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CIA Plans Book Final


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CIA Plans Book Final

  1. 1. Innovate Your Future Montana Crawford, Lakyn Parks, Kyle Perdue, Thea Robinson December 8, 2016 Radford University
  2. 2. Table of Contents Situation Analysis Executive Summary Research SWOT Analysis SWOT Insights Survey Insights Key Insights Unique Selling Proposition Target Markets VALS Target Market Personas Target Insights: Innovators and Thinkers Target Insights: Believers and Achievers Brand Positioning The Big Idea Creative Brief Communication Goals and Objectives: Students Communications Goals and Objectives: Business Owners Creative Strategy Print Adverising: Full Size Ad Print Advertising: Landscape Full Size Ad Radio Advertising: Radio Spot Print Advertising: Direct Mail Print Advertising: Brochures Digital Media: Social Media Print Advertising: Testimonals Appearl: Short Sleeve T-Shirt Gurellia Marketing: Stickers, Koozies, and Window Clings Media Strategy and Limitations Advertising and Media Budget Campaign Schedule Campaign Evaluation Meet the Team Citations 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 8-9 10 11 12 13 13 14-15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33
  3. 3. Executive Summary Situation Analysis Situation Analysis and Executive Summary Fortem Agency has developed an advertising strategy that will raise awareness and develop interest in Radford Universitiy’s Center of In- novation and Analytics (CIA). The develop- ment of this campaign involved primary and secondary research. The agency used this re- search to understand the centers competition. The data that was collected provides insights and attributes of the various other centers. After all of data was collected and analyzed Fortem Agency feels that it can provide a well rounded campaign that will involve creative tactics. The creative tactics will involve tradi- tional and non-traditional media along with a large digital media campaign. In 1910, the Virginia General Assembly established Radford State Teacher’s College. Dr. John Preston McConnell was appointed as the first president of Radford State Teacher’s College. In the 1970’s Radford starts accepting men to the university as will as the fourth president of the school who was Dr. Donald Dedmon. At the end of the 1970s, Radford College was renamed Radford University. In 2005, Radford University welcomed their first female president Penelope W. Kyle. In 2016, Radford welcomed their seventh pres- ident Brian O. Hemphill. Radford University is the home to the College of Business and Economics (COBE), which was founded in 1978. The College of Business and Eco- nomics offers undergraduate education as well as a Masters of Business Administration. In 2012, the College of Business and Economics moved into their new building $44 million LEED Gold Certified Building; which is known known as Kyle Hall. It is the home to a mock stocking trading room, numer- ous breakout rooms, computer labs, lecture halls, banquet hall, and the Center for Innovation and Analytics. On September 23, 2016, Radford University’s College of Business and Economics (COBE), opened the new Center for Innovation and Analytics. The center is co-directed by two Radford University faculty from the College of Business and Economics. Dr. Steve Childers is the Director of Innova- tion and a Professor of Management. Dr. Childers has experience with both domestic and international firms. Dr. Wil Stanton is the Director of Analyt- ics and a Professor of Marketing. Dr. Stanton holds a doctoratal degree in decision science with an emphasis on applied statistics and decision making along with a minor in marketing research. The center is founded around two main pillars, Innovation and Analytics. 1
  4. 4. Research Research Methods Fortem Agency used secondary research to understand the client situation. The College of Business and Economics Strategic Plan was a the primary secondary research. After analyz- ing this document, external research was com- pleted. This was various competing centers of Innovation or Analytics. Other research includ- ed Radford University’s website. Google was the primary search engine. Research Objectives: << Establish the target market for the Cen- ter for Innovation and Analytics. << Identify primary competition for the pillar of Innovation. << Identify primary competition for the pillar of Analytics. << Determine the unique attributes that the Center for Innovation and Analytics offer. << Analyze data to better understand the target market. << Analyze data to be able to implement an advertising campaign. << Develop an advertising campign to increase awareness of the Center for Innovation and Analytics. 2
  5. 5. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats RADFORD UNIVERSITY - Offer different programs - Programs attractive to a range of students - Doesn’t offer help - There is no search bar - Offer specific programs for students - Live Twitter feed connected to site - Can contact center through their social media on Twitter or Facebook - Advisory Board for the center is made up of well know executives - Works with fortune 500 companies - Doesn’t offer different points of view - Mission statement mentions all three pillars - Offers information on events and research - Shows how analytics work through social media like YouTube - Site offers all contact infromation - Site hasn’t been recently updated - Articles are not current - Center holds competi- tions and programs for students - Holds competition for students to get hand-on experience -Offer a lot of opportu- nities to network with professionals - Has a tab just for wom- en on their site - Website focuses mainly on business - Center has multiple au- thors (business, history, and chemistry profes- sors) - Qualifications from authors of site - No contact information College of Business and Economics - Offers information on what the center can do for the students - Offers information on what employers look for - Doesn’t connect with students on social media - Provides success stories - Provides a list of Rad- ford alumni who works in the field - Center doesn’t have social media accounts SWOT Analysis 4
  6. 6. SWOT Insights << Develop various social media accounts. << Captialize that the center specilaizes in both Innovation and Analytics. << Create competitions for the Center of Innovation and Analytics. << Offer networking events with professionals in various industries. SWOT Insights4
  7. 7. Survey Insights << Almost 85% of Radford students took our survey had never heard of the Center for Innovation and Analytics. << Out of the 41 students that we surveyed 95.12% had never visited the Center, this number went up from students that had said they had heard of the Center. << The programs that Radford University students said that they would like to certified in are programs that the Center offers like Microsoft, Google Analytics and Excel. << When asked the question “When would you be more likely to use the center?” students that answered the question said they would perfer to use it in their under- graduate careers. << The survey listed the different programs and offerings like workshops, internships and co-op, and credit and non credit classes that the center had and students said that they would be inclined to take all of them almost equally. << Some popular majors that participated in this survey were Criminal Justice, Psy- chology, Athletic Training, Finance and Nursing. So other then College of Business and Economics students, other students believed that the center could benefit them also. Survey Insights 5
  8. 8. Key Insights Unique Selling Proposition The Center has a vision of being “a Premier Center for Innovation and Analytics with a strong focus on student learning and faculty involvement in solving real-life business problems in active collaboration with industry partners”. Some offerings that may appeal to all majors are seminars, workshops, lectures, and active learning opportunities. Students of business majors as well as other majors may find such offerings helpful in future careers. The Center will also be offering information to and possibly working with Alumi, Corporate Recruiters, and Members of Industry to provide information and possible job opportunities to CIA memebers. With the Center for Innovation and Analytics many needs of students and potential employers can be met. << Create social media accounts for the Center for Innovation and Analytics. << Highlight membership and programs that the center offers. << Connect secondary target with primary target. Key Insights and Unique Selling Proposition6
  9. 9. Target Markets The center’s primary targets would be current Radford University students from all the colleges. Among this primary target group, there would be two different segments. The first one would be current students in the College of Business and Economics. These would be primary targets because in their future careers they would be able to benefit most. These students were the most likely to be in the same building as the Center for Innovation and Analytics so the place utility would be most helpful. The second segment would be just other students in other col- leges and programs. These students would be targeted because knowing basic Microsoft office skill would be helpful in any field. Even though these students do not have as easy access to Kyle hall as business students, our promotions would therefore need to engage theses tudents and the whole campus. These students are ready to make the most out of their Radford experience by getting ahead of their marketable skills. Fortem agency really wanted to know our targets inside out, so we created a sur- vey that was distributed to the Radford University community. Our results showed us that most Radford University students have not heard about The Center for In- novation and Analytics but would love the be able to take some classes and have certifications in areas like Microsoft and Google/Web analytics. Other feedback that was given was that even though some students had heard of the Center they Secondary Market Our secondary target market will be small business owners in the Radford University area. Fortem chose small business owners becasue Radford students can help improve local businesses and simultaneously gain real world experiance This will create a network between students and profession- als in the industry. With the Center of Innovation and An- alytics offering memberships to students that can help gain mentorships opprotunaties with prospective industry profes- sionals. Target Markets 7
  10. 10. 8 VALS Assesment Model Innovators Innovation drives the innovators as they are pushing boundaries. Innovators are doing things now to make their future better, this entails getting involved with the Center for Innovation and Analyt- ics to gain certification for their future career. Innovators understand that if they want to do well in life they need to exceed at school along with have well balanced extrecurucular activaties. Thinkers Thinkers are more rational and skeptical of advertising. They really have to weigh the benefits and then they can make a decision. When we advertise we need to really give facts and use testimonials of students who are using or have used the center. Achievers They are more into what others thin and what everyone else is doing. for this we would use a bandwagon ap- peal. Achievers are people who accept the status quo and do not try to step Thinkers VALS (Values and Lifestyles) is a proprietary research methodology used for psy- chographic market segmenta- tion. Market segmentation is designed to guide companies in tailoring their products and services in order to appeal to their target market. VALS
  11. 11. They are more into what others thin and what everyone else is doing. for this we would use a bandwagon ap- peal. Achievers are people who accept the status quo and do not try to step out of it. if others are doing it they will follow.  Believers They are persuaded easily by advertis- ing and by others. Believers are in to watching TV and storylines. Believers are more of just going with the flow peo- ple. They need to have a clear descrip- They are persuaded easily by advertis- ing and by others. Believers are in to watching TV and storylines. Believers are more of just going with the flow peo- ple. They need to have a clear descrip- tion of what the product is. As long as it works for someone else it will work for them or they will at lease try it. Positioning Innovate Your Future!  This slogan for the Center for Innovation and Analytics offers major selling propositions that will aid the Center in its endeavors. The Achievers Believers Media Usage Younger targets are social media inclined. They are use to everything that is their in the next minute. They are highly involved with their friends on their prospective medias. The so- cial medias that they use the most are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Insta- gram, and Linkedin. Older targets are knowledgeable about digital medias, however they prefer traditional medias. Tradition- als medias are radio ads, direct mail, print ads. They know about social media but they don’t frequently use them. VALS and Media Usage 9
  12. 12. Target Market Personas Innovative Ian Ian is a current Radford University junior who is a Media Studies major with a concentration in Advertising and a minor in Marketing. He has started his ap- plication for membership into the center, he has more of a creative brain so he feels the center will not be able to help as much as it can. Ian knows that the center can really help him in the job market to become more marketable and a well-rounded employee. Ian did not know about the center until he was nearing compleation of his minor, but the center offers certifications that will help him in the future. He is ready to jump into something new and be creative. Analytical Amber Amber is a college sophomore just starting her major in Marketing within the College of Business and Economics at Radford University. After taking some of her classes for marketing she realized that to be competitive when getting out in the job market that means taking credit and non-credit classes for certification in programs like Ex- cel, which the Center for Innovation and Analytics offers. When talking to one of her professors after class one day she learns about the Center and what it has to offer. Amber thinks it will be useful to her but she still needs to be reassured that the Center can deliver promised services. Amber needs to see consistent advertising promoting the same message of what the Center can do for her and what it offers. Amber is not one just to refer to advertisements so she want to hear from people her age, profes- sors, and alumni that talk about how the Center has helped them in their professional carrers. Target Market Personas10
  13. 13. Target Insights Innovators Are always taking in information Are confident enough to experiment Make the highest number of financial transactions Are skeptial about advertising Have international exposure Are future oriented Are self-directed consumers Believe science and R&D are credible Are most receptive to new ideas and technologies Enjoys the challenge of problem solving Have the widest variety of interest and activities Thinkers Have “ought” and “should” benchmarks for social conduct Have a tendency toward analysis paralysis Plan, research and consider before they act Enjoy a historical perspective Are financially established Are not influenced by what’s hot Use technology in functional ways Prefer traditional intellectual pursuits Buy proven products Target Insights: Innovators and Thinkers 11
  14. 14. AchieversBelievers Believe in basic rights and wrongs to lead a good life Rely on spirituality and faith to provide inspriation Want friendly communities Watch TV and read romance novels to find an escape Want to know where things stand; have no tolerance for ambiguity Are not looking to change society Find advertising a legitmate sources of information Value constancy and stability (can appear to be loyal) Have strong me-too fashion attitudes Have a “me first, my family first” attitude Believe money is the source of authority Are committed to family and job Are fully scheduled Are goal oriented Are hardworking Are moderate Act as anchors of the status quo Are peer conscious Are private Are professionals Valuse technology that provides a productivity boost Target Insights: Believers and Achievers12
  15. 15. Brand Positioning Innovate Your Future The Big Idea Innovate Your Future! This slogan for the Center for Innovation and Analytics offers major selling propositions that will aid the Center in its endeavors. The first is that Innovate your Future gives the target market and later customers at the CIA the feeling of empowerment and owning their future. This sense of empowerment they feel when thinking about the CIA will create a positive response to the center through Pavlovian conditioning. Secondly, the word Innovate helps to conjure up an image and expectation of what a customer at the CIA would be able to gain from working with the center. One of the communication goals for this campaign was to offer a consistent message. The big idea of Innovate Your Future of- fers a consistent slogan to go with the CIA’s mission statement. By directly offering a clear slogan that showcases what the CIA advertising mediums will be able to offer a clear and consistent message that will enable people to fully understand the offerings and ideals of the Center for Innovation and Analytics. Brand Positioning and The Big Idea The Center for Innovation and Analytics goes hand-in-hand with the College of Business and Economics mission “to provide an active learning environment that develops analyt- ical and innovative business professionals for a dynamic global economy”. The Center is focused on two main pillars. The pillars are Innovation and Analytics. The first pillar is Innovation and the CIA wishes to accomplish through this pillar is to be- come the “go-to” resource for innovation and value creation.The CIA plans on doing so by bringing together capable and cevoted faculty, an innovative and technology-rich environ- ment, and a strong analytics capability. The second pillar is Analytics which will focus on postive contributions analytics can have in fact-based decison making and provide the opportunity for practial application that will enrich research, teaching, and learning. This pillar will help students get into analytically focused internships. 13
  16. 16. Creative Brief
  17. 17. Creative Brief The Center for Innovation and Analytics offers benefits to students on campus that no other center does on campus. Gain more awareness of the center with students on campus that are not just majors in the College of Business and Economics. By doing this the cen- ter can gain a wide aray of students from different backgrounds and majors across campus. You can have students that think more creative or analyt- ical working hand-in-hand. They will also be able to work with professionals and see what they are struggling with in the current world. Opportunities Have the target market participate in events that can benefit them in the future. Create a conversa- tion between professionals and students. Once the CIA is known to the primary market it will create an awareness about the benefits it has to offer. The CIA teaches students lifelong skills and processes by which they can turn data and infor- mation into innovative ideas that optimize business decisions. The center will assist in securing student access to industry workshops, seminars and con- ferences, internship and co-op opportunities and an independent study-style scholars program. Proposition Brand Personality Reason to Believe Creative Brief 15
  18. 18. Communication Goals and Objectives: Goals, Objectives, and Strategy Tactics Increase the number of visits to the Center for Innovation and Analytics by 10% so students can know where the center is located and what it has to offer. Increase the CIA’s aware- ness by 10% with Radford students so they can become aware of the center’s bene- fits Print Ads, Brochures, and social media ac- counts will advertise events coming up in the center. Offer a consistant mes- sage to the primary target to create an image and recognition for the center. Print ads, bus advertise- ments, participation at club fairs, and radio ads will increase the aware- ness of the CIA. All advertising for the center will involve the CIA’s logo or tag line to create a consis- tant message. Students Communication Goals and Objectives: Students16
  19. 19. Communication Goals and Objectives: Goals,Objectives, andStrategy Tactics Business Owners Increase the awareness of the CIA by 15% with busi- ness owners to let them know about what the center offers to current college stu- dents. Direct mail, print ads, and radio advertising will increare the awareness of the center for business that are interest- ed in joining the center. Increase the visits by busi- ness owners to the the cen- ter by 15% to get a network started between students and professionals. Social media, direct mail, and print ads will promote upcoming events where pro- fessionals can attend to talk with prospective students. Communication Goals and Objectives: Business Owners 17
  20. 20. Creative Strategy
  21. 21. 19 Print Advertising Full Size Ad This advertising is targeted toward the students of the university. Its asking the question “Where do you want to go?” The answer is the Center for Innovation and Analytics. The ad’s call of action is the website. It also shows a persone walking into the building where the cen- ter is located. Media Print Ad Distribution Current Radford Students Print Advertising: Full Size Ad
  22. 22. Print Advertising Media Print Ad Distribution Small Business This advertising is targeted toward the small business owners. It has the tagline that the center is using which is “Innovate Your Future”. The center has their logo and website as well as all the social media that they are on. This is so the business owners can look into the center. Landscape Full Size Ad Print Advertising: Landscape Full Size Ad20
  23. 23. Radio Advertising Media Radio Ads Distribution K92 and Q99 Radio Advertising: Radio Spot SFX Computer Typing and Clicking Boy #1: Oh man I’ve started to make my resume and I don’t have much on it. I really need to start having more useful skills. Boy #2: What kind of skills would you want? Boy #1: Just certifications in Microsoft, excel, Google analyt- ics and some real world experience. SFX: Typing on the computer and mouse clicking Boy #2: Did you know you could get that right here? At the Center for Innovation and Analytics. They offer credit and non-credit classes for certifications in the areas your are looking for and much more. Plus they also have memberships available so you can have a mentorship right here in Radford with a local business owner. Boy #1: Oh man! I really need to check it out it sounds per- fert for me and my future! ANNCR: The Center for Innovation and Analytics is open Monday through Friday and is located in Kyle Hall on the 2nd floor in room 231, The Center for Inno- vation and Analytics. Innovate Your Future. END 21
  24. 24. Print Advertising Direct Mail This advertising is targeted toward the small business owner around the New Riv- er Valley. It will inform them that the center is open. It shows the businesses that they offer a membership program that involves two tiers. Media Direct Mail Distribution Business Owners Print Advertising: Direct Mail22
  25. 25. Print Advertising Media Brochures Distribution Students and Businesses This advertising is targeted toward students and businesses to show them what the center has to offer. One of the big things that it is offering is a membership. The brochures will offer all the information that the consum- er will need to know about the center and why it is important to join. Brochures Print Advertising: Brochures Outside Inside 23
  26. 26. Digital Advertising Social Media This advertising is targeted toward the students and small businesses. We will create awareness with creating social me- dia accounts. The primary target is always checking up on the latest news and events on multiple social media sites. Also, busi- nesses have their own medias that they use to promote events. Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Distribution Students and Businesses Digital Advertising: Social Media24
  27. 27. Print Advertising Media Testimonals Distribution Students This advertising is targeted toward the primary target. The primary target is a generation that likes to know how people benefit from things. The tes- timonals will help with that to show what the student got out of the CIA and how it is a vital center to the community of Radford University. Testimonals Print Advertising: Testimonals 25
  28. 28. Apparel Media T-Shirt Distribution Students and Businesses This advertising is targeted toward students and businesses that have a membership with the center. The t-shirt will provide awareness for the center by showing who are members of the CIA on campus. Short Sleeve T-Shirt FrontBack Appearl: Short Sleeve T-Shirt26
  29. 29. Gurellia Marketing Stickers, Koozies, and Window Clings This advertising is targeted toward the stu- dents and small businesses. The center will offer the stickers and koozies at the events that it hosts and attends. Some of the events will include club fairs and networking events. Radford transit busses would house the Win- dow Clings. The Radford Transit has 12 bus- ses that run daily in the tri-city area to bring awarness to area. Media Stickers, Koozies, and Window Clings Distribution Students and Businesses Back Front Stickers Gurellia Marketing: Stickers, Koozies, and Window Clings Window Clings 27
  30. 30. Media Stategy Objectives for reaching the target markets are based on a ten thousand dollar budget. The methods that Fortem think will be the best are print, radio, social, and gurellia marketing. In print we have developed full size ads, direct mail, and brochures. We have also developed a radio ad that will be broadcast over the New River Valley. The Center of Innovation and Analytics will also create free social media sites on Face- book, Twitter, and Instagram. They will also use gurellia marketing with the following elements of t-shirts, stickers, koozies, and window clings. Each part has a different plan to make sure it is maximized to the greatest potential for the awarness for the Center for Innovation and Analytics. Limitations $10,000 Budget 20% Contingency Fund Media Strategy and Limitations28
  31. 31. Advertising and Media Budget Advertisement Print Full Size Print Advertising Landscape Full Size Print Advertising Direct Mail Brochures Testimonals Radio Digital Gurellia Radio Spot Social Media T-Shirts Stickers Koozies Window Clings Total Phase I Phase II $600 $600 $500 $800 $0 $400 $0 $1,500 $500 $375 $240 $5,515 $2,485 Advertising and Media Budget $0 $0 $1,000 $0 $0 $0 $300 $300 $285 $300 $300 29
  32. 32. Campaign Schedule Full Size Print Advertising Landscape Full Size Print Advertising Direct Mail Brochures Testimonals Radio Spots Social Media T-Shirts Stickers Koozies Window Clings Students Businesses Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Campaign Schedule30
  33. 33. Campaign Evaluation In evaluating the advertisng campaign the center would use a survey or questionnaire asking students if they saw the adver- tisements, what they thought of the advertisements, and if they visited the Center for Innovation and Analytics. The evaluation will consist of at least 100 surveys. The questionnaire would start with two filter question. If the par- ticpant answers “yes” to either question they would proceed to the next question. The questions that would follow the filter questions would be asked specific questions about the center. Then the survey will go over the advertisements that were used in the cam- paign. Each advertisment would be rated on how effective it was in catching the attention of the participant. To evaluate the questionaire, the responses would be entered into SPSS or another similar program to calculate the results and get percentages by running the appropriate tests. The questions that have fill in the blank answers would have to be coded and added to the rest of the results. From there it is all about interpreting the results. Another way to evaluate the advertisements would be to have people go out and conduct a short interview with randomly select- ed students or faculty/staff. These interviews would be a con- densed version of the questionnaire where the people conduting the interviews either take notes by hand or use an audio record- ing device. The results would then be brought back and evaluat- ed. They method could potentially be more time consuming and harder to evaluate. All evaluations would be for the Center for Innovation and Ana- lytics use only and respondents would remain anonymous. Then the center will decided which advertisements are working and improve on those. Campaign Evaluation 31
  34. 34. Meet the Team Montana Crawford Brand Management Specialist Montana is a Senior at Radford Univer- sity and is from The Plains, Virginia. She is studying Recreation, Parks, and Tour- ism with a concentration in Tourism and Special Events and has two minors, one in Marketing and the other in Appalachian Studies. She promotes sustainable initia- tives for the Radford University campus as the Secretary of Sustainability for the Student Government Association. Lakyn Parks Research Executive Lakyn is a Senior at Radford University and is from Grayson County, Virginia. She is studying Marketing in the College of Business and Economics. She enjoys reading and painting in her free time. Kyle Perdue Creative Director Kyle is a Senior at Radford University and is from Franklin County, Virginia. He is studying Media Studies with a concentra- tion in Advertising and a minor in Mar- keting. In his free time he enjoys submerg- ing himself into a good book. Thea Robinson Account Executive Thea is a Junior at Radford University and is from Falls Church, Virginia. She is studying Media Studies with a concentra- tion in Advertising and a minor in Mar- keting and Management. In her free time she likes to cook meals from the Cooking Network. Meet the Team32
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  36. 36. Copyright © 2016 - All Rights Reserved - Fortem Agency