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This is the presentation for our sister company that engages with clients with data center requirements. It is the same people i.e Lima staff!

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  • Slide intent: Provide overview of the Product Family design and main feature/benefits Notes for the presenter: Direction: Clockwise beginning with the Dual Mains Input Opening Comments This illustration shows a n 80 kW unit with 8 power modules, i.e. Could be a 70 kW N+1 and a fully loaded Premium Line-Up and Match External Battery Enclosure Dual Mains Input/Output (only on SYPX80) Adds availablility to the system. If one power source fails you will be able to draw the power from the second power source instead (through bypass). This was a request from customers that purchased the higher kVA range Symmetra PX UPSs Premium Line-Up and Match External Battery Enclosure To keep the footprint of the Symmetra PX 80 UPS to one single rack it was not possible to fit built-in batteries into the same rack also For ease of design and configuration and consistent with how Symmetra PX 40 is sold, Symmetra PX 80 standard SKUs ship with both the UPS and 1 external battery enclosure. Battery Module (Described on previous slide so don’t use time on going through this again) – Mention that they are interchangeable (40 & 80 kW) Built-in Static Bypass Switch (Described on previous slide so don’t use time on going through this again) – They are not interchangeable Power Module (Described on previous slide so don’t use time on going through this again) – Mention that they are interchangeable (40 & 80 kW) Power View. Not shown on this illustration but it is the same as Symmetra PX40 Redundant Intelligence Module (Described on previous slide so don’t use time on going through this again) – Mention that they are interchangeable (40 & 80 kW)
  • Slide intent: Provide overview of the Product Family design and main feature/benefits Opening Comments Illustration shows an InfraStruxure PDU with a 40 kW output capacity; 60kW, 80kW, and 150 kW InfraStruXure PDUs are slightly different Custom Configurable & Tested All InfraStruXure PDU’s are available totally configured to meet the requirements of the data center. Breakers are installed, whips are cut & installed to required length and all connections and breakers are fully factory tested. Delivering a fully tested, fully configured system to the data center, ensures a fast installation and startup, saving time & money. No expensive on-site testing or configuration. 2. Aesthetic Design Designed in the form of an IT enclosure the InfraStruXure PDU has the ability to align with other IT equipment while providing a high watt density in a small footprint. The benefits of NetShelter VX enclosures are passed along to the PDU as well, such as casters for rolling, ability to roll through 7’ doors and a line-up-and-match capability with the Symmetra PX UPS. The PDU has been designed to optimize adaptability and scalability on the raised floor. For security purposes, the front door of the PDU is lockable. The PDU frame provides grounding lugs for proper grounding of the system 3. Overhead/Under Floor Cable Distribution Frame has knockouts on the bottom and top to accommodate power cable routing overhead or under floor. Provides flexibility and a PDU that can we used across all data centers regardless of their cable distribution strategy. 4. NEMA Rated TP1 Transformer Available for isolation and/or to meet specified voltage requirements. The input transformer is located in the bottom of the InfraStruXure PDU resting on a shelf. The input transformer is EMI shielded. Because the transformer is delta-Y, the neutral is re-established at the local level of each PDU, which is effective in reducing any current on the neutral wire. When used with a UPS (Symmetra PX), the output of the transformer feeds the main input breaker of the maintenance bypass panel otherwise the output feeds the main input breaker to the power panels. The transformer is a high efficiency (>98%) NEMA rate TP1 transformer (highest efficiency available in the industry) and exhibits characteristics of a K9 rated transformer. 5. Integrated Maintenance Bypass (only available with 40 and 80 kW PDUs) When coupled with a UPS system (Symmetra PX), the InfraStruXure PDU is equipped with a maintenance bypass panel. The maintenance bypass is a three breaker scheme that allows the UPS to be electrically isolated from the utility while maintaining the power panels. The input bypass breaker is labeled as Q1, the output bypass breaker is labeled as Q2, and the bypass breaker is listed as Q3. There is a label located on the front panel that illustrates the power flow. 6. Front or Rear Serviceable Designed for maximum flexibility. ALL ISX PDU’s can be placed in a middle or an IT row. All servicing can be accomplished by front or rear access. Anecdote I met with an IT manager of a potential client to discuss the concerns he had with the corporate Data Center. It turns out the company had made several acquisitions over the past couple of years and when doing so, relocated all IT equipment to the corporate location. The time period in which the relocations occurred was short and equipment had to be made accessible with minimal downtime. In order to accomplish this they utilized small UPSs, extension cords and other cables which had been run all over the floor resulting in a spaghetti jungle. After experiencing several outages and having difficulty tracing the origin of the faults the time had come to implement a managed, clean looking power strategy that was easy to install, maintain and upgrade. An InfraStruxure Power Distribution Unit coupled with a Symmetra PX was the perfect fit. It would give the client a chance to implement a managed power infrastructure without disturbing the current situation except when migrating equipment. By using the InfraStruXure PDU, installation was made fast, simple and at a minimal cost. Some pre-installation work had been done over a couple of hours so everything was ready prior to the PDUs arrival. The PDU arrived onsite fully configured with a male input power plug. The PDU was set in place, connected to the UPS and power cords were uncoiled and run through overhead power troughs to metered power strips located in the rear of It enclosures in just a couple of hours. The client now had a managed, clean looking power infrastructure that he could migrate his IT equipment to with minimal downtime and simple methods for installation, maintenance and upgrades.
  • Slide intent: Presentation/Family introduction. Notes for the presenter: Begin by telling your audience that you will talk about the NetShelter SX family for approximately 18 minutes. Mention that the NetShelter SX family is the Next Generation Enclosure and is an integral part of the InfraStruXure Type A & B architecture but that this presentation will not focus on InfraStruXure. Ask your audience if they have any questions before you begin. (BEFORE next slide remember to insert your own agenda if this slide is the first in your presentation).
  • Opening Comments : ~Removing the heat from the hot aisle is a better return air path than placing the air conditioner along the perimeter. ~Because the InRow RP is placed in the row, air mixing is minimal. ~The hot air enters from the rear of the unit and passes through the cooling coil. ~Heat is captured in the cooling coil. ~Cold air is then supplied to the room. ~The InRow RC is suitable for use on a hard or raised floor.
  • Opening Comments: The following illustration shows the many benefits of the InRow RP. ~ ~Electric Reheat prevents overcooling during dehumidification cycles. ~The cooling coil has been designed to maximize heat transfer utilizing a copper tube, aluminum fin construction. There is both a chilled water and R-407C refrigerant based unit available. ~The air filter removes airborne particles in order to protect the cooling coil. The In Row RP is designed to accommodate up to a 4” 85% efficient filter for maximum filtration. ~The unit can be piped through the top or bottom of the unit, thus adapting to any IT environment. ~The Steam humidifier delivers exact amounts of humidification to maintain optimal environmental conditions. ~Variable Speed Fans reduce energy consumption during off-peak cooling periods. ~Variable Speed Compressor ~Casters allow for mobility and easy installation. ~Moisture removed from the air during cooling and dehumidification is pumped away to ensure continuous operation.
  • (Note: for less experienced crowds, you may have to give detailed explanation of where the hot / cool air goes w/ this slide) And for the ultimate in predictable performance in large high dense facilities, we have IR with HACS. To illustrate this, ask crowd to think back to potential sources of change when we were “disrupting the balance”. Now we have only one manageable constraint of total power. Not an immensely complicated iterative CFD process requiring multiple failure mode analysis. Here we have pretested predictability. This config has 4xIR’s, N+1, so my limit is 90kW. I don’t care if you put 30kw in 3 racks then leave all the rest blank (w/ blanking panels). Processor utilization doubles, 10kw rack becomes 20kw, etc, no problem because there is not a positional dependence of performance. An IR at end of row, (within reason – for an 80’ long row we’d want to test) has equal ability to serve loads at other end. The concept is a massive common return air plenum. This makes it easy to add capacity intended to serve initially present config, or future expansion…… (lead in to next slide)
  • High Density N Solution with InRow RC (Hot Aisle Containment) 7 IT Racks per Row 20 kW per Rack Uniform Density 5 InRow RC units per row Racks at 105 CFM/kW, (30 degree Delta T). Room maintained at 75 F. InRow RC CFM = 2900. InRow RC Capacity = 25 kW
  • InfraStruXure Central v4.0 provides an efficient way for organizations to manage their company-wide physical infrastructure devices. Available on a range of hardware platforms, InfraStruXure Central acts as a centralized repository for environmental monitoring data, including temperature, air flow, humidity, dew point, motion detection, and power usage sensor data- as well as camera image data. The InfraStruXure Central server is a single database that can be accessed from multiple consoles running on multiple systems, which creates a consolidated view of the physical infrastructure layer. Real-time device monitoring, custom reporting capabilities, private networking, advanced security and instant event notification enable quick assessment and resolution of critical situations. InfraStruXure Central's extensible platform can be scaled to grow with the business by supporting additional device licenses, while powerful add-on software modules expand the product’s management capabilities.
  • InfraStruXure Central v4.0 is the centralized management console for your enterprise deployment of APC devices. It is a web-based software platform accessible via your IP network. Through a user friendly, intuitive GUI, InfraStruXure Central v4.0 users can manage up to 1000 APC and/or most non APC networked devices seamlessly.
  • Slide intent: Summarize the top benefits of the Product Family. The key take - away. Speed: The message here is that data centers used to take months/years to specify, design, install, and commission. With the aide of the ISX BOT, CTO process, and standard, rack based modules, ISX can be rolled out in a matter of days. Takeaway message: ISX enables you to go faster. Availability: Everyone today is looking for more availability from their systems. The built-in redundancy of the Symmetra PX used within ISX systems gives a higher level of availability (N+1) without the need to buy a second UPS system. You can also recap the fact that the Symmetra is a redundant system. NOTE : If the customer is looking to achieve a true “2N” design in which they have 2 separate power sources to each rack, they will require a UPS/PDU system. APC’s position is not against “2N” systems, but very often the cost to get a true “2N” system is insurmountable. You can also touch other points that the system is proactively managed. For example, you can monitor the amount of current flowing to each branch circuit thereby proactively identifying a potential circuit overload before it occurs. Utilizing the NetShelter VX enclosures, an ISX solution provides a secure environment System is pre-tested (breakers, etc.) in APC’s factory before its sent out Low Mean-Time-To-Repair is achieved by using modular components that can swapped out in a matter minutes thereby achieving a faster repair time Many aspects of the system are managed proactively (ie power path, etc.) Adaptable: ISX system is rack-based and modular, you can add/subtract/move modules easily to meet demand Easily scale/modify the system to accommodate additional power density (ex. Blade servers) or cable densities (ex. Patch panels, etc.) With pre-configured whips, a customer can quickly change the receptacle type in the rack NetShelter VX systems are vendor neutral guaranteeing compatibility with all major vendors Cost: ISX gives the client the ability to install just what is required today. By only building what is required, the client is assured not to overbuild and sacrifice money in architecture that will never be used. ISX is scalable internally to exactly meet the load requirement. Typical cost savings are at least 20% on capital cost and 30% operating cost. Please refer back to the white paper “Avoiding Costs for Oversizing Data Center and Network Room Infrastructure”. Minimize the amount of one-time engineering required for customized systems No raised floor is necessary for cabling or cooling systems
  • Power Point Data Centre Uk Limited Apc

    1. 1. Datacentre UK and APC | MGE Technology Partnership
    2. 2. Agenda <ul><li>Introduction to Datacentre UK and APC </li></ul><ul><li>Main Presentation, covering APC Data Centre’s </li></ul><ul><li>Questions </li></ul>
    3. 3. Datacentre Uk Total IT Solutions provider APC Gold Partner Microsoft Gold Partner HP Preferred Partner IBM Systems Reseller
    4. 4. APC Product Portfolio Desktop $3.46 Billion 1984 1986 1992 1995 1996 1997 1998 2000 2001 Server Networking Data Center ISX Introduction: World’s first integrated NCPI system Symmetra MW: World’s largest static UPS system Introduced Symmetra TM Power Array R World’s #1 Provider Network UPS Systems World’s First Web-Manageable UPS 3-Phase Acquisition Sil LOGO Network Cooling: Acquisition
    5. 5. Top 5 Datacentre Imperatives. APC asked the questions – customers replied:- Controlling total life cycle costs. Adapting to ever changing I.T business demands. Availability 7x24x365 basis without critical failure. Equipment manageability locally and remotely. Easy and fast maintainability of equipment.
    6. 6. Scalable Data Center Architecture
    7. 7. InfraStruXure TM from APC. what is it ? <ul><li>A patented, integrated system for power, cooling, and management for data/computer rooms. </li></ul><ul><li>Designed using a modular, scalable, and pre-engineered approach </li></ul><ul><li>Enables IT managers to select a variety of standardized components to create a customized solution. </li></ul><ul><li>Provides the reliability, affordability, and predictability of standardized solutions yet is completely customized. </li></ul>
    8. 8. POWER
    9. 9. Symmetra PX 80 Product Design Benefits Premium Line-Up and Match External Battery Enclosure A total of four (4) enclosures can be connected to the UPS for extended runtimes Dual Mains Input/Output Allows for connection to 2 seperate power inputs for increased avilability Battery Module Connected in parallel for increased availability and hot swappable for easy replacement by a trained user Built-in Static Bypass Switch Enables the UPS to transfer the load to utility power, without interruption, in case of heavy overload or faulty conditions Redundant Intelligence Module Back-up for the Main Intelligence Module provides increased availability Power Module Provides the flexibility to scale power capacity and adds N+1 capability as well as includes a fully rated inverter for providing more real power Symmetra PX
    10. 10. InfraStruXure ® PDU Product Design Benefits Aesthetic Design Designed in rack form to integrate seamlessly with your IT equipment while providing a high power density NEMA Rated TP1 Transformers Reduces your running costs & minimizes your TCO by utilizing the most efficient transformers in the industry Integrated Maintenance Bypass (40 kW & 80kW) Simplifies system maintenance and maintains data center operation should you take your UPS off-line Custom Configurable & Tested Fast, fault-free installation ensuring your data center is up and running in the shortest possible time Overhead & Under Floor Cable Distribution Flexibility & PDU Uniformity regardless of the cabling distribution employed across your data centers Front or Rear Access for Service No end of row requirement
    11. 11. RACKS
    12. 12. NetShelter ® SX World’s most versatile rack enclosure for demanding IT environments Enclosures providing cooling, power distribution, cable management, and environmental monitoring for applications in IT environments 42U x 600mm 42U x 750mm 48U x 600mm 48U x 750mm
    13. 13. COOLING
    14. 14. Cooling <ul><li>The closer you can couple the cooling solution to the heat source, the more effective the cooling is. </li></ul><ul><li>Air is the heat transfer medium. The more effectivly cool air is delivered to the server and hot air is removed back to the CRAC unit, the better the heat transfer. </li></ul>
    15. 15. Most complete range of cooling solutions for the IT Environment Cooling Solutions Cooling Solutions for the IT Environment NetworkAIR FM/ NetworkAIR IR Inrow RC & Inrow SC/ RP Chilled water/ DX <ul><li>Air Distribution/Fans </li></ul><ul><li>Computer Room Air Conditioning </li></ul>Rack Air Distribution Unit Rack Air Removal Unit Side Air Distribution Unit Hot Aisle Containment Cooling Solutions
    16. 16. InRow RP/ RC Airflow InRow RP (600m)or RC(300m) cooling units Hot aisle air enters from rear Heat captured and rejected to chilled water or refrigerant Cold air delivered to cold aisle Can operate on hard or raised floor InfraStruXure ® InRow RP
    17. 17. InRow RP Chilled Water Product Design Benefits Top or Bottom Piping Connections Condensate Management Detects and removes condensation Cooling Coil Removes heat using chilled water or refrigerant Electric Reheat Controls temperature during dehumidification Steam Humidifier Maintains moisture level in room Casters Allows unit to moved easily Air Filter Removes airborne particles, protects coil Variable Speed Fans Reduce energy consumption during off-peak cooling periods InfraStruXure ® InRow RP
    18. 18. In-row with Hot Aisle Containment System (HACS) The predictable solution for an unpredictable environment InfraStruXure High Density
    19. 19. Hot Aisle Containment System – The Ultimate in Predictable Performance Temperature (deg C) Equipment racks take inambient air from front Ambient-temperature air is returned to room Hot aisle All exhaust air is captured within chamber and “neutralised” to ambient temperature Integral rack air conditioner Integral rack power distribution system (UPS is optional) Can operate on hard floor or raised floor Door access to hot aisle and rear of IT equipment
    20. 20. <ul><li>Half Rack Wide </li></ul><ul><li>Chilled Water </li></ul><ul><ul><li>17kW* Capacity @ </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>29.4 o C EAT, 7 o C EWT </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>1274 l/s air flow </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Variable Speed Fans </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Modular </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Laterally Stackable – High Density & Redundancy </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Between Racks </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>End of Row </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><li>Global Product </li></ul><ul><li>kW Metering** </li></ul><ul><li>Network Manageable </li></ul><ul><ul><li>ISX Manager Integration </li></ul></ul>RC In Row * Rating point 11C delta T on IT equipment ** kW = (deltaT x 4.2 x l/s) - (motor heat + latent) Second Generation In Row Cooling Solutions
    21. 21. MANAGEMENT Security & Environmental
    22. 22. InfraStruXure ® Central v4.0 Centralized management platform that includes real-time monitoring and immediate event notification for quick assessment and resolution of critical situations. Extensible platform grows with your business.
    23. 23. InfraStruXure Central v4.0 Related Products NetBotz Environmental Detect and alarm on environmental factors which threaten the availability of your network-critical physical infrastructure NetBotz Surveillance Monitor and record all activity in secured areas. Recorded data can be easily reviewed, searched, and tagged for future needs. NetBotz Accessories & Sensors Extend the capabilities of your environmental and security monitoring appliances.
    24. 24. APC Security & Environmental Monitoring Protect your network-critical infrastructure from physical and environmental threats
    25. 25. InfraStruXure TM Summary Changing the way the world designs data centers… <ul><li>SPEED: Design & build a data center in 4 days versus 400 days </li></ul><ul><li>AVAILABILITY: Eliminates the need for 2 UPS systems </li></ul><ul><li>ADAPTABILITY: Scale, customize, or move system to meet changing demands </li></ul><ul><li>COST: Lower your upfront and operating expenses </li></ul>&quot;Thanks to APC and InfraStruXure™, we were able to centralize a uniform IT infrastructure and to significantly reduce our overall equipment and management costs.” - Eric Ubels, Deloitte & Touche Rack-based architecture for power, cooling, and environmental management InfraStruXure™
    26. 26. Rack-based architecture for power, cooling, and environmental management Changing the way the world designs data centres… Symmetra PX InfraStruXure PDU NetShelter VX NetworkAIR FM <ul><li>Closets (1-3 Racks) </li></ul><ul><li>Small Data Centres (5-20 racks) </li></ul>Smart-UPS NetShelter VX NetworkAir PA InfraStruXure TM <ul><li>Computer Rooms (1-5 Racks) </li></ul>Symmetra RM NetShelter VX NetworkAir PA Symmetra PX InfraStruXure PDU NetShelter VX NetworkAIR FM <ul><li>Medium Data Centres (20-100 racks) </li></ul><ul><li>Large Data Centres (>100 racks) </li></ul>Symmetra MW InfraStruXure PDU NetShelter VX NetworkAIR FM InfraStruXure ™ for: Data Centres on Demand InfraStruXure™
    27. 27. Frequent IT changes create chaos resulting in human error They were not planned at all These systems were not planned to look like this
    28. 28. Video Presentation <ul><li>Are You headed for a Data Centre Disaster? </li></ul>
    29. 29. Any Questions ? Thankyou