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2016 Average Customer Value Calculator


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Customer Lifetime Value has its place but this isn’t it.

This is about IMMEDIATE Average Customer Value (ACV) … not Customer Lifetime Value.

ACV measures the IMMEDIATE impact that a specific marketing funnel is having on the business. Unless you’re sitting on endless cash you simply can’t afford to wait a “lifetime” to recoup acquisition costs.

Calculating Average Customer Value (ACV)

Here’s the formula for calculating ACV…

Tripwire Price + (Core Offer Price * Core Offer Conversion Rate) + (Profit Maximizer Price * Profit Maximizer Conversion Rate) = Average Customer Value (ACV)

Calculating Average Visitor Value (AVV)

Now that you know what a customer is worth… you can calculate how much you can pay for traffic.

This is how you dominate your market. Your competitors are guessing how much they can pay per click… you have data.

Here’s the formula for calculating Average Visitor Value…

Average Customer Value (ACV) * Tripwire Conversion Rate = Average Visitor Value (AVV)

Download this Excel file today and use dynamic calculations to dominate ANY digital market or niche today!

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2016 Average Customer Value Calculator

  1. 1. Price Conversion Rate $/Customer Tripwire Sales Offer $7.00 5.00% $7.00 Core Product Offering $100.00 30.00% $30.00 Revenue Maximizer $300.00 10.00% $30.00 $67.00 Average Visitor Value (AVV) $3.35 2016 Average Customer Value (ACV) Calculator * Replace the yellow highlighted cells with your data. All other cells calculate automatically via Excel Formulas. Average Customer Value (ACV) <<< How much you can spend to convert a Tripwire customer without going negative. <<< How much you can pay to acquire a visitor/click 2016 Average Customer Value Calculator