Setting Up a Facebook Fan Page


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Here's a step-by-step primer on setting

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Setting Up a Facebook Fan Page

  1. 1. Setting Up a Facebook Fan Page, Step by StepYou don’t sign up a school or PTA on Facebook as you normally would when making apersonal Facebook page. Although you do need to have a normal personal/profile pageto do so. On the homepage, when you’re logged out, there is a link underneath thenormal “˜Sign-Up’ option pictured below. Click on it.This will take you into the registration process, which will ask you to name the institutionand give other details such as the location. Make sure you select “˜Education’ from thedrop-down menu when asked for the type of organization you’re registering.(Facebook’s name recognition technology won’t allow you to enter in a school’s nameon a personal profile). Another reason is because much of the personal aspects of anorganization’s page is taken away and replaced with more formal functions such as theability to be a fan of the organization’s profile such as that of a band or a club – or in thiscase a school.Once you have entered in all the required information, you can save it.Another option: Go to this link: page will appear:
  2. 2. Click on the box labeled “Company, Organization or Institution.”This dialogue box will appear:In the drop-down, choose “Education” as your category. Then type in the name of yourPTA. Click on the “I agree” box and on “Get Started.”
  3. 3. This will then take you to the administration page, which will be bare. See the examplepictured above. Your first steps will be basic and should be focused on improving thelook of the page. First, add a profile picture by placing your mouse cursor over thepicture area. Then click “˜Add picture’ when the button appears. Upload a picture ofyour PTA, or its logo. Next, add a little bit of information about the school/PTA in thearea below the picture.Then, click “˜Edit Page’ underneath the photograph. This will bring you to a page withoptions to alter pretty much anything about your page. For a PTA on Facebook, maybeyou’ll want to place a location or age restriction on the site for security reasons. All ofthis can be done here. You can also set up your mobile version to publish statusupdates, and add notes, events, pictures and videos to your profile.
  4. 4. When you set up your Wall Settings, above, make sure you decide what “fans” can andcannot do on your page. Do you want them to be able to post on your page? Can theypost photos, videos and links? My default is NOT to allow posting on my walls, but I DOallow fans to comment.
  5. 5. Your administration panelWith Facebook’s Timeline, administrators of Facebook pages will always see this adminpanel appear at the top of their pages. This is important – it tells you about newnotifications from fans, new “likes” for your page, gives you Facebook Insights (analyticsthat allow you to see what posts are most particular and who your fans are), and a wayto see Page Tips from Facebook. You can also sign up to get the Pages app installedon your iPhone or Android.Other Notes Each time you post on Facebook, you can see with each post how many people saw the post (bottom of photo).
  6. 6. When you hover your cursorover a post, the star and pencilwill appear. The star allowsyou to “Highlight” a post, whichstretches it across the entirepage until you un-highlight it.The pencil allows you to hide apost, delete a post, and “pin” apost to the top of your page fora while. To unpin a post,simply click on “unpin” later.