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Aws keynote oil and gas calgary industry day - jon guidroz


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Jon is the head of worldwide Business Development for Energy and Utilities Industries at Amazon Web Services. He presents the State of the Oil and Gas Industry, and how business, engineering, and operations support applications, are solved using the AWS Cloud.

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Aws keynote oil and gas calgary industry day - jon guidroz

  1. 1. OIL & G S INDUSTRY DAY June 27th, 2017 Calgary
  2. 2. Safety Moment Brought to you by And…
  3. 3. Source:
  4. 4. Source:
  5. 5. >50% IT budgets cuts 2015 – 2017 in Upstream O&G 1% of information gathered from the field is currently made available to oil and gas decision-makers 4.7 / 10 The digital maturity of oil & gas - MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte 2015
  6. 6. a true creator is necessity, which is the mother of our invention - Plato
  7. 7. Upstream Information Management: • Very large number of diverse complex, multi-modal & multi-scale datasets • Not a sequential series of separate tasks, rather a continuum of multiple scenario iterations Source: Common Data Access LimitedSource: Schlumberger
  8. 8. 1. Safe, efficient operations to remain competitive in volatile commodity price environment. 2. IT security remains the CIO's top concern, growing focus on process control security 3. Business and CIOs concentrating on innovation, analytics and sourcing to drive the business 4. Drilling risk mitigation and production optimization driving further adoption of Big Data and analytics, new models for machine-to-machine connectivity and field mobility 5. Cost 6. Cost 7. Cost 8. Cost 9. Cost 10.Cost What Oil & Gas Customers Say Matters Most
  9. 9. “BP on track to cut 45% of hosting spend” all-in-on-public-cloud-to-cut-datacentre-upkeep-costs
  10. 10. Increased the performance of the lubricants ERP system, and in terms of average response times, the system is running around 40 percent faster on the AWS Cloud.
  11. 11. Realized a 52% Cost Reduction in 18 Months
  12. 12. “The Digital Oilfield is not merely about computer chips, processors and software. It is about the melding of operations technology with information technology and the Internet of Things. It involves a powerful combination of distributed network sensors, ubiquitous mobile connectivity, cloud computing, advanced big data analytics and artificial intelligence. It has the ability to “learn” from what works in the best producing wells and apply those learnings to entire fields. It will predict equipment breakdown before it happens and bring about “condition-based” maintenance rather than “schedule-based” methods. It will track workers in the field, feed them the data they need via various platforms, “coach” their work in real-time and remove them from hazardous situations. Ultimately, it will produce more oil and gas for less cost.” – Accenture 2016 Digital Oilfield Outlook
  13. 13. Digital Oilfield …(simplified) Operations Technology Information Technology
  14. 14. Digital Oilfield …(simplified) Operations Technology Information Technology
  15. 15. “Innovation in heavy industry is not measured in weeks or months, it’s measured in years and almost decades. We set out to change that. Think Big, Prototype Small, Scale Fast.” “AWS allowed us to scale to 200,000 sensors in literally the flick of a switch” – Shaun Gregory, SVP and CTO at Woodside
  16. 16. O&G thrives on computing data… Reduced Time Project Acceleration New Peak Previous Peak
  17. 17. But we have A LOT of data… (…that’s one billion gigabytes)
  18. 18. Enterprise performance with open-source economics Old World Proprietary Very expensive Punitive licensing inhibits change Limited flexibility New World Open-source Cloud economics Come and go as you please Build on top of existing standards
  19. 19. Migrating existing applications as quickly as possible Deploying new applications to the cloud by default Cloud computing has become the new normal AWS services more than a million active customers every month in 190 countries. Through customer obsession and an increasing pace of innovation, AWS is the fastest technology vendor in history to reach a $10B run rate.
  20. 20. AWS Greengrass extends AWS onto your devices, so they can act locally on the data they generate, while still taking advantage of the cloud. Data processed in the cloud Data processed locally Moving to the edge AWS Greengrass
  21. 21. Overall O&G Value Chain Upstream (oil & gas) Midstream Downstream Exploration Development Production Corporate support functions Storage & Transportation Refine Process Transportation On-shore Off-shore (Deep water, Shallow Water ) Distribution Marketing Marketing (gas only)
  22. 22. Eliminate costly technical debt and reallocate resources so you can deliver high-value, revenue-generating projects faster. Innovate faster and solidify your competitive advantage by merging startup agility with enterprise experience and resources. Reduce risk by focusing resources dedicated to security, compliance and availability to the most important areas of your business.
  23. 23.  Join the ecosystem  Rapidly experiment  Get to know one another  Give us feedback (or else you won’t get the slides)
  24. 24. Internet of Things Group – Energy Solutions Presenter: Mike Bates, Global GM, Energy
  25. 25. Internet of Things Group – Energy Solutions What does Intel bring to iot? Intel EMBEDDED SYSTEM Technologies and platforms Ecosystem to scale, build vertical solutions Standards and Consortia leadership 33
  26. 26. Internet of Things Group – Energy Solutions 34 Power Industry Oil & Gas Industry Energy Prosumer Upstream Midstream Downstream Generation Delivery Utilities Industrial Community Residential
  27. 27. Internet of Things Group – Energy Solutions 35 THE PERFECT STORM Price Volatility Climate Change Renewables Energy Efficiency Regulation Workforce Challenges How to modernize the energy infrastructure to adapt to 21st century challenges?
  28. 28. Internet of Things Group – Energy Solutions 36 Exploration1 Drilling & Development2 Production3 Transportation4 Refining5 Distribution6
  29. 29. Oil & Gas - Cloud Journey Tailwinds <$60 Oil Since 12/14 Critical Enterprise Applications Moving to Cloud Industry Applications (Petro Technical) Moving to Cloud Born-In-Cloud Energy Startups Delivering New Insights Economics, Power & Ease of Cloud High- Performance Compute O&G Movement to Cloud