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A City with a Soul... growing smartly (CIS) | Amman Institute

  1. 1. Corridor Intensification Strategy:A City with a Soul…. growing smartly Omar Maani Mayor of Amman June 18, 2007 Municipality Greater Amman
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction The Context Our Vision Our Master Planning Program Metro Growth Projections & Scenarios Corridor Intensification Strategy (CIS) Objective and Purpose Policies Analysis, Characterization, and Density Proposals Development Process Airport Road Concept Plan Next Steps Greater Amman Municipality
  3. 3. The Context Greater Amman Municipality
  4. 4. HM King Abdullah II’s Vision “To achieve the optimum balance of healthy growth and quality living, flourishing expansion and organized districts, 21st century conveniences and traditional character, we must embark on a serious and comprehensive project of city planning for Amman” Greater Amman Municipality
  5. 5. Our Vision and AspirationsVision: Aspirations:A liveable city is an organized To develop Amman into: city….with a soul A Green & Pedestrian City A City built to a Human Scale A Heritage City An Inclusive & Multi-Cultural City A Peaceful, Hospitable & Proud City A Modern & Smart City An Efficient City An Entrepreneurial City A Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly City Greater Amman Municipality
  6. 6. A New Metropolitan Amman2006: 680 sq. km2007: 1,680 sq. km. Old boundaries New Additions Greater Amman Municipality
  7. 7. Our Master Plan Program June 2006 Feb 2007Milestones Interim Growth Strategy Greater Amman Municipality
  8. 8. Our Master Plan Program June 2006 Feb 2007 June 2007Milestones Corridor Intensification Strategy Q ue en Ra ni a Kin Mecca gA bdu Zahran llah II Greater Amman Municipality
  9. 9. Our Master Plan Program June 2006 Feb 2007 June 2007 Dec 2007Milestones Metro-Growth Strategy Greater Amman Municipality
  10. 10. Our Master Plan Program June 2006 Feb 2007 June 2007 Dec 2007 Dec 2008Milestones Master Plans for all Growth Areas Note: map is a schematic representation Greater Amman Municipality
  11. 11. Growth Projections &Scenarios Greater Amman Municipality
  12. 12. Amman 2025: Population Projections 7 Population Size (in millions) Amman in 2025: 6.4 Million 6 5 4 3 2 1 Amman in 2007: 2.2 Million 0 2004 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 Year Greater Amman Municipality
  13. 13. Amman 2025: Growth Scenarios Costly Infrastructure Urban Envelope Prime Agricultural Expensive Public Transportation Land Impacted GAM’s Area Reliance on Automobile Status Quo – Expansion Only Loss of Agricultural LandsDensity 5(people/donum)Urban Envelope 840 Environmental Degradation(sq. km.)Prime Agricultural Land Impacted 474(sq. km.) 3.5 Increased Cost of DevelopmentCost of New Road Infrastructure(Billion of JD) Greater Amman Municipality
  14. 14. Amman 2025: Growth Scenarios – Preferred Options Intensification + Intensification + Status Quo – Densification + Expansion Expansion Only ExpansionDensity(people/donum) 5 10 15Urban Envelope(sq. km.) 840 340 120Prime Agricultural LandImpacted (sq. km.) 474 225 96Cost of New RoadInfrastructure (Billion JD) 3.5 1.5 1.0 Greater Amman Municipality
  15. 15. Corridor IntensificationStrategy (CIS) Greater Amman Municipality
  16. 16. The Intensification Corridors Qu ee n Ra nia Q ue en A lia Mecc a Abdu Kin ll g Shake ah G h r Bin Z Ab ai d du oshe Hu llah i Ara nd Zahran r ss Ki II ein h Bi n Que Al i en A lia A irpo rt Greater Amman Municipality
  17. 17. Objectives and Policies Greater Amman Municipality
  18. 18. Intensification Corridors: ObjectiveTo accommodate the immediate demand for higher-density development within established corridors ina manner that complements the Amman Vision Note: map is a schematic representation Greater Amman Municipality
  19. 19. Policy: Urban DesignWe will develop Amman at ahuman scale to complementexisting neighbourhoodsCelebrate the uniqueTopographic cityscapeEncourage vibrant shoppingstreetsEstablish appropriate transitionbetween stable neighbourhoods& new developments. Greater Amman Municipality
  20. 20. Policy: Public SpacesWe will develop a City thatdraws people to its publicspacesCreate a pedestrian friendlyenvironmentProvide a network of parks,walkways, sidewalks & stairsProvide for urban public meetingplaces (piazzas) Greater Amman Municipality
  21. 21. Policy: HeritageWe will preserve the city heritageand promote it as an integral partof the overall City livingexperienceProtect the Citys architectural heritage byidentifying heritage sitesLeverage heritage as an economicdevelopment opportunityEncourage adaptive reuse in heritagebuildings Greater Amman Municipality
  22. 22. Policy: Transportation & Public TransitWe will develop an integratedmultimodal transit systemDiscourage dependence on privateautomobile – modernize public transitSecure convenient pedestrian access tosuitable public transit servicesProvide adequate and appropriatelylocated parking Greater Amman Municipality
  23. 23. Policy: Urban Growth and Social IntegrationWe will develop a livable City thatis able to grow "smartly" and isinclusive of all its citizensIntensify & densifyIntegrate compatible usesEncourage Mixed Use Development Greater Amman Municipality
  24. 24. Mixed Use Development: A Major Paradigm ShiftMixed UseIntegrating Residential Development with Commercial +Office Complexes RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL OFFICE RESIDENTIAL OFFICE OFFICE OFFICE OFFICE COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL Greater Amman Municipality
  25. 25. Mixed Use Development: A Major Paradigm Shift Borrowing from the Past, Looking for the FutureOld Amman…a city with a soul!Mixed Use Development in Toronto, Canada Greater Amman Municipality
  26. 26. Mixed Use Development: International Best Practice Greater Amman Municipality
  27. 27. Mixed Use Development: International Best Practice Greater Amman Municipality
  28. 28. Mixed Use Development: International Best Practice Greater Amman Municipality
  29. 29. Mixed Use Development: A Major Paradigm ShiftAdvantages of Mixed UseDevelopmentEases transportation issues &encourages walk-to-work-shopFacilitates public transit feasibilityProvides an opportunity for comprehensiveand integrated development that transformsthe City Greater Amman Municipality
  30. 30. Mixed Use Development: A Major Paradigm ShiftMixed Use Type Residential + Residential Commercial Office Commercial Minimum 60% of Minimum 60% of Encouraged EncouragedResidential Net Floor Area Net Floor AreaComponent Minimum 80% of Maximum 20% Minimum 80% of Maximum 20%Ground Floor Net Ground of Net Ground Net Ground of Net GroundUse Floor Area Floor Area Floor Area Floor Area Residential Mandatory Residential Encouraged 8 RESIDENTIAL Residential Residential Residential Residential 7 Residential Residential Residential Residential 6 Residential Residential Office Office 5 Residential Residential Office Office 4 Residential Residential Office Office 3 Office Office Office Office 2 Commercial Office Commercial Office 1 COMMERCIAL Commercial Office Commercial Office OFFICE Com Mandatory Com Mandatory Greater Amman Municipality
  31. 31. Approach Greater Amman Municipality
  32. 32. Intensification Corridors: ApproachCOMPREHENSIVE ANALYSISCurrent Land Use + Zoning DEVELOPMENT DIRECTION Land Ownership Fabric Conservation CLASSIFICATIONS Development Trends & LAND USE Proposals Intensification Transportation Densification City Infrastructure Heritage & Antiquities Greater Amman Municipality
  33. 33. Corridor Classification & CharacterizationCorridor Maturity Heritage Established Developing – RedevelopingCorridor Location Central Urban Urban Limited Access – Expressway Greater Amman Municipality
  34. 34. Factors that Determined Corridor DensityTransportation Road Hierarchy Public Transit Pedestrianization Intersection Hierarchy or rid or Airp tC en ort pm elo Roa ev d D Motorway an m Urban Expressway Am Major Arterial Potential Transit Corridor Airport Greater Amman Municipality
  35. 35. Factors that Determined Corridor Density Center Hierarchy Greater Amman Municipality
  36. 36. Factors that Determined Corridor DensityUrban Planning and Design Topography Existing Land Use & Neighborhoods Open Space Greater Amman Municipality
  37. 37. Corridor Density Greater Amman Municipality
  38. 38. Corridor Density Different building heights leading to different densitiesDifferent building heights respond to Right of Way 40-M road design Greater Amman Municipality
  39. 39. Intensification CorridorsProposals – two examples Greater Amman Municipality
  40. 40. Arar Street (Wadi Saqra) Greater Amman Municipality
  41. 41. Arar: Classification and Development DirectionCentral Urban / Developing Mixed Use Pedestrian Oriented Shopping Street, Ground Floor Retail, Defined /Framed Public Realm Pedestrian Improvements, Linkages to Adjacent Neighborhoods Traffic / Transit Improvements Density Increases Greater Amman Municipality
  42. 42. Arar: Aerial PhotoWADI SAQRA INTERSEC ABDALI JORDAN HOSPITAL Greater Amman Municipality
  43. 43. Arar: Existing Land Use ARAR Office & Financial 20,847 14% Retail - Non-Local 1,764 1% Residential (Single & Multi) 15,828 11% Vacant 106,825 74% TOTAL 145,264 100% Greater Amman Municipality
  44. 44. Arar: Existing Zoning Greater Amman Municipality
  45. 45. Arar: Existing ZoningOffice, local commercial, or residentialCoverage ratio 39% - 51%Height of four storiesDefined setbacks from all sides Greater Amman Municipality
  46. 46. Arar: TopographyArar Street Topography Greater Amman Municipality
  47. 47. Arar: Parcel FabricArar Street Topography Greater Amman Municipality
  48. 48. Arar: Existing Developments Greater Amman Municipality
  49. 49. Arar: Development Trend Greater Amman Municipality
  50. 50. Arar: Proposal MuO (40M) MuRc (32M) MuR (24M) STAIR PARK SHOPPING STREET MuO (24M)` Greater Amman Municipality
  51. 51. Arar: Proposal Greater Amman Municipality
  52. 52. Arar: ProposalCross section along Arar showing road design and public realm improvementsCross section along Arar showing relation of developments to adjacent areas Greater Amman Municipality
  53. 53. Arar: Current Situation Greater Amman Municipality
  54. 54. Arar: Proposal Greater Amman Municipality
  55. 55. Zahran (1st Circle – 8th Circle) Greater Amman Municipality
  56. 56. Zahran: VisionThe Ammani Corridor that tells it all….. Greater Amman Municipality
  57. 57. Zahran: VisionThe Ammani Corridor that tells it all….. Greater Amman Municipality
  58. 58. Zahran: VisionZahran 1st – 4th: Celebrating the City HistoryZahran 4th – 5th: Celebrating Architectural ExcellenceZahran 5th – 8th: Looking for the Future, Celebrating Urban Design Greater Amman Municipality
  59. 59. Zahran 1st-5th: Classification and Development DirectionCentral Urban / Heritage Preservation and Adaptive Reuse Reinforcement of Existing Urban Character & Streetscape Public Realm Improvements, Traffic / Transit Improvements Greater Amman Municipality
  60. 60. Zahran 1st-5th: Special Study AreaCelebrating the City History,,, Celebrating Architectural Excellence 4 3 2 Greater Amman Municipality
  61. 61. Zahran 1st-5th: Special Study AreaSpecial Study Area: Current Zoning Prevails (4 stories) Special Technical Review Process to Address Heritage Considerations Corridor Heritage Development Plan to be prepared Greater Amman Municipality
  62. 62. Zahran 5th-8th: Classification and Development DirectionCentral Urban / Developing Mixed Use Pedestrian Oriented Shopping, Ground Floor Retail, Defined / FramedPublic Realm Pedestrian Improvements, Linkages to Adjacent Neighborhoods Traffic / Transit Improvements Density Increases Greater Amman Municipality
  63. 63. Zahran 5th-8th: The Ammani Boulevard Greater Amman Municipality
  64. 64. Zahran 5th-8th: The Ammani Boulevard Greater Amman Municipality
  65. 65. Zahran 5th-8th: The Ammani Boulevard Greater Amman Municipality
  66. 66. Zahran 5th-8th: The Ammani BoulevardPARK MuC (24M) MuO (24M) MuRc (32M) MuRc (40M) SWEIFIEH COMMERCIAL AREAMuRc (48M) Greater Amman Municipality
  67. 67. Zahran 5th-8th: The Ammani BoulevardLooking for the Future, Celebrating Urban Design Greater Amman Municipality
  68. 68. Zahran 5th-8th: The Ammani BoulevardLooking for the Future, Celebrating Urban DesignCross section along Zahran showing building heightsIllustration for the public realm along Zahran Greater Amman Municipality
  69. 69. Development Process Greater Amman Municipality
  70. 70. Development ProcessExisting Zoning Standards ApplyIncrease in Density by Request in accordance with the CISGuidelinesSpecial Review Process EstablishedNew Department EstablishedOne-Stop-Shop being Implemented Greater Amman Municipality
  71. 71. Basic Elements of New Process: 3 Steps L I 1 2 3 C Pre-Application Development Detailed Consultation Review Technical Review E N C• Focus on the • Focus on site plans, • Focus on building life- development concept & urban/architectural/la safety requirements, E guidance to investors ndscaping design, technical specifications transportation and requirements for• Flag major issues access, and other transportation & related to: land use, off-site service infrastructure (on & off- siting, transport & other requirements site) infrastructure services • Public input on Major projects Greater Amman Municipality
  72. 72. Development FeesThree-Components to Fees for Lands Rezoned Upon Request Building Fees (office/residential/commercial) – for application review & licensing Capital Improvement Fees: Equitable Share of Infrastructure Costs and Parkland Acquisition Purchase of ‘Community Development Rights’ - for higher than Current As of Right Greater Amman Municipality
  73. 73. Airport Road Concept Plan Greater Amman Municipality
  74. 74. Airport Corridor: VisionCurrent Situation:• The Amman Airport Corridor is special• Primary Spine of the Capital Region – linking it with the National Airport as well as the new Amman Development Corridor• Currently being completely reconstructed – with service roads on both sides - and planned to accommodate light-rail transit• Queen Alia Airport is also being expanded to accommodate an increase from 3 – 9 million passengers and is becoming a major employment center• The Corridor is under enormous development pressure to accommodate new residential, recreational, exhibition, shopping and media + entertainment facilities Greater Amman Municipality
  75. 75. Airport Corridor: VisionOur Vision:The Airport Corridor is Amman’s Southern Gateway and it:will provide Amman’s residents with safe and easy access to all parts ofthe Citywill serve as a primary traffic and transit corridor that, at the same time,will remain “green” in characterwill link designated development nodes that are defined by naturalcorridors formed by the wadis and jabals that serve as the lungs of theCitywill create new open spaces that will preserve and celebrate agricultureand conserve Amman’s limited remaining forestswill set a new standard for metropolitan planning and design within theCapital Region Greater Amman Municipality
  76. 76. Airport Corridor: ContextMetropolitan Context:• The Airport Corridor is a controlled access expressway that forms a key component of the Metropolitan Growth Plan for Greater Amman• it is the most important of a series of Metropolitan Development Corridors that will provide primary access throughout the new Metro Area - as well as between it and the rest of Jordan• it is special because it links the Central City with the Airport and thus serves as the major southern entrance to Amman Greater Amman Municipality
  77. 77. Airport Corridor: PurposePurposes of Metropolitan Development Corridors:• To provide connectivity between different transportation modes for moving both people and goods• To link places of employment with places where people live - and to provide access to a mix of metropolitan facilities• To offer a balance of transportation choices that will reduce reliance upon automobile movement and promote public transit• To encourage the most financially- and environmentally-appropriate transportation modes possible Greater Amman Municipality
  78. 78. Airport Corridor: Planning PrinciplesPlanning Principles:• To accommodate a variety of land-uses including residential, commercial, institutional, employment and recreational uses, in urban areas – and appropriate institutional, commercial (e.g. farm markets), employment, and recreational uses (e.g. fairgrounds), in rural areas• To accommodate a variety of transportation modes including automobile and truck traffic, public transit (light rail), and where feasible, cycling and hiking trails• To ensure that the Airport Corridor does not create barriers between adjacent communities Greater Amman Municipality
  79. 79. Airport Corridor: Planning PrinciplesPlanning Principles:• To define clear edges, between urban and rural communities in order to preserve and protect valuable agricultural land• To facilitate the continuity of natural heritage systems (e.g. the wadis and jabals) – to create a green system that runs through the entire City - thus facilitating the movement of people as well as birds and animals• To create an appropriate image for, and entry into, Amman using appropriate highway design, landscaping, signage, lighting and highest-quality urban and building design Greater Amman Municipality
  80. 80. Airport Corridor: Existing Conditions - Constraints8th CIRCLE QUEEN ALIA INTERNATIONAL Heritage + Antiquities AIRPORT Greater Amman Municipality
  81. 81. Airport Corridor: Existing Conditions - Agriculture 8th CIRCLE QUEEN ALIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Greater Amman Municipality
  82. 82. Airport Corridor: Existing Conditions Greater Amman Municipality
  83. 83. Airport Corridor: Existing ConditionsTopographyLand Ownership Topography Zoning Greater Amman Municipality
  84. 84. Airport Corridor: Existing Conditions Greater Amman Municipality
  85. 85. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Greater Amman Municipality
  86. 86. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Greater Amman Municipality
  87. 87. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Greater Amman Municipality
  88. 88. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Amman Development Corridor (East): a new by-pass and catalyst for growth (currently under construction) Greater Amman Municipality
  89. 89. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Greater Amman Municipality
  90. 90. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan 8th Circle: a new mixed-use, residential / commercial development at the entrance to Zahran Street IGS Area C: new high-density, mixed-use community on 2,190 dunums accommodating up to 20,000 new residents to be expanded to west side of Airport corridor Greater Amman Municipality
  91. 91. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan King of Bahrain Forest / Amman National Park: are linked over the Corridor to create one of Amman’s major metropolitan recreational and conservation centres Greater Amman Municipality
  92. 92. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Urban Greenfields: the area that Amman will expand into in next 20 years Greater Amman Municipality
  93. 93. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan University of Petra Al Zaytouneh Private University Al Isra’ Private University NYIT Greater Amman Municipality
  94. 94. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Health City: already accommodates Zaytouneh University (70 dunums) and potential additional new regional health and educational facilities South Gateway: major new mixed-use centre capable of accommodating regional shopping and social facilities (Isra and NYIT Universities) as well as a full range of housing, recreational and conservation features defining the southern entrance to Amman Greater Amman Municipality
  95. 95. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Urban Intensification Corridors: major traffic and transit corridors that will be built up in the next 20 years (as per GAM’s CIS Strategy) Greater Amman Municipality
  96. 96. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Light Rail Transit: serving the corridor and linking it with both the Central City and the Airport (either alongside or via the existing rail corridor) Greater Amman Municipality
  97. 97. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Rural Growth Centres: existing residential and employment centres that will accommodate future rural residential expansion Tameer Jordan / HUDC / Al Mushatta Developments: new industrial estates plus 16,000 related affordable housing units and associated commercial, health and education facilities at Al-Jeezah Greater Amman Municipality
  98. 98. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Rural / Urban Fringe: a transition zone between the City and surrounding agricultural belt - that can accommodate uses shared by each Greater Amman Municipality
  99. 99. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Queen Alia International Airport: Jordan’s national airport which is currently planned for significant expansion to accommodate an increase of from 3 to 9 million passengers Greater Amman Municipality
  100. 100. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Airport Employment / Business Centres: new research and employment centre to accommodate high-tech, global industries and businesses, as well as media facilities Greater Amman Municipality
  101. 101. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Agricultural Belt: permanent new belt surrounding the City, preserving and enhancing some of Jordan’s best agricultural lands Municipality of Greater Amman Greater Amman Municipality
  102. 102. Airport Corridor: Concept Plan Summary IGS Area C – a new high-density mixed- use community for 20,000 persons Wadis and hilltops are connected across the corridor King of Bahrain Forest / Amman National Park creates a “green” entry into the City South Gateway creates a “built” entry into the City EDC defines a clear edge between urban and rural areas Intensive agricultural zone creates transition between the City and the Agricultural Belt Queen Alia International Airport will serve as a major hub of related economic development Municipality of Greater Amman Greater Amman Municipality
  103. 103. Airport Corridor: Ongoing ConsultationOngoing Planning + Consultation:• GAM has received numerous development applications / proposals within and near the Airport Corridor• We will continue to meet / consult with proponents regarding the Health City conformity of their plans with this Concept Plan• GAM is seeking to create partnerships Southern Gateway with major developers for the development of critical components of the Airport Corridor – including the Southern Gateway and Health City• GAM will be conducting further stakeholder consultation on the Airport Corridor in mid-July 2007 Greater Amman Municipality
  104. 104. Next Steps Greater Amman Municipality
  105. 105. Next Steps: CIS Public Review & CommentPublic Review & Comment of CIS – next two months: • Special Instructions (legal component) • Corridor Development Manual Greater Amman Municipality
  106. 106. Next Steps: Community MeetingsSeries of Community MeetingsLocation: King Hussein Cultural CenterTime: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM Zahran June 24th 2007 Mecca June 26th 2007 Queen Rania, Queen Alia July 1st 2007Prince Shaker Bin Zaid, Hussein Bin Ali July 2nd 2007 Arar, Kindi July 8th 2007 Abdullah Ghosheh, Airport Road July 10th 2007 King Abdullah II July 15th 2007 Airport Corridor Concept Plan July 17th 2007 Greater Amman Municipality
  107. 107. Next Steps: Master Plan InitiativesMaster Plan InitiativesIGS Final Plans June 30th 2007Metro Amman Interim Industrial Land Policy for July 2007Stakeholder ConsultationMetro Amman Rural Residential Development September 2007Policy for Stakeholder Consultation Greater Amman Municipality
  108. 108. Thank You!All documents are available at www.ammancity.gov.joIncludes aMaster Plan e-Forumto submit your comments…… Greater Amman Municipality