Create an Author Platform That's Built to Last


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Presentation for the Bay Area Independent Publisher's Association on 6/8/13. An author-centric map of publishing starts with

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Create an Author Platform That's Built to Last

  1. 1. Create an Author PlatformThat’s Built to LastAnne HillCreativeContentCoaching.comBAIPA Presentation 6/8/13
  2. 2. Marketing Lessons for Authors1. It’s never too late to get in the game(if you have something to say)1. The best platform strategies don’t exist yet(start where you are and grow from there)1. Longevity and Consistency Trump Frequency(get out of your own way, and just keep going!)
  3. 3. Longevity + Consistency > FrequencyLongevity: How long your domain has beenregistered, how long your site has been up,when you first started blogging.Consistency: Establish a rhythm of posts andupdates, whether it is 1x/week or 1x/month.Keep coming back no matter what.
  4. 4. An Author-Centric View of PublishingChristine Walker -
  5. 5. Start at the Source
  6. 6. Your Purpose for Writing
  7. 7. Stream of Content
  8. 8. Your Writing Life
  9. 9. Storytelling
  10. 10. Career/Platform Goals
  11. 11. Building an Author Platform
  12. 12. Assets and Products in the Cloud
  13. 13. Put It All Together…
  14. 14. Put it All Together…
  15. 15. Engagement Drives Platform Growth
  16. 16. 3 Types of Action/Engagement
  17. 17. Conversation: Be Visible & Findable• Interactions with colleagues and friends• Find and connect with readers• Find and connect with influencers• Discover and engage with referrers
  18. 18. Conversation: Building Your Community• Try out different online (& offline) communities• Lots of startups as well as the “usual suspects”• Look for where good conversations happen• Some are writing-centric, or review-centric• For fiction as well as non-fiction authors• Many include ecommerce solutions, too
  19. 19. Communities: The Usual Suspects• Blogs, blog comments• Twitter (tweetchats, live tweeting)• LinkedIn (lots of great groups)• Facebook (page vs. profile smackdown!)• Google+, YouTube• Pinterest• Reddit• In-person events and groups
  20. 20. Communities: Read, Review, Share & Buy• Goodreads, Shelfari (part of Amazon)•,•,••,•,• (storyverse)•,•,
  21. 21. Communities: Places to Write• (Vanessa Veselka)•••• (Margaret Atwood)“Most of the people I know are either geniuses at self-promotion or refuse to touch it and relyon the publishers.” —Vanessa Veselka, author of Zazen, PEN Award Winner for Debut Fiction
  22. 22. Continuity: Making Connections• Connect all the planks in your platform• This includes ebooks and other cloud assets• Strengthen what works first, then add more• All traffic should flow back to you• Don’t start if you can’t maintain
  23. 23. Continuity: Find Your Rhythm• Focus on content stream at a sustainable pace• Posts can do double or triple duty, sometimes• Blog workflow: post, broadcast, email• Press releases, Google alerts• “Social Proof,” About page, ways to stay in touch• If you don’t like it, you’ll never keep at it
  24. 24. Conversion: The Ask and the Return• Create your strategy from platform goal• Each step is a different conversion point• SEO is important, but focus on original content• Analytics: obsess about numbers 1x/month• Book Launch essentials: followers, fans, advocates• Get used to bold language, practice reframing• “You know, it makes a great gift” —Al Franken• Direct sales on your site
  25. 25. Conversion: Publish, Share, Sell, Track••••• (Bowker)• (autograph ebooks)•• (Facebook integration)• (Kickstarter for books)• (Analytics for print book sales)
  26. 26. There’s Always More!•• Author Platforms Decoded - YouTube• @annehill - Twitter• Serpentine Music & Media -• (PDX 6/29)