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How to succeed_at_blogging


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How to succeed_at_blogging

  1. 1. By: Eric Siebert
  2. 2.  I started with virtualization in 2005 I started participating in VMTN forums in 2006 I started in 2007 I started writing for Tech Target in 2008 I wrote my VI3 book in 2009 I wrote Maximum vSphere in 2010 I spoke at VMworld in 2008 & 2010 I’ve judged Best of VMworld in 2008, 2009 & 2010 I’ve been a vExpert in 2009, 2010 & 2011 I joined HP as a WW Solutions Manager in 2011
  3. 3.  Why did I start? What are your goals when you start? Where do you begin? It all begins with the VMTN forums The best place to learn & grow The forums will get you recognition Those points & icons are status symbols Once you have that monkey brain you’re a rock star in the forums Become a moderator for bonus points
  4. 4.  Why did I start collecting links? I’m a firm believer in working smarter VMware info is scattered all over the internet Having a master index helps me and others Google gets you unpredictable results Collecting links is a LOT of work I heavily customize my websites
  5. 5. I started doing Top 10 lists on a variety of topics back in 2007 My top 10 blogs started in 2008  Eric Sloof  Duncan Epping  Scott Lowe  Rich Brambley  Christofer Hoff  Mike Laverick  Rick Vanover  Edward Haletky Back then there were very few blogs available
  6. 6.  Start with a personal blog Don’t blog just to blog Blogs are great diaries and information stores Be creative and innovative with your blog Know your stuff, don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t Don’t expect to make money of your blog You get out of blogging what you put into it Once you’re established, get sponsors Blog because you are passionate, getting paid for it is a nice bonus
  7. 7.  Easier to blog today then it was in the past I prefer having my own hosted web sites Make sure your theme is easily readable Avoid cutesy & gimmicky themes Spend some time getting it just right I use a lot of plug-ins to get mine just the way I want it Don’t go overboard with ads Make sure you have a good RSS feed Have a useful About page!
  8. 8.  Ad revenue only goes so far Dedicated sponsors are the way to go Big name websites will pay well for good work Don’t expect to get rich quick Watch out for name your price Don’t be a sell out for cheap The bigger you become, more you can charge Don’t be afraid to ask around to judge your value You can make good money blogging
  9. 9.  Podcasts are a great way to have an interactive casual show Have structure & a theme Lots of good tools to record them Editing can be very time-consuming Webinars are a lot more demanding You need to be sharp & not afraid to speak to a big audience Know your material and you will be OK It’s OK to be nervous, will be comfy over time
  10. 10.  Writing books is a lot of work Anybody can write, writing well is a skill You must be dedicated! You won’t get rich writing tech books Being an author is awesome for your resume The skills you learn writing books are invaluable Have a good support team Timing is everything! No bigger thrill then seeing your hard work end up on a bookshelf
  11. 11.  Industry expert will get you fame & fortune vExpert is not widely recognized vExpert has a lot of great perks Once you get on the radar you will start being noticed Vendors will be constantly trying to brief you Tech Field days is a great event Vendors are always looking for industry experts for webinars & white papers Will get lots of invites to events
  12. 12.  Once you get noticed, opportunities will come knocking Don’t expect it right away Don’t jump at the first offer you get You have a position of strength, leverage it The better you get the more doors will open Think about everything you do as it will affect your image and your hire-ability Make sure the is absolutely right for you and that you will have no regrets
  13. 13. What To Be What Not To BeBe innovative Don’t be afraidBe dedicated Don’t be a quitterBe creative Don’t be a copy-catBe honorable Don’t be a jerkBe correct Don’t be wrongBe yourself Don’t be fakeBe patient Don’t be frustratedBe social Don’t be a hermitBe motivated Don’t be discouragedBe nice Don’t be a FUD-master
  14. 14.  Writing is very time consuming You will have less social & family time Carve out time periods to write Too much writing can burn you out Don’t use memory over-commitment Be realistic about your dates & workloads Dealing with the Clark Kent effect Watch out for conflict of interests
  15. 15. 1. You get hired by a big name storage vendor2. Stephen Herrod is one of your followers3. When you call VMware support they refer you to your own blog4. Eric Sloof is stalking you5. You get at least 100 emails from vendors before VMworld6. You have a 50TB Fiber Channel SAN in your basement7. Stephen Foskett keeps bugging you to attend TFD8. You get your chin wagged by Mike Laverick9. An Iomega ix4-200d shows up on your doorstep10. Beth Pariseau calls you at least 3 times a month
  16. 16.  Remember your journey is never over Keep up the hard work and you’ll go far Questions?