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360 Feedback Report: Powerful graphs & charts to enrich feedback insights!


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A peek to CR System's 360 Degree Feedback Report. How HR consultants and coaches can leverage on this powerful tool to support the feedback process and development plans. Report can be customised to suit your coaching style and branding needs.

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360 Feedback Report: Powerful graphs & charts to enrich feedback insights!

  1. 1. What graphs and charts are most powerful for 360 Feedback Reports? How do they bring out meaningful analysis and provide motivation for development?
  2. 2. Designed to be able to print B&W and colour blind options. Spider Diagram gives a rounded overview of all the competency ratings, which is great for HR coaches to kick off the conversation and prepare the subject for the rest of the report.
  3. 3. Colour Coded Bar Chart is one of the clearest and most intuitive way to understand data. With so much information to digest, it is necessary to keep the presentation simple. Used consistently for the average ratings of the Competency and the ratings of each Behaviour under the Competency.
  4. 4. Count Table is great for displaying the distribution of each individual’s rating. Breaking down the scores allows outliers to be identified and gives a richer picture. This is beneficial for the subject to reach acceptance for the final outcome.
  5. 5. Benchmarks used as a guidance or indicator with sensible coaching can be bring depth to the data and be motivating for subjects. Two main types of benchmarking: 1. Compare to average 2. Drawing the capable line
  6. 6. In this example… Tier 1: Effective Team Work Tier 2: Motivation (and other 2 competencies) Tier 3: The behaviours. Three Tier Rating Some companies like to stratify their 360º competency framework to have top line aspirational traits or words above the specific competences. Then the rest of the information flows as a standard report.
  7. 7. Traffic Lights indicates the degree of agreement. The numbers in the boxes show the range of consistency between the ratings from oneself and each group. The colours correspond to the significance of agreement or differences in opinions. It is helpful to know how aligned people are in their perception of one’s behaviour.
  8. 8. Written Feedback provides a crucial context and richer picture of the behaviours that can often be hidden by simple scoring. An important part of the 360º experience is to offer as diverse of a range as possible to create a picture of a person’s behaviour as perceived by everyone else. Describe what, in your opinion, John Snow does well in this area? o Snow has a good understanding of the company’s vision and strategy. His views are valued in strategic debates. o Delegating responsibility to the team for developing the divisional business planning. o Has clear strategic mind. o Snow is a great champion for his team and takes every opportunity to explain how well they have done to achieve goals in very adverse circumstances. o Strong at company level, little experience of role at division. o He has a clear understanding of the business needs and work well towards that. Describe what, in your opinion, John Snow could do differently that would improve his performance in this area? o Implementation of ideas needs to be more evident. o Although happy to take responsibility for improvements a tendency for them not to be driven to completion. o Try to be less “clever” with objectives and goals and be more specific. o More conscious effort to ensure wider business alignment when making significant decision. o Improve communication with his subordinate team on business and strategic issues. o Needs to broaden his perspective beyond the confines of his own division and their customers.
  9. 9. Strengths & Weakness An understanding of the best and least developed behaviours, particularly when colour coded by Competency, provides yet another view of the “picture” and enables an individual to choose the most appropriate areas to focus upon on their development journey. Rating rankings can use percentage or number scale.
  10. 10. Gap Analysis provides a powerful insight into the unconscious behaviours that we all exhibit. By showing the extremes of differences between and individual and everyone else’s opinion on his/her behaviour we can highlight areas for discussion. This is often one of the most revealing parts of a 360º report.
  11. 11. As a coach CR Systems’ 360˚ Feedback Report is a powerful tool, it gives learners clarity and raises self-awareness. I used it in my previous company and did not hesitate to use them again when I took over the Development department here in NEC. - National Exhibition Centre Group
  12. 12. So how would you like your 360 Report? Bespoke reports to maximise learning & development. 020 8816 8343