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SDC42 Intergate.Seattle PDF

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SDC42 Intergate.Seattle PDF

  1. 1. SDC42 Turnkey Module Intergate.Seattle East Campus
  2. 2. Overview Modular efficiency for mid-sized data center users. At $.056/kWh, SDC offers the lowest electrical rate of any major metropolitan area Infrastructure – Power plus connectivity • 26 KV from redundant distribution switchgear • Designed at 150 Watts / SF SDC52 • Tier 3 Design – up to 4,500 kW of IT load • Tier 1 Design – up to 800 kW of IT load • Design PUE of 1.18 • Concurrently maintainable (in Tier 3 Modules) OFFICE 4,036sf • Redundant UPS and Caterpillar 2.5 MW generators – N+1 (in Tier 3 Modules) • STS with separate UPS modules feeding A & B power to cabinets (in Tier 3 Modules) • 12 fiber carriers to serve site through redundant access • Emergency backup – 72 hours on-site fuel with emergency fuel contract • Dual fuel delivery/return system with monitoring • Efficient free-cooling system is backed-up by N + 1 chillers Design Efficiency SDC42 1,500 kW per module 4202 4201 4203 Data Hall Space // 27,058 rsf total, 9,500 rsf / module • On-deck mounting for racks, cabinets & SAN devices • Overhead cable tray & power distribution • Modular for easy, cost-effective expansion • Hot Aisle Encapsulation Security Critical Environment Management • 24/7/365 monitoring & control • Award-winning Operations Team • Mantraps with dual authentication access • State of the art control and monitoring • Ballistic-rated building access points • Physical security audits and assessments • Dual interlocked pre-action sprinklers • Mission critical responsiveness • Incipient smoke detection (VESDA) • Type ll SSAE 16 Audit completed Tier l Lab Space Air Handlers
  3. 3. Free-Cooling 90% of the Year Our turnkey modular free-cooling system directs more electricity to the real work of the data center – processing data – rather than cooling. 1 Outside air passes through dual sets of filters and then a wet evaporative medium within the indoor airstream producing cool, humid air Outside Air Exhaust 70° Supply air to cold aisle 5 Hot return air is ducted outdoors or reused. 90° Return air from hot aisle Roof Intake louvers 2 Airside economizers use a series of dampers and fans to mix air to the ideal state 3 Filter Evaporative cooling Supply fans Exhaust fans Cool air is supplied around the server racks, evenly cooling the servers inside. ot 4 Heat passes into a hot aisle containment old Seattle City Light, the nation’s only carbon-neutral electrical utility, recognized SDC’s saving of up to 6 million kWs of energy annually with the awarding of its largest ever Power Players award and utility incentive. The Cooling System Efficient, Reliable and Inexpensive Seattle’s mild climate helps deliver ample cooling capacity at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Cool, relatively dry ambient air flows from outside into a direct evaporative system with airside economizers to deliver optimally conditioned air to the server floor. Virtually the only electricity consumed is through the “Fan Wall” which makes air handling more efficient. Variable speed motors adjust airflow as heating requirements change. A closed loop system supplies the chillers with water as needed, minimizing loss through evaporation. • Modular chillers allow staged expansion to accommodate customer’s growth requirements. • No data center space is wasted on bulky CRAC units. • Superior air flow management through hot/ cold aisle design
  4. 4. Intergate.Seattle is Sabey Data Center’s flagship data center. Its 1.2 m square feet comprise both East and West campuses. SDC’s Seattle turnkey locations are highlighted in blue. E About Sabey Data Center Properties S Othello St M g ar in 99 Ma ay lW ina rg Ra al Way argin EM 8th Ave S ini nL rti Ma Be ac on Av eS ing rK Jr ay W Re nto nA ve S SW S Foster Golf Course S SDC specializes in scalable, highly efficient, custom-built solutions including data center-ready powered shell, turnkey and build to suit data centers. Our turnkey spaces are operated by an award-winning critical environment management team consistently recognized for its disciplined performance and sustained data center uptime. Some of the world’s most uncompromising enterprises rely on SDC — we’re proud of our long relationships with our customers, our most important asset. u n s et Blv d SW 7th 42nd Ave S Starfire Sports Complex 518 y Way Grad SW Rd S Oaksdale Ave SW Westfield Southcenter y Rd W Valle Milit a ry SeaTac Seattle-Tacoma International Airport vd nal Bl natio nter la I 518 dS ry R S 154th St wi Milita Sunset Park Tu k Hilltop Park er Bryn Mawr-Skyway Av eS e uth SDC42 Des Moin e s Memori al Dr 8th Ave S 509 r King Jr Way S W S 136th St For more than 25 years, Sabey Data Centers (SDC) has been building relationships while developing some of the world’s finest multi-tenant data centers. With a portfolio of three million square feet of mission critical space and another million under development, SDC is one of the top privately owned-multi-tenant data center developers and operators in the world. Rainier Beach 99 509 S 128th St South Beacon Hill Boeing Field King County International Airport Martin Luth e 509 al W ay 6 minutes to SeaTac Airport, 12 minutes to Downtown Seattle For more information contact: 02.14 12201 Tukwila International Blvd. 4th Floor Seattle, WA 98168 | Main 206.281.8700