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Mbs Cat


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Mbs Cat

  1. 1. You have to organize a conference and you are still figuring out where to begin? Make your conferences cost less thanks to outsourcing You need more expertise without the extra headcount? Make your conferences cost less thanks to outsourcing. Let’s get together now! MBS Conference Team VG. 385/B_B-AA05.26_W-RS.RE.302 ER/VU Manpower Business Solutions, Philippe Lacroix, avenue Legrand/Legrandlaan 10, 1050 Bruxelles/Brussel Your professional event has to be a success. This requires an efficient organization and support is essential. For each particular client, our team offers a customized service. What do we do? The MBS Conference Team helps you drive your results. - Project management - Preparing business cases and Dynamic Service financial plans A team of multilingual professionals - Venue Search guarantees stability and continuity of service - Communication through outsourcing.You stay in full control while reducing costs. A complete set of skills - Logistics is at your disposal when you need them. - Registrations & payments - On-site coordination Result and cost efficiency - Conference assessment Our clients saved about 30% by outsourcing - .... their conferences to MBS. A result-driven approach and an efficient budget control will make your conference a success. “What is the key to the success of a partnership with the MBS Conference Team? The qualityContact our of the output, the relationshipRepresentative Today! of trust and the willingness toAnne Kempeneer achieve the savings our client+32 (0)2 289 66 expects.”www.mbs.beBld de la Woluwe 106/1081200 Brussels - Belgium
  2. 2. The secret of success is to do common things uncommonly well You probably have a list of tasks that really need to be done, but you just can’t find the time to do them. A skilled Professional from the MBS Administration Team can quickly take you from to-do to done. MBS Administration Team Get started today! Whatever your situation, the MBS Administration Team can provide you with a tailor-made support solution to fit your needs. What do we do? Outsourcing – Lower your Costs - Graphical support The assistance available through administrative - Text editing in multiple outsourcing has provided many businesses languages the peace of mind that comes with a fully - Design of professional staffed office at a fraction of the cost. We are presentations and word helping customers lower costs and improve documents productivity. - Mailings - Special occasion cards Grow your Business - Newsletters Turn your frustrations into opportunities to - Copywriting grow your business, with the assistance of - ... dedicated administrative support. Spend your time on revenue generating tasks and on more Ne pas jeter sur la voie publique/Niet op de openbare weg gooien. strategic activities. Let our skilled professionals handle the behind the scenes work. “ Why not let ourContact our team of professionalsRepresentative Today! assure your successAnne Kempeneer+32 (0)2 289 66 80 with our service? ”www.mbs.beBld de la Woluwe 106/1081200 Brussels - Belgium