Osum Opening Ceremony


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Mufix opening Ceremony for OSUM
hosted at mufix community 2008-2009

Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Osum Opening Ceremony

  1. 1. OSUM Opening Ceremony Hamada Zahera OSUM Leader OSUM Community . Menoufiyah University-Faculty of Computers and Information
  2. 2. OSUM Training Outline Change (Y) Our World with FOSS Open Source University Meetup Overview OSUM on-campus community OSUM on-line community OSUM Leader Resources SUN Academic Initiative (SAI) Next Steps
  3. 3. Open Source University Meet up (OSUM )
  4. 4. Open Source University Meetup Open Source University Meetup (OSUM - pronounced "awesome" is an on-campus club that educates students about the benefits of FOSS "Meetup" to encourage collaboration with existing student groups to create a stronger open source community OSUM On-Campus Monthly meetings with Tech Demos, hands on projects/activities and guest speakers OSUM On-Line Social networking site that connects hundreds of clubs
  5. 5. Change Y our World Build skills for careers in IT Great for student projects Empowers independent learning Communities create opportunity for collaboration Free
  6. 6. Change O ur World FOSS promises a world of digital freedoms The freedom to participate, collaborate, create, use and deploy Open Source = Expanded opportunity Increased flexibility New communities Continual innovation
  7. 7. Change (Y)Our World Sun is the largest contributor to FOSS - F ree O pen S ource S oftware
  8. 8. OSUM Benefits For Students - Participate in OSUM Club on-campus activities such as Tech Demos, guest speakers, hands-on projects and social events Media kits, Give-aways! - Learn about the latest Open Source technologies that are opening up new career opportunities - Get access to free online courses, webinars, tutorials, discounted certifications and other free student resources that can fast-track their career -Connect and make friends with student coders from around the world
  9. 9. OSUM On Campus Community
  10. 10. On-Campus Community Building Faculty advisor or professor support Collaboration with student groups and open source communities OSUG & JUGs Open Source user groups Computer Science or Engineering student associations Joint activities - mutual support Meeting (events) promotion Emails: department mail list, OSUM mail list, other club lists Posters Class announcements
  11. 11. OSUM On Line Community
  12. 12. OSUM Community - osum.sun.com Social-networking to connect, learn and collaborate 50,000+ technical students 1,100 + student clubs Resources to advance career opportunities
  13. 13. Your OSUM Webpage "Home" page Migrate existing page to osum.sun.com - copy & paste html News, Info, Resources SAI, Events RSS your blog and other info Facilitate comments & forums
  14. 14. Promote Your OSUM Community "Invite More" from your club page Encourage your members to "Invite More" Permission from other club lists Find your members in osum.sun.com "Invite" from the Events Calendar (RSVPs) Demo and register at all OSUM events
  15. 15. Share Your Knowledge User generated content model Fresh content = vibrant community Open Source spirit Use Forums and Blogs Share your tips & tricks Point to resources Spread news Multiple language support
  16. 16. OSUM Leader Resources
  17. 17. OSUM Affiliate Program Host club website on osum.sun.com Added to drop down menus Media kits and promotional items for club meetings Database of student projects and activities Campus Ambassadors (Sun engineers) speakers for club meetings
  18. 18. Tech Demo Resources Training and resources to conduct your own Tech Demos OSUM Webinars Slide deck Speaker notes Demo scripts http://osum.sun.com/notes/OSUM_Tech_Demo_Resources OSUM Student Projects Repository - Coming Soon Fun, hands-on activities for club meetings Project samples
  19. 19. Sun Academic Initiative (SAI) Increase employment & earnings potential Get FREE training on Sun technologies Web-based training on Java TM, Solaris TM & more Obtain SAI Learning Connection info and promote to OSUM members Free practice exams Certifications Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA) Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) Sun Certified Solaris Associate (SCSAS) Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA) Sun Certified Network Administrator (SCNA) Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) Discount on certification exam for students
  20. 20. OSUM Next Steps Use OSUM Leaders Group for questions, sharing best practices and resources Sign up for the OSUM Affiliate Program Develop OSUM Club leadership team Add information to your OSUM Club homepage Obtain SAI login info and provide to OSUM club members Prepare for OSUM Club meetings, tech demos and activities Learn, make friends, have fun!
  21. 21. Thanks for being awesome! Hamada M.Zahera hamadazahera@gmail.com Faculty of Computers & Information – Menoufiyah University