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Deltek Enterprise Solutions for Agencies/Marcom


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Deltek Enterprise Solutions for Agencies/Marcom

  1. 1. Professional ServicesEnterprise Solutionsfor AgenciesThe business processes within agenciesthat are working with all aspects of thecommunication process are supportedby Deltek’s solutions
  2. 2. 04 Business pains 05 Client gains 06 Industry focus creates results 07 Understanding your business processes 08 Your business processes and how we support them 11 Our servicesEnterprise Know more. Do more.Solutions forAgencies
  3. 3. 04 Enterprise Solutions for Agencies Business painsKnow more. For decades, we have provided This collaboration has given usDo more. enterprise solutions that deliver the in-depth knowledge of the agency actionable insight, clarity and control, space, and enables us to provideProfit more. which agencies need to drive their expert advice to help you know more business forward. and do more. It is nearly impossible to analyse future revenue streams and make insightful pipeline planning. The pitching process from opportunity handling to job initiation is handled in disparate systems. It takes a lot of manual effort to draw up a realistic budget including purchases and resource requests. People seem to be busy but utilisation rates are still at a low level. We lack visibility into costs that impact job and client profitability, and overviews of progress are incomplete. We spend a lot of time re-entering data and doing manual reconciliation. Decision-making is reactive instead of proactive because I lack real-time data and insight into business implications.
  4. 4. Enterprise Solutions for Agencies 05Client gains“Our decision to go with Deltek was “Deltek Maconomy gives us more > Learn more.actually quite easy to make because comprehensive visibility into client deltek.comDeltek’s enterprise solution, resource requirements, speedingMaconomy, is clearly geared towards our ability to track and projectadvertising agencies, and it offers profitability at both a client- andrich functionality for our business. company-wide level.”In addition, implementation took Dan Tucker, Chief Financial Officerless time than a traditional business BBHsolution due to minimal timeconsuming customisation.” “It was an easy decision for us toBassem Aboukhater, Head of ITLeo Burnett MENA turn to Deltek for our new resource management solution. We already had a good working relationship“Since the introduction of Deltek with Deltek, and we knew they wouldMaconomy we have reduced the come up with a strong resourceamount of unbilled costs by at least management solution – Deltek20 percent. The Accounts Payable People Planner – that would befunction has been streamlined to closely integrated with the rest ofmake it much easier to manage the our service value chain.”workload of a growing agency.” Annemieke Blank, Traffic & Operations ManagerMez Corfield, Financial Controller LBi Lost BoysThe Red Brick Road
  5. 5. 06 Enterprise Solutions for Agencies Industry focus creates results Better integration means Deltek’s agency expertise better business Deltek has designed business solutions for Marcom agencies since 1989. Deltek’s Having outgrown its fragmented workflows, the enterprise solution, Maconomy, incorporates UK-based agency The Red Brick Road decided task and resource management, financial to look for a new business solution to support control and automated role-based workflows. its future growth. They found the perfect fit in The solution also features a fully integrated“Overall, we felt an integrated solution exclusively designed for set of financial ledgers and job managementDeltek’s solutions agencies. functionality. This provides users with immediate access to essential budget andoffered the best Creative at heart business information.value for money, and The Red Brick Road prides itself on its creativeDeltek’s proven track integrity. But to ensure the team can focus on The results speak for themselves this aspect of their job, it is vital that all back- “Since the introduction of Maconomy werecord in our market end processes work as efficiently as possible. have reduced the amount of unbilled costsand impressive list Also, minimal time must be spent on manual by at least 20 percent. The Accounts Payableof clients made the and administrative tasks. function has been streamlined to make it much The agency has grown rapidly, and now easier to manage the workload of a growingdecision an easy one.” employs more than 70 people. With such rapid agency,” says Mez Corfield. expansion, it quickly outgrew its original Sage The agency has saved approximatelyMez Corfield, Financial accounting package. A more sophisticated £15,000 in staffing costs and around 15 percentController, The Red Brick business planning system was needed to support of the finance assistant’s time.Road the agency’s continued growth. “Before Maconomy we had a system that didn’t really do the job for us and made New solution needed everything a bit of a struggle. Now we have a The Red Brick Road’s management team system that works really well, and our day-to- started looking for an integrated solution that day jobs have become much easier. As a result, would streamline internal processes, drive we’ve been able to improve effectiveness and down costs and improve overall business the overall performance of the business,” Mez performance while providing greater structure, Corfield concludes. efficiency and control across its operations. When Mez Corfield was appointed as Financial Controller she was quick to recommend Deltek’s enterprise solution, Maconomy. “I had used Deltek Maconomy at my last agency so I was familiar with the system. We looked at a number of suppliers but Maconomy’s rich functionality is clearly designed to meet the requirements of advertising agencies and was best suited to our needs.”
  6. 6. Enterprise Solutions for Agencies 07Understanding yourbusiness processesTo thrive in a period of rapid Having the right tools that support everybody Know more. across the organisation in the execution phasetransformation in the wake of a will increase the chance of successful delivery. Do more.recession requires agile agency When all data is available in real-time, it is easy Win and processes. to monitor progress, profitability, and utilisation. When front-office and back-office processesIn order to secure agency profitability, it is and workflows are integrated into ONE solution,essential that you deliver jobs on time, within you can improve your margins and profits.scope, and within budget. To do this, your Finally, our business performancebusiness solutions must support every step of management solutions aggregate informationthe delivery cycle. Having worked closely with from many sources to deliver the insight andagencies for decades, we have incorporated clarity you need to make better real-timethe best practices of these businesses into our decisions and to measure the health of yoursolutions. agency. To build a strong pipeline and win newbusiness, agencies need a solution thatsupports the entire organisation from thepitching phase, to budgeting and resourceplanning, to execution, and billing. Being able topitch for the right jobs – and win them – has ahuge impact on subsequent delivery, utilisation,billing, and resulting profit margins. Account Job Budgeting Reporting Management Initiation & Resource Execution Billing & Business Planning Intelligence
  7. 7. 08 Enterprise Solutions for Agencies Your business processes and how we support them“Projects account Account management Job initiationfor 70-80 per cent Winning new work from existing clients is Pitching for work is what makes your business. essential – but if you cannot capture lead and Being able to handle all the steps from briefof our business. The prospect information, it can hinder future to job initiation in an integrated solution willsoftware aligns our success. reduce administration and eliminate the needinternal systems Your effort to capture this information for double entries. in one place is supported with an integrated When an opportunity turns into a job,with how we run our solution. You can distribute opportunities you can count on our solution to completelyorganisation, from over months, with a view to forecasting future integrate every step of the process. With thejob-bagging, project revenue. By capturing time and cost on ability to create new jobs with a few clicks of a prospects and opportunities, you can ensure mouse, you can increase the number of hourscontrol and project consistency between the sales and execution accounted for and subsequently invoiced,reporting. Crucially, phases, and empower your team to fully which will improve your cash flow.Deltek Maconomy leverage their knowledge to win new business. Client costs, including opportunity effort You will be able to:enabled Profero to and costs, account management, and other • Manage the pitching process fromcontinue to run its non chargeable time, is efficiently captured. opportunity handling to job initiationfive business units Reports and alerts ensure that over-servicing, • Efficiently handle retainer agreements or failure to raise change requests is highlighted • Initiate jobs based on job type, templates orindependently, before non-chargeable time is incurred. data from previous jobswhile producing Furthermore, administration time can beconsolidated data dramatically reduced, and you will have full control over your pipeline.across the wholeorganisation.” With our solution you are able to: • Improve analysis of future revenue streamsChris Cater, Financial and forecastsDirector, Profero UK • Make insightful pipeline and business planning • Avoid, or at least control, excessive or disproportionate sales cost • Monitor profitability by client, brand, and product Account Job Management Initiation
  8. 8. Your business processes and how we support them 09Budgeting and resource planning Execution “In the past we usedDrawing up a realistic job budget is complicated You are always looking to streamline operations different tools forif your purchase process is handled manually and execution, but incomplete overviews ofand not integrated with your budget. With progress, without direct access to purchase resource end-to-end integration of your client, orders, or third party cost entries, can prevent They were unstablejob, people, and finance processes, you can project managers and controllers from acting and most importantlyimprove the overall accuracy of budgeting, before jobs go over budget.planning, and subsequent delivery. With our solution, your account directors they were not We can help you reduce the risk of budget and managers get immediate, real-time access integrated with theoverruns by enabling your sales force to create to budgets, actual and committed accounts rest of our servicedetailed estimates, budgets,and forecasts, and with drill-down options to spot over-servicing.set prices as early as the pitching phase. We Time and costs can be reconciled against value chain. Thisalso know that change requests are inevitably the job as soon as requisitions, budgets, time meant we wasted asubmitted throughout the project, which is why sheets, or expenses are approved, because it is lot of time enteringyou can make budget revisions on a continuous an end-to-end solution.basis. redundant data, and Many agencies still have resource blind Your processes are fully supported: our resource overviewspots. Our resource planning solution enables • Integration of budgets, job costing and was not always up-you to capture information about resource and finance processesproject plans, schedules and availability, time • Full visibility into costs that impact jobs and to-date. But it wasentries, and capacity forecasts. client profitability clear to us that Deltek • On line approval of requisitions, time sheets, People Planner couldYou can: costs, and expenses• Handle the entire purchase process from • Proactive alerts for time entry help us address all RFQ to Purchase Order these issues.”• Be consistent in pricing services when creating new budgets Yvonne Vedder, Planner• Carry over budgets, purchases, and plans to LBi Lost Boys the job execution phase• Plan capacity and manage resources based on real-time availability Budgeting & Resource Execution Planning
  9. 9. 10 Your business processes and how we support them“We save many Billing Reporting and business intelligenceadministrative hours You need to maintain tight internal cost control To secure client profitability, you should and a comprehensive audit trail both for monitor deliverables and cost against theevery month, get our finance and for client audits. Our solution original budget or contract. In our solution, youmoney from clients enables you to manage retainer agreements are enabled to collect data in real-time with amuch faster, and as well as billing fixed price based on budget view to continuously follow-up. You can have (either as a percentage or specific lines). the required information in a single dashboard,have fewer write-offs To drive profitability and help you reduce and be able toeasily link to performance andon clients due to the time that the working capital is tied up, efficiency monitors.the improvements we can enable you to minimise the time Giving people the knowledge they need to lag between when a billable hour of work is deliver on their goals is critical to your business.made to our invoicing completed and when it is invoiced to the client. With our solution, you can focus on managingprocess.” your business, instead of spending your With our solution, you can: time manually retrieving, consolidating andLouis Trad, Regional • Eliminate duplication of data entry and reconciling data from disparate sources. WeFinance Director, Leo manual reconciliation know that fact based business managementBurnett MENA • Reduce errors in supplier invoice allows for better internal management and processing, and eliminate time consuming, ultimately better service delivery to the client. manual sign-off processes • Select between several invoicing principles: You can eliminate these challenges: Invoice on account, Invoice on time and • Data from disparate systems about the materials basis (with or without a cap), same parts of the business yield uncertainty Invoice fixed price based on budget (either about the numbers provided as a percentage or specific lines) • I spend too much time with Finance or IT to develop simple reports • Often, it takes a lot of manual effort to build and format reports that have to be distributed on a regular basis • It is nearly impossible to provide financial information by dimension such as client, brand, and product Reporting Billing & Business Intelligence Intelligence
  10. 10. Enterprise Solutions for Agencies 11Our servicesConsulting Services Deltek University World Headquarters:At Deltek, our goal is to deliver the best One of the most important indicators of the United Statessoftware solutions designed specifically for success of a software implementation is the 13880 Dulles Corner LnProfessional Services organisations. Meeting ability of employees to readily adapt to new Herndon, VA 20171that goal requires more than just delivering products and processes. 800.456.2009unrivalled software to better manage project Education is the foundation for building theresources and project results. necessary knowledge and skills to achieve this Regional Offices: After all, great software applied poorly goal. Deltek University provides education to Australiadoesn’t help you achieve your business goals. maximise your Deltek investment and minimise Tel: +61 8 8112 1200Success requires that we also cultivate the project risk. We have over two decades ofright level of expertise to help you apply that experience of providing consistent, high quality Belgiumsoftware in the most appropriate ways for your education, with a commitment to make you Tel: +32 (0) 2 709 2191industry and company-specific needs. successful. Denmark> Tel: +45 35 27 79 00 • Implement solutions faster at reduced cost • Mitigate project and business risks NederlandCustomer Care Tel: +31 (0)20 347 3080Effective and reliable customer care can make • Decrease support costs with faster acceptance among usersall the difference in your ability to compete Norwayeffectively and grow your business. • Achieve operational excellence and growth Tel: +47 22 01 38 00 At Deltek we realise that our successis mutual. Deltek’s experienced support Swedenpersonnel, with more than two decades of > Tel: +46 (0)8 587 077 00industry and client-side experience, utiliseDeltek’s advanced diagnostic tools and United Kingdomproven support procedures to identify and 1 Warwick Rowisolate issues quickly, so that your systems are Tel: +44 (0)20 7518 5010consistently operating at high availability withminimal disruption. 70 London Road Tel: +44 (0)20 8843 7000>
  11. 11. Deltek (Nasdaq: PROJ) is the leading globalprovider of enterprise software and informationsolutions for professional services firms,government contractors, and governmentagencies. For decades, we have deliveredactionable insight that empowers ourcustomers to unlock their business potential.Over 14,500 organisations and 1.8 million usersin approximately 80 countries around theworld rely on Deltek to research and identifyopportunities, win new business, optimiseresources, streamline operations, and delivermore profitable projects.Deltek – Know more. Do more.®© 2011 Deltek, Inc. All rights reserved. All referenced trademarksare the property of their respective owners. 042711 Global v1