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AWS re:Invent 2016: Deploying Scalable SAP Hybris Clusters using Docker (CON312)


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Rent-A-Center’s challenge was to architect, deploy, and manage a mission-critical SAP Hybris ecommerce platform that could scale to 2 million users a month. Together with Flux7, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Rent-A-Center created an AWS-based approach that would help deliver the solution to market faster, in a secure, highly available, PCI-compliant fashion. In this session, we walk through the implementation details of this solution and its challenges, and explore how Rent-A-Center is now able to achieve ROI through agility, scalability, security, and cost savings.

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AWS re:Invent 2016: Deploying Scalable SAP Hybris Clusters using Docker (CON312)

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. CON312 Deploy a Scalable SAP Hybris Cluster with Docker on Amazon ECS Hemanth Jayaraman Rent-A-Center Director, DevOps Aater Suleman Flux7 Labs Inc. CEO & Co-Founder December 1, 2016
  2. 2. Today’s Presenter Sr. Director, DevOps Rent-A-Center owns 3,000 rent-to-own retail stores for name-brand furniture, electronics, appliances, and computers across the U.S.
  3. 3. Today’s Presenter Aater Suleman Co-Founder & CEO Flux7 Faculty, UT Austin Cloud and DevOps Solutions Headquartered in Austin, Texas
  4. 4. Team Members Troy Washburn James Lucas Xiaolin Liu Junhong Liu Tyson Malik Samprita Hedge Ashay Chitnis Nitin Ayyagari Juan Mesa Artem Kobrin Ali Hussain
  5. 5. Outline Evolution of DevOps at RAC The e-commerce platform ○Business case ○Architecture ○Challenges and Lessons Learned The outcomes
  6. 6. DevOps Timeline 2015 2015 2016 2016 Q4Q1 Q4 Q1 DevOps Organization at RAC VAN Project on AWS Infrastructure as Code/ELK Stack eCommerce project launch eCommerce Go-Live Serverless Computing Oracle RDS Migration
  7. 7. Business Case for VAN Project • Secure B2B portal for our Acceptance Now business unit which enables our partners to help grow their business by increasing sales and expanding their customer base. • PII data and PCI compliance requirements
  8. 8. First Success Security: No last-minute surprises before go-live; Least Privilege; RDS patching, Centralized Logging, Threat protection, Encryption at-rest and in-motion. Availability: HA with multi-AZ solution; Auto-Scaling Innovation: Infrastructure as Code, Agility and Flexibility, Ansible playbooks as build docs
  9. 9. Evolution: E-commerce Platform Digital transformation: Give our customers the ability to rent online Unified view of customer Self-service account management SAP Hybris selected as the eCommerce platform
  10. 10. Goals Setup an SAP Hybris ecommerce platform to scale to 2 million users a month Ability to support Black Friday traffic Secure for PCI Compliance Stateless infrastructure - HA across all components including DR Create an agile developer workflow for rapid execution No downtime deployment Performance Scalability Security High Availability Agility CI/CD
  11. 11. Outline Evolution of DevOps at RAC The e-commerce platform ○Architecture ○Challenges and Lessons Learned The outcomes
  12. 12. Process Phase 2: Attune Phase 3: Knowledge Transfer Phase 1: Assess Run the 2-week sprints Transfer the knowledge at the end of each sprint Understand the requirements and the current state, architect the desired state, and create a punch list
  13. 13. High-Level Diagram Lambda ECS Aurora S3CloudFront WAF ECR
  14. 14. Private subnetPublic subnet Storefront Admin Aurora CloudWatch CloudFormation CloudTrail KMS SES Route53 S3 bucket (static assets) NAT Gateway WAF CloudFront Lambda Codecommit ACM Cert Manager Direct Connect Each subnet represents a pair in two AZs. All components configured to span two AZs.
  15. 15. Details of ECS Clusters Storefront Admin Admin
  16. 16. SCM Dev Build Code + Dockerfile On-premise AWS Update ECS Image ECR ECS Nodes Code Deployment Deploy Update ECS Nodes
  17. 17. CF Infrastructure Provisioning DevOps SCM Jenkins EC2 ECS Lambda Other AWS Services CloudFormation Templates Trigger Create/Update Stack
  18. 18. Deploying Aurora DB with Hybris Performance Scaling Low management overhead Use of AWS Aurora DB instead of Oracle or MySQL Hybris supports MySQL, Aurora worked out of the box Why? What? How?
  19. 19. Using AWS WAF (OWASP Top 10) PCI-ready AWS WAF used to filter traffic per rules -CloudFront logs written to S3 -S3 triggered Lambda -Offending IPs were blocked Why? How? To S3 and ELB Trigger Lambda Configure rules
  20. 20. ECS Auto-scaling Servicing seasonal traffic patterns at high performance and low cost ECS auto-scaling to scale individual services Lambda function to auto-scale underlying ECS nodes: -Read stats from ECS -Decide when to scale up/down -Trigger the operation Why? How?
  21. 21. ECS Autoscaling (Cont’d) Read current state of ECS and ASG Trigger Lambda every 5 mins let 0 … n be the running ECS services let dck be the desired number of containers of service k Let desiredCnt be the current desired number of instance in ASG Let minCnt be the minimum number of instances needed in ASG Let maxCnt be the maximum number of instances allowed in ASG max ← MAX(dc0, .., dcn) instanceCnt ← max + extraCapacity If instanceCnt ≠ desiredCnt AND instanceCnt <= maxCnt AND instanceCnt >= minCnt: Update ASG desiredCnt to instanceCnt Update Auto-Scaling Groups with new desired instancesOur blog: ecs-service-auto-scaling-enables-rent-a-center-sap-hybris- solution/
  22. 22. Hybris Node Discovery - Hybris nodes needs to be aware of each other - Standard method (multi-cast) doesn’t work in VPCs - Solution: Each Hybris process registers its IP:Port to the DB But, how does the process know its IP? What?
  23. 23. Hybris Node Discovery (Cont’d) Problem: Hybris can get the IP of the container it’s running in but container IP is irrelevant. Need host IP. Interim Solution: Wrote a startup script to get host IP using EC2 metadata and passed on the IP to Hybris as a config Better solution: Network Overlay (feature request to ECS team)
  24. 24. Outline Evolution of DevOps at RAC The e-commerce platform ○Architecture ○Challenges and Lessons Learned The outcomes
  25. 25. Outcomes Business: Growth-driver, 360 degree customer view Security: PCI Compliant ready, immutable infrastructure Availability: HA with multi-AZ solution; Auto-Scaling Innovation: Infrastructure as Code Agile and Flexible infrastructure Automated delivery of infrastructure, code, containers, and security rules
  26. 26. PCI Compliance What? How? The infrastructure is expected to undergo a PCI audit Several Best Practices Applied: Separate AWS accounts for Prod SSO for AWS Console IAM Roles for AWS Credentials AWS account activity logged using CloudTrail No VMs in DMZ (aka. Public subnets) Multi-VPC, DirectConnect to on-premise Immutable Docker containers with no human logins DB credentials remain encrypted in S3 using KMS and injected into app container via env on demand All data encrypted at rest using EBS encryption Encrypt web traffic using SSL from AWS Cert Mngr. AWS WAF to block suspicious web traffic Ansible/Docker to automate patch management
  27. 27. Summary AWS evolution from EC2 instances, ECS Docker containers to Serverless architecture DevOps journey: X-As-a-Service, Infrastructure as Code, Micro- Services, CI/CD DevOps business drivers: lower TCO, faster release cycles Digital transformation has enabled business to be more agile: speed to market, greater stability and increased reliability
  28. 28. Thank you!