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Twenty Minutes In Amman With Michael Sorkin | Amman Institute


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Twenty Minutes is a series of events Amman Institute conducted for the citizens of Amman in collaboration with New York-based architect & urban critic, Michael Sorkin, in January 2010. These series of events aimed to tap Amman’s urban momentum. As inspired by his internationally renowned book, “Twenty Minutes in Manhattan” which inspects a multitude of city interactions through one simple act: that of walking.

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Twenty Minutes In Amman With Michael Sorkin | Amman Institute

  1. 1. 60 Minutes in Dream CityAmman Eutopia Now! Walk Lecture snippetsA City Walk Artwork
  2. 2. Sorkin’s In front of the In front of thespeech at Al Husseini RomanRoundabout Mosque AmphitheaterClick here Click here Click hereAt the Citadel Contesting theClick here Stairs Click here Back to Main Page
  3. 3. These photomontages are the result of a 3 hour experimental session conducted incollaboration between Michael Sorkin and a focus group of artists, designers and architectsfrom Amman. In these photomontages, the group played around enhancing the imageof Amman by turning it into a more pedestrian friendly environment, superimposing theirimaginational cities on the real images.Work byAlaa Al-Jalamdeh, Architect; Amman Institute, Ayman Zoubi, Architect, Caesar Jarrar,Lecturer; German-Jordanian University, Dana Qabani; Freelance Designer, Darya Tarwaneh,Architect; Amman Institute, Diana Habashneh, Freelance Designer, Lina Melhem, DesignStudent; German-Jordanian University, Rusaila Bazlamit, Lecturer; German-JordanianUniversity, Saja Muzaini, Design Student; German-Jordanian University, Sandra Hiari, UrbanPlanner; Amman Institute, Tasneem Zurikat, Architect.Images by: Ayman Zoubi, Chris Searles, Hannah Evans, Katie Touchton-Leonard, RusailaBazlamit.Envisioning In Between Signage Planting thepublic piazzas Buildings Click here StreetClick here Click here Click hereEnjoying the Acknowledging FacadesGreen the feet Click hereClick here Click here Back to Main Page
  4. 4. On the On Cities & On theEco Footprint Familiarity Creation ofClick here Click here Cities Click hereOn the On TroopsLanguage of Building CitiesUrban Form Click hereClick here Back to Main Page
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