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How to add links to the sidebar


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How to create links via the blogroll into your blog's sidebar in WordPress

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How to add links to the sidebar

  1. 1. How to create links via a blogrollin your sidebar in WordPress
  2. 2. To add links to yoursidebar, you first need tocreate some links.Go to the ‘Links’ tab in theleft hand sidebar in theDashboard.
  3. 3. Here are the listings of the links Ialready have in my sidebar blogroll.We are going to add another one.
  4. 4. Clicking on ‘Add New’ under‘Links’ will bring up the ‘AddNew Link’ page.
  5. 5. Give your new link a name, forexample, the title of the websiteor blog.
  6. 6. Fill in the full URL ofthe website or blogyou want to link to.
  7. 7. Provide a descriptionif necessary.
  8. 8. Choose a category.New blogs will have‘Blogroll’ as theirchoice. We can changethat name later.
  9. 9. Select ‘_blank’ if youwish the link to open ina new window or tab.This will stop the visitorfrom losing your blog.
  10. 10. State this website’srelationship to you ifapplicable.
  11. 11. Don’t forget to click onthe ‘Add Link’ buttonon the top right.
  12. 12. Now go back to theLinks listing page tosee your new addition(listed alphabetically).
  13. 13. And if you have the linkswidget already inserted,go to the sidebar andtake a look!
  14. 14. To place the appropriatewidget in your sidebar, go to‘Widgets’ under‘Appearance’ in the leftsidebar in the Dashboard.
  15. 15. Amongst the widgetsavailable, search for theone labelled ‘Links’.
  16. 16. And drag it into thesidebar available on theright of the widgets page.
  17. 17. Open up the widget, select thecorrect category (the default willbe ‘Blogroll’), check the ‘ShowLink Name’ box and click on the‘Save’ button.
  18. 18. If you don’t want the categoryname ‘Blogroll’, you can changeit, or create another one.Go to ‘Link Categories’ under‘Links in the left hand sidebar inthe Dashboard.
  19. 19. This is where youcreate newcategories (whichare the titles of thelink widgets) andedit them (forexample, thedefault name‘Blogroll’).
  20. 20. To edit a link category’sname, for example thedefault ‘Blogroll’, mouseover its name to bring upthe ‘Edit’ link.
  21. 21. Here is the ‘Edit LinkCategory’ page.
  22. 22. Change ‘Blogroll’ towhatever categoryname you like.
  23. 23. Don’t forget toclick on the‘Update’ button.
  24. 24. And check outyour new linkcategory’sname.
  25. 25. Or you cancreate a newlink categorytoo.
  26. 26. When you’vefinished, click on the‘Add New LinkCategory’ button.
  27. 27. And check outyour new linkcategory.
  28. 28. It will only showup in your linkwidget onceyou’ve allocatedlinks to it.