‫زاوية‬‫ادراء‬‫ومواقف‬ . ‫كاتبة‬‫في‬‫عمون‬‫موقع‬‫الكتروني‬ . Membership Certification -The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (SDIWC). Membership Certification .The SDIWC certifies that. Asmahan Altaher - Member of it. This membership allows the mentioned name to take advantages from the SDIWC. - ‫المنتدى‬‫العالمي‬‫للوسطية‬ - Member on the Arab Non-Violence Society- Amman – Jordan - Reviewer for Master proposal and research framework Training Courses: • Teaching skills 6
  7. 7. • Programming with Microsoft visual Basic 2003. • ICDL 2007. Social services Activates: ‫مجتمع‬ ‫خدمة‬ TV-Appearance ‫المشاركة‬‫فى‬‫العديد‬‫من‬‫الندوات‬‫التلفزيونية‬‫في‬‫التلفزيون‬‫الردني‬‫في‬‫مج‬‫م‬‫برنام‬‫مت‬‫م‬‫تح‬‫موء‬‫م‬‫الض‬،‫مج‬‫م‬‫وبرنام‬‫مباب‬‫م‬‫ش‬ ‫وجامعات‬ Sharing 12 time in TV programs in Jordan TV from 2007-2012. The Program name Under Lights, and other programs. 24-10-2012 Sharing in Jordan TV Program. 2013 ‫حلقة‬‫عن‬‫التستهل